Lebanon - July 2006


Our original Nuclear War Warning, including the speech reversals which prompted it, has been moved to a different page in its entirety.  This should make it clear what our starting point was for this crisis, and anyone can reference it to see what was said or not said, and why.  Perhaps it will have historical value.

Other than 9-11 itself, the failed attempt to create Armageddon in the Middle East is the key milestone in the globalists' attempt to remake the world for maximum profit.  The total failure of their plan may mark a major turning point in their fortunes.  We have spent considerable time working on this as a current event, and attempting to ferret out what really happened.  There is enough information now to be satisfied that we understand most of what happened - although alternate interpretations add an intriguing sense of mystery.

Below you will find our notes and speech reversals in the order that they were posted - each one more surprising than the last.  When time permits this information will be reorganized into the report format that is the backbone of our Ken-Welch.com knowledge base.  In the meantime, please enjoy the notes and the speech reversals, and know that you have a special window here that shows you what really happened.

The Bush Administration is pretty much a "One-Trick Pony".  This means that we must keep a close eye on current events for one more shot at a really big fake terrorist incident.  At the very least, something is needed prior to the November elections in a last ditch attempt to reinforce the global terrorism myth.  Somewhat less likely is one more shot at producing a reason for nuking, and annexing, Iran.  Since we don't know the actual details of the nuclear trump-card that China played (see below) we must allow the possibility that desperate planners will be seeking a way around it.  Because of this our attentions will now be directed more toward scanning for new events.

- Ken


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Wed, Aug 2.  Nuclear War Warning posted.  Saved on this page.  Includes Tony Blair speech reversals from July 28 suggesting that Bush has released a nuclear weapon for use as a false-flag provocation in the Israeli-Lebanon-Hisbollah conflict.  Also, a discussion of Bible Codes that predicted Aug 3-4 as the most likely beginning for World War Three.

Fri, Aug 4.  Holding our breath.  We note an increase in war talk, and the appearance of a missile in additional RS from earlier source material, suggesting that the Israel danger zone may be larger than we thought.

Sat, Aug 5.  Still waiting - I review the evidence that Iran has been actual the target all along.  See the Map.  I mention that we have picked up "Chinese bomb" but can't determine what it means.

Mon, Aug 7.  The War Warning is cancelled on the basis that the time of maximum danger has passed.  A promise is made to begin RS analysis on new material to pin down what has happened.

Thurs, Aug 10.  On the same day that the U.K. kicks off the new "terrorists are everywhere" campaign with announcement of the liquid bombs conspiracy, I post that reversals are confirming WW3 on the anticipated date was only avoided at the last minute, and that missiles and Chinese intervention are involved.  Reversals to be posted as soon as the material can be prepared for the web.

Fri, Aug 11.  First reversals with additional details on the attack and the fact that it was clearly aborted are posted.  Includes material from Bush and Tony Blair on topics reported the day before.

Mon, Aug 14.  No posting - this day CNN in the U.S. abandons all pretense of news reporting and joins the "terrorists under every bed" program.  During Monday and Tuesday, the word TERROR will be on the screen continuously with the exception of breaks for commercials and weather.  Every possible scenario for terror attacks against the U.S. will be reviewed, with the theme continuing through the end of this report.

Wed, Aug 16.  First reversals posted from the August 6 emergency press conference from the ranch, featuring Bush and Rice, including a previous comment from Blair that Bush is simply stupid.  Rice believes current strategy is madness and "baby" Bush is nuts.

Thurs, Aug 17.  More reversals from the ranch make it clear that the Chinese nuke stopped the attack on Iran, and mention the refusal of the Chief of Naval Operations to proceed at some critical moment.

Mon, Aug 21.  A final set of reversals from the ranch event make it clear that China cancelled all U.S. plans including U.S. troops marching on Syria from a landing in Lebanon, and that money is the Bush/U.S. sole motivator.  More details on the missile that didn't fly, a surprise revelation about the use of HAARP, and the desperate change in how the U.S. will portray it's efforts in the Middle East.


Posted Friday,  Aug 4 - 3pm Houston, 8pm GMT

Our prayers for the safety of all the wonderful people in the Middle East continue.

I think that if we can get through one more night then the time of maximum danger will have passed, and we can downgrade to a state of extreme caution.  From then on, for each day that goes by we can breathe a little easier.

Yesterday produced a shocking increase in the level of threats and promises, involving the cities of Beirut and Tel-Aviv.  The fear index definitely shot upward.  With Israel now threatening to return all of Lebanon to the middle ages, the stage remains set for disaster.

Our cohort, Strider, has forwarded reversals from Bush's radio address of 7/29.  This was broadcast the day after the Bush/Blair news conference, and may have been recorded the same day.  The "topic" of clandestine attack is still present.  With little information to go on, I had assumed that they would follow the same modus operandi they used in Texas, and hide the device on a ship.  Unfortunately, there are now enough reversals suggesting a missile delivery, perhaps from a submarine, that this expectation is no longer supportable.  This means the "provocation" could really come anywhere, although it is still reasonable to assume that it will involve Israeli territory.

While I am doing my best to review current audio sources for more clues, there is little information being produced.  Remember that control of the weapon was transferred elsewhere when Junior officially "released" it.  Whoever is in charge of it is not out there making speeches, so we don't have a window on their thought processes.  Is there a set of circumstances that would dictate a go/no-go decision?  Perhaps we will find out only when reports get back to Washington.

- - - - - -

Almost forgot. Strider also found our fifth(?) reference to something important being in orbit.  I was assuming this is the A.M.P. mentioned in our previous report, and was not surprised to find it mentioned in connection with the escalating crisis.  However it also seems that "we" launched a very maneuverable anti-satelite system a few days ago, so we now have two weapon systems in orbit.

Posted Saturday Morning, August 5th.

Well, it now appears that we've been able to avoid World War Three for at least one day.

Based on the hot rhetoric of Thursday, the Bible Codes have to be given credit for pinpointing a moment of extraordinary tension and danger.  If the situation begins to cool down, and I would watch for changes in CNN's coverage as well, then someone may have chickened out.  Otherwise, the possibility remains that they are waiting for something we don't know about.  Let's get through the weekend and see what happens.


You may think that Hezbollah is the target of current military operations in the Middle East.  In a small way this is true; Hezbollah and the Palestinians became targets when the Palestinans held free elections and it suddenly became clear that anti-Zionist organizations had far more support among ordinary people than anyone dreamed.

But there is strangeness everywhere you look.  A contributor sent me an mp3 file two weeks ago from a U.S. based religious group that was quite startling.  (I would like to thank him, but I accidentally deleted his e-mail when I moved the file to another directory.) During a lengthy religious service this assembly was being urged to pray for Armageddon.  Why?  Because we have to get through Armageddon to bring on the good times.  It was an eye-opener.

However I've mentioned a number of times that Iran is the real target.  Anyone listening to the great U.S. propaganda machine knew this at the beginning of the year.  The first effort fell flat when the public finally understood that Iran had a perfect right to have a nuclear energy program, had broken no laws, and that their program was in its infancy, anyway.  This campaign died with the Easter Surprise.  But after a two month redesign it is back in a new form.  Now Iran is responsible for all the trouble in the Middle East, despite the fact that there are no Iranians in sight.  Here's an example, a newspaper that is apparently geared to Batman and Spiderman fans:

If you tell people something two or three thousand times, most of them will believe it.  The Soviet Union surely blamed their problems with Afghani freedom fighters on support from the U.S. and various Arab countries.  The U.S. blamed their problems with Vietnamese freedom fighters on China and the Soviet Union.  But they didn't do it several hundred times a day.  Such high levels of propaganda pumping have only one purpose, and that is to incite war.

All wars are fought for profit.  This is the reason that Fascism, which is the political alliance between government, large corporations, and the wealthy elite is automatically war-like.  Taxpayer money and disposable soldiers create an infinite supply of profit.  In the case of the Middle East the globalist cartel is attempting to complete a major acquisition.  The public's notorious ignorance of world geography tends to mask what is going on.  Take a good look at the map below.

Anyone who's done some reading on Afghanistan knows that the country has a hidden treasure involving pipeline routes, particularly those running to Russian oil fields, and that there is a history of intense competition over who will own them.

That's on the right of the map.  On the left, at the Israeli port of Haifa, is a long established oil terminal, right on the Med, already connected to a pipeline system.  Draw a line from Afghanistan on the right, to Haifa on the left, and see where it goes.

Look at Iran, with enemy forces already positioned on their eastern and western borders.  On the other hand, look at the size of Iran and remember that they are technically advanced, and strong enough militarily to repel most forms of conventional attack.  Compare the size of Iran to the much smaller Iraq, where "international" forces still don't have enough soldiers to actually control anything, and really don't have any more soldiers to send. 

Obviously Iran is the next step in completing this long term program.  And it is just as clear that the annexing of Iran cannot be completed through conventional means.  The only possible solution is that the country must be nuked back to the dark ages, at which point virtually anyone can walk in and pick up the pieces.  The only question still to be answered is what reason will be given for the attack.

New York Post readers already know: those "Iranian Missile Fiends" have to go.  For everyone else it will take a major event, made for television, and it absolutely must be nuclear.  Why?  Because after all these decades, the people of planet Earth have pretty much reached a global consensus on nuclear weapons.  The first person to authorize the use of a nuclear weapon on human beings will never see another birthday.  When the people catch up with him there probably will not be enough left to bury.  I believe that all world leaders understand this, with the obvious exception of our coke-head in chief, who has already tried once and is now trying again.

Of course the trick is to make it seem like the other guy tossed the first nuke, and that's been the plan all along.

From the world of reversed speech we find the phrase "Chinese bomb" has come from Junior's lips twice during this period.  This is an incomplete thought so we simply don't know yet what it means.  It was our General Peter Pace who let us know that the device in Texas City was Russian made.  I'm not sure there would be much value in creating the impression it is a Chinese-made device that starts the war - so we'll just let that one wait for more information.

Although much of what we believe about the world is total illusion, China remains an unknown.  They were involved in the attempt to create a human form of "bird" flu (SARS) before U.S. labs finally recreated the 1918 Spanish Influenza through genetic engineering.  So we must assume they are part of the globalist alliance, at least in terms of the planned pandemic.  It is understandable that they would see a benefit there.  However they also have pretty good ties with Iran, and Iranian oil.  It may well be that if anyone is capable of stopping the destruction of Iran, it could very well be China.  Now there's something to hope for.

Posted Monday, 7 August, 2006

Our War Warning has been cancelled.  We believe the time of maximum danger for the specific event that was expected has now passed.  Additional information from speech reversals is also suggesting that the possibility for engineered terror events is widening rather than narrowing.  In other words we can no longer focus just on one small area, or a single clandestine weapon.  Scary as this is, it really means we are returning to the status quo: serious danger to everyone from a global cartel bent on remaking the world through false terror.  Since this is "normal" for this time period, there is no replacement warning.

We believe that the specific operation we feared was aborted Wednesday night (8/2) or early Thursday morning (8/3), but we have absolutely no idea why.

The situation in the Middle East remains extremely dangerous, with the potential for larger war visible to everyone.  All the people of the Middle East need our prayers for their safety.

We continue to gather reversed speech examples from this key period.  When they can be posted in an organized way that gives a good picture of the situation as a whole, they will be posted on this page.  Then everyone can puzzle over what they mean.  The original RS from Tony Blair is on the page with the warning.  As mentioned previously, the possibilities have widened because of references to one or more missiles.  It is also difficult to determine what threats are immediate, as opposed to terror plans which continue to develop.

Thoughtful observers of the Middle East situation have no doubt been struck by the fact that at the height of the crisis Bush went on vacation.  Blair also was speaking of vacation.  This alone heightens the overall strangeness of it all, and this story is not over by any means.

Posted Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm delighted to say that we now have enough RS to paint a reasonably good picture of what happened last week.  Some things we will never know, unless they show up twenty years from now in someone's memoirs.  However there is no question at all that the world was saved from World War Three at the very last minute.  The plan to engulf the Middle East in nuclear war has been stopped cold.  All parties have been scrambling to adjust their plans and their public persona to a new reality. This included, I believe, a major change in Isreal's military objectives, and a shake-up of their command structure.

Our assumption was correct.  China has played an Ace of Trumps, and it may very will be a nuke of their own.  On the other hand, there is an intriguing hint that a true Miracle may have occurred.  Definitely something for everyone here.

Among the frantic steps to "re-position" are today's mass hysteria at the airports.  The myth of terrorism has been getting very thin lately.  Without nuclear war in the Middle East it needs to be revived.  The patently absurd measures at the airports may be backfiring, though.  They are only reinforcing in the minds of travelers that our security system is run by idiots, and that it has little basis in reality.  At last report the National Guard has been sent to Logan Airport (Boston), apparently in fear that U.S. air travelers are about to tear TSA airport screeners limb from limb.

In the meantime, a speech by the UK Home Secretary du jour only hours ahead of the current excitement makes it clear that plans for the UK are to take the country even deeper into the world of "1984" to avoid the hangman's noose.

Posted Friday, August 11 - a week after Armageddon

When trying to cover a current or ongoing event you are pretty much a slave to the current offerings.  My first shot at staying current after issuing the war warning was a brief Bush event on Wednesday (8/2) at the White House.  This turned out to be a visit to the press corpse (yes I know how to spell corps) connected with moving them all out of the White House while the press room is renovated.  There was no RS in the three minute audio file that dealt with the crisis.  Bush was totally immersed in the moment.

This was the happy bubbly Bush very similar to the Bush on cocaine that we met in another report.  In retrospect this is the day before the GAMBIT device is to be detonated, and Bush may very well have been celebrating, or "calming his nerves" with coke.  As we know from previous situations he can be quite enthused about an opportunity to "see some shit" on the tube.

Ironically, a clueless Rush Limbaugh would feature this "high as a kite" moment on his website as evidence that Bush had somehow turned a corner and was now behaving like "a winner".

The next opportunity would be the Saturday radio address, which is pre-recorded, and in this case seems to be from some time prior to the key action in the Middle East.  I was pleased to find that the first interesting reversal is "the ring in orbit", referring to the weapons being put in space which I covered in a previous report.  The talk's topic, however, is immigration reform, the preplanned focus of Bush's return to Texas while he pretends there is nothing worthy of his attention in Lebanon.  As the first reversal below makes clear, it's all B.S.

I also find that there is something going on that connects Reno and Houston, and a number of sports terms.  Perhaps some gambling?  However I will pick up a number of references to Houston over the next week.  In reviewing them I find that I've misunderstood a possible significant reversal in the Saturday address.  What I wrote down as "I heard Houston" is actually "I hurt Houston" and it occurs in close proximity to a missile reference.  Naturally this makes me rather nervous.

For the time being, though, I can only offer the significant reversals from this particular speech on the grounds that the references to China and a missile in the Gulf seem connected to the Middle East situation.  And Houston can refer to any number of things, from sports teams to the oil industry.  I simply include it here for the record.

It seems quite clear that Junior believes he is going to sneak a fast one past China, which has a strong interest in Iran, the actual target of the exercise.  This is also where I gave up assuming that the GAMBIT device would be hidden on a ship as it was when we first located it in Galveston Bay.



George Bush
Saturday Radio Address
August 5, 2006
(pre-recorded 8/2?)

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  ...Immigration Reform

Fwd:  ...National Guard (key=military action)

Fwd:  ...National Guard (key=military action)

Fwd:  ...same


Fwd:  ...tools

I've avoided actually saying this before, but by now it should be clear to all that Junior is a total nut.  Coming up later I have some secret evaluations (in RS) from the people who've had to work with him on the road to Armageddon.

On Thursday (3 Aug - bomb day), while I was keeping an eye on CNN for a quick cut to a mushroom cloud over some unwanted facility in Isreal, I received an e-mail with a question from the U.K.   The writer closed by saying that Blair had just come on television and that he looked nervous.  Naturally, I went immediately to the BBC website and after digging around for a while I located the press conference and saved the audio.

At this point I was focused on Bush again, and wouldn't scan it for RS for several days. That was unfortunate because it contained the key to what was happening - some form of terminal setback Wednesday night.  Listen to the intriguing set of reversals below:



Prime Minister Tony Blair
Press Conference in U.K.
Thursday August 3, 2006

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  ...Middle East, the US and UK
Rev:  YES TO CHINESE, yes to Chinese   (second one is hard to hear, concentrate)

Fwd:  ...A U.N. Resolution


Fwd:  ...purpose of the UN resolution

Fwd:  ...an International force



I've mentioned elsewhere that indications of one or more missiles were showing up in other sources, as well as the sudden appearance of the the Chinese.  I believe this particular sound clip pins down the action, establishing it as something that has just happened, perhaps during the previous night.

Posted Wednesday morning, August 16

Sorry for the delay in posting, other business required an extra day off, and I also find I have more terrific material than I thought I did; thus requiring more time to sort it all out.  It now appears that there are at least four separate activities going on during this time period, perhaps even more.  I doubt that we can get them all straight using RS alone.  There is no question that nukes were involved, or that nuclear war was narrowly averted.  But keeping track of all the bombs, missiles, ships, etc. may not be possible.

The Bush / Rice Press Conference from the ranch in Texas is the first audio we have from either of these two after the failure to launch nuclear war in the Middle East.  Supposedly, the hasty affair (on Sunday) is called to allow the vacationing Bush to remind everyone that he is earnestly seeking peace in the war zone.  It is a difficult proposition because he is trying to say that all his efforts have been aimed at a stronger, self-reliant Lebanon while Israeli planes have been busy for three weeks returning Lebanon to the 18th century by bombing highways, bridges, etc.

The initial reversals are on topic, i.e. efforts now aimed at creating a U.N. backed security force and a cease-fire.  Since Secretary Rice has seen fit to give us her opinion of Bush at this time, I've also added Tony Blair's opinion of Bush at the time we issued our initial warning.  I suspect that both of these people can be trusted on this one, although certainly not on anything they say for public consumption.

You may notice the odd sound of this segment.  The White House apparently uses someone from the kitchen staff to do their audio recording. It is routinely poor in quality, and in this case almost unuseable without heavy filtering. The end result sounds strange, but this was necessary to make it fully understandable.



Bush / Rice Press Conference
at the Crawford TX ranch
August 6, 2006  (WW3 + 2)


Fwd:  The crisis that began three weeks ago:
  (a name..)

Fwd:  ...Return control of Lebanon to it's government

Fwd:  ...UN force.. to Help Lebanon
Rev:  YOU MUST PLAY HOLD-IT (who must?)


Fwd:  Stratagy for U.N. Resolutions...
  (reversal inside a reversal)

BLAIR:       (from July 28 Bush / Blair Press Conf.)

Fwd:  ...I return to UN Resolution 1559

Fwd:  We both believe... take the opportunity

I had to get this in sooner or later.  It is a reminder that all these people take their orders from an invisible cabal.  They find themselves required to do things they know are morally and legally indefensible, while having to kowtow to a boorish moron at the same time.  Of course they are mass murderers all, but the unconscious byplay is illuminating.  Bush himself is there because in vast criminal enterprises only "blood" can be trusted.

As I mentioned earlier, Houston is coming up a lot - again - and as the Bush team falls into midterm elections desperation this is somewhat ominous.  However, more and more I have come to the conclusion that Houston also identifies Bush's "controller", whether it be Daddy or a set of corporate boardrooms in the "oil patch".

Posted Thursday, August 17

Continuing with this Sunday press conference at the ranch, Condi completes her part of the program by giving us a much greater insight into what went wrong.  Condi has been so helpful this year that I have decided to award her her own musical theme. For some time I have honored Junior with the sound of the presidential telephone from a long ago movie, the spy parody Our Man Flint.  Think of it as a cartoon phone for a cartoon president.  Having enjoyed a rather intimate view of Dr. Rice for some time, I think her new theme is a perfect fit.  Click on the button below to hear the theme, as well as another clue to what happened to prevent World War Three.



Sec. State Condoleeza Rice
W.H. Press Conference, Crawford TX
August 6, 2006  (WW3 + 2)

Reversals in this sound clip:

Fwd:  Draft resolutions - and "what's really going on"...

Fwd:  The parties...
          CNO = Chief of Naval Operations

Fwd:  International community...

Fwd:  Take a little time...

As I've been saying all along, the world avoided Armageddon by a heartbeat.  The question all along has been WHY.  You will have to admit this set of reversals is absolutely stunning.  Our story began when Junior "released" a nuclear weapon after the Israeli attack on Lebanon was fully underway.  The morning after it was to be used, Tony Blair informed us that RS hints about a missile were correct, and that the missile had been "abandoned".  Now we learn that there was A SECOND NUKE, apparently belonging to someone else, and that it's presence in or near the battle area caused American plans to collapse.

Also, the Chief of Naval Operations (Adm. Michael G. Mullen) refused to do something, most likely to issue the final attack order.  Note that the word refused has significant connotations.  Did he refuse on principle, or simply because the situation had become to dangerous?  By now the reader may have forgotten that when people were to be evacuated via ships, the U.S. Navy showed up loaded for bear.  The extra ships, with the heavily armed ground combat elements they carried, were described as "insurance".  This seemed odd at the time since Israel controlled the air space and Hesbollah had given no indication that they opposed evacuations.  However these ships quickly disappeared from TV coverage.  It seems likely that we are learning more about their actual mission now.

We also see that the needs of China have suddenly become a primary element in the Middle East equation, no doubt related to their stake in Iran.  Our last visit with Junior had him crowing about pulling a fast one on China.  It is beginning to look like the coke-head in chief was deluded on that score.  Was it China that brought another nuke to the party?  Aimed at, or hidden in Tel-Aviv perhaps?

Posted Monday, August 21   (WW3 + 17)

Our best understanding of the key events surrounding the failure of the Armageddon plot comes from public appearances just before and after the key days.  Keep in mind the time sequence as we know it.  The Bush/Blair White House event on Friday, 28 July, provides the clue that an operation involving a nuke is underway, and there is a clue that one week may be the time frame.  Other clues, including the mysterious Bible Codes and the efforts of the huge U.S. propaganda machine, suggest that in the hours of darkness preceding Thursday, August 3, a nuke will be used in Israel to trigger a U.S. nuclear attack on Iran during the following 24 hours (Friday).  However on Thursday a Tony Blair press conference reveals that a missile, presumably nuclear tipped, has been abandoned, and China has suddenly become significant as well.  Obviously, something has gone very wrong.  On Sunday, an "emergency" press conference in Crawford, Texas suggests that Bush is scrambling to put a new face on U.S. efforts, and formulate a hasty new strategy, all of which he tells us is pure BS.

In her short appearance on Sunday at the ranch, Condoleeza Rice reveals that there is or was a second nuke, not ours, and suggests the U.S. Navy and China were key players in stopping World War Three.  In this session Junior is taking questions from the press.  As you will hear in the sound clips below, as his stress level increases Junior's speech reversals become almost continuous, providing much more information about what has transpired.

        Crediting Other Sources

Before we get to that, this is a good place to point out that we ran across two, and only two, outside sources of information during the following days that seemed to have any clue at all about what was going on.  Despite the fact that since 9-11 the Internet has been saturated with charming personalities claiming weekly to have the "inside dope" from "secret intelligence sources", none of these provided even a hint of what was really going on.  However, two unique sources demonstrated exceptional understanding.  The first is the mysterious Sender-Berl group which has in the past come up with pretty interesting material.

We found an August 6th article written by Joseph Erlich, Sender-Berl author, clearly pinpointing China as the new key player in the Middle East equation, and also suggesting a major threat against Tel-Aviv was involved.  The article referenced material on that subject said to be posted by Sender Berl on August 3rd, the date Armageddon was to be initiated.  We give "Sender Berl & Sons" credit for scooping everyone else on Chinese connection, while we were still working on hints from early RS.

During July many sources were able to point out that the U.S. objective has always been Iran.  Wayne Madsen, however, provided the best understanding of a U.S. initiative, with Israel merely being persuaded, pressured, or paid to set the stage, to begin another U.S. military invasion in the region.  Madsen suggested Syria as the immediate target.  Logically, this is very likely.  And the U.S. sea-borne invasion force that appeared off Beirut in the guise of refugee escorts would really have no place to go but east (see map above).  It would be interesting to find out if Israeli air power destroyed north-south highways but left west-to-east routes open.  However I have previously mentioned that we had no RS references to Syria and this prevented us from listing Syria among targets for nuclear attack.  Regardless, Madsen's understanding that the Bushies were calling the shots all along boosts his credibility from our point of view.

I also think there is another source out there that more strongly suggests that Israel was quite literally paid to begin offensive operations, both in the Palestinian areas and in Lebanon.  I've only gotten snatches of this, and will track it down if I can.  However more recent reports citing complaints of Israeli military personnel also suggest that Israel did not provide the level of support for their forces that one would expect if they were seriously committed to their publicly announced goals.  Ironically, the overt and heavily televised barbarism of their attack on the people of Lebanon will very likely to cost them far more in the long run than whatever amount of gold they may have accepted to put on the show.

        What Really Happened

There is so much Reversed Speech information contained in the Crawford press conference and in several presidential appearances in the following two weeks that our RS Nuke team will be pulling out information for many months to come.  To conclude our coverage of this topic as a current event, I include only the RS from Junior's responses to two of the many questions he was asked at the ranch.  They are sufficient to pin down the key elements of what happened, and to confirm that our War Warning was absolutely correct.

In the first sound clip we learn that the employment of U.S. troops on the ground changed because of developments in the battle area.  Logically, if they are now not to be used, then prior to whatever happened they were to be used.  Their non-appearance is also linked with China.  We also find the truth that historians have known all along.  All wars are fought for profit or, as Bush's unconscious commentator puts it, "cash money":



George Bush
Bush / Rice Press Conference
at the Crawford TX ranch
August 6, 2006  (WW3 + 2)

Fwd:  Why no U.S. troops in the international force...
Rev:  They'll All Surf It
          BAD MESS

Fwd:  Why we commit troops...

The phrase, "so China needs faith" seems meaningless at first.  But the unconscious usually chooses it's words carefully.  In this case I believe we could associate the word faith with a "gesture or proof of good faith", i.e. a key element in some sort of demand or agreement.

Of course, the admission that the "gut essence" of why the U.S. commits troops anywhere is "cash money" pretty much explains our involvement in Iraq if you equate oil (and pipelines) with it's other name: Black Gold.  It also dispels the myth that, for the U.S. at least, our leaders are motivated by any sort of ideology or philosophy.  Of course this has never been true anywhere, but people still like to believe it.  While main manipulators and behind the scenes controllers may even tell themselves that they are pursuing some worthwhile ideal, this is just a case of echoing their own propaganda.  The real answer is always greed, though it should also be noted that blackmail is a well-used and time honored motivator that is often an added part of the mix.

In the next sound clip, the response to the next question at the ranch press conference, there are a number of surprises and confirmations.

First, this is probably the last time we will hear of the GAMBIT device, the nuke that Junior was going to use on Texas City until we publicized it, and then sent to the Med.  We assumed that it was the same physical device all along, although the use of a missile delivery by the Navy introduces problems in the matching of warhead to missile.  On the other hand, these problems may be what botched the job.  We revealed that we knew the GAMBIT code name in our follow-up reports to the Texas nuke story.  Oddly enough, Tony Blair described (openly) the US/UK strategy for the Lebanon crisis as a gambit.  Was it Freudian slip, or just a way taunting K-W.com readers?

Blair has a classic English university education, and there is no way that he does not fathom the meaning of the word, which comes from the game of chess.  You can find multiple examples on the web, all defining it the same way:

"Gambit is an Italian word which invariably applies to the opening. It involves an early sacrifice of material.

"A player offering a gambit sacrifices at least a pawn to achieve a positional advantage like a lead in development or a stronger center, in the hope that it will translate into superior attacking chances. The sacrifice is usually speculative, but is not easy to refute."
They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and you will hear in the sound clip below about the surprise ending for the GAMBIT device.

Also, you heard it here first:


This was a total surprise, but a wonderful reward for three weeks of hard work.  Listen and enjoy:



George Bush, Bush-Rice Press Conference
Crawford Texas
August 6, 2006  (WW3 + 2)

Reversals in this sound clip:

Fwd:  Why U.S. now supports immediate cease fire...
Rev:  Paul'S Asking
          MISSILE - BOMB - CHINA

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If you've followed this story from beginning to end, then you have a fairly good idea of what has happened.  Still, we are limited by the basic nature of reversed speech: You get what you get, and no more.  And I will be the first to admit that we don't have all the story yet.  I pointed out early on that there were a number of things going on at the same time and that actual events might be too complex to allow us to figure them all out.  But I also promised that we would quickly be able to learn enough of the story to see if our War Warning was justified.

Obviously, it was.  Also obvious, this opportunity continues.  We will learn more in the future because there is a lot more audio material saved from stressed out people who know what really happened.  At this time we have enough that we can say for certain that a second attempt by the United States to use a false-flag nuclear detonation on friendly territory to start a nuclear war in the Middle East has failed much more dramatically than the first.

Still, a lot of questions remain, and this is the time to be clear about what we know and don't know, and only "half" know.


1.  The GAMBIT device.  A Russian made portable nuclear weapon, intended to be used in Texas and then sent to Venice, Italy.  We lost track of it there, assumed it was in the Mediterranean somewhere, and found it again as the apparent centerpiece of the current plot.  However, the actual fate of this baby nuke remains uncertain.  It is also the centerpiece of a roll of film, apparently delivered to the U.S. by an intelligence service that penetrated the operation.  So far, China is the only name that keeps popping up, but then there's also the Navy and you can't completely rule out anyone.

2.  A U.S. missile.  This missile is clearly central to the plot and was intended to create the false-flag nuclear event that would kick off Armageddon.  Several mentions of a submarine in reversals that didn't seem to relate to anything else suggest that it was to be fired from a sub, out of view.  Either way, the U.S. Navy was responsible for it, and the White House is not very happy with the Navy right now.  The Blair reversal stating that it was "locked" before being abandoned, simply adds more mystery.  Whether or not it contained the original Gambit nuke itself or a warhead more suited to the weapon is not clear.  There are also several alternatives on what actually transpired, and as far as I'm concerned they all carry the possibility of Divine intervention:

a.  The missile was faulty or damaged (dropped?) in some way and could not be fired.
b.  It was fired but did not go where it was supposed to (crashes it), and/or it failed to detonate.
c.  It was not fired because the C.N.O refused to allow it, for unknown reasons, or
d.  It was never fired because of last-minute nuclear blackmail by China.

3.  A Chinese nuclear weapon, almost certainly mounted on a missile.  Its presence in the reversals is undeniable.  There is no doubt that it exists, and that it's presence prevented a nuclear attack on Iran.  That it also prevented an invasion of Syria by U.S. ground forces waiting off the Lebanese coast is a good possibility.  Logically, this missile could be anywhere, aimed at any valuable target.  However it seems most likely that its role would be designed to fit the same propaganda scenario that was already established by the globalists, i.e. a weapon attributable to Muslim madmen with exceptionally deep pockets.  So I'm reasonably confident that it's in the Middle East, has a known range that includes Tel-Aviv, and that proof of all this was delivered into U.S. hands at the very last minute.  This is the Ace of Trumps, and pretty much cancels the cartel's plans to own the Middle East as long as Western agents can't find it and destroy it.

4.  The HAARP weapon.  Blamed for years for unexplained weather phenomena and psychological events afflicting cities as a whole, HAARP has never before been acknowledged by any official source as being capable of inflicting harm.  Clearly, Bush views it as just another weapon in the arsenal.  The HAARP reversals are not entirely clear on whether a future use of this weapon is planned in Lebanon.  It seems unlikely.  What would be the value?  However the past tense in "nauseated" makes it certain that HAARP has already been used at least once, probably in Lebanon, and that Junior was actually able to see it in action, no doubt via video of some kind.  I leave it to readers to see if anyone has reported temporary bouts of mass nausea in that area.  I would just as soon NOT entertain the alternative that the effects of HAARP were so bad that it induced nausea in the people who viewed the results.  I have the distinct impression that Junior thinks of HAARP as a toy.

5.  Chinese intervention.  I regard this as 100% certain.  That Bush was gloating over fooling the Chinese prior to the morning of August 3rd, and that from that point on everyone is concerned with complying (Yes to Chinese) with an unknown Chinese demand, including references to a Chinese bomb and missile, are pretty obvious.  Less obvious is whether or not the Chinese had anything to say about the covert Gambit operation.  Would they care if a small nuke went off in Israel?  Probably not.  On the other hand, if they would like to see stability in the region restored, which seems a wise policy, we must recognize that they may have had a hand in stopping the false-flag event in addition to the attack on Iran.  It also seems clear that China insisted that U.S. troops would not get off their ships as proof of full compliance.

6.  U.S./U.K. Middle East Strategy.  The U.S. and U.K., routinely described by the Bush Administration as "the international community", have suffered an incredible disaster.  Their intentions were virtually transparent to the whole world, and they've consistently chosen paths that contain very high stakes risks, i.e. crimes that can only be covered up by the chaos created by success.  Yet they are consistently failing now.  Bush and Blair must now sell the idea that they have actually been supporting Lebanon by destroying it.  Bush, who does not appear to be more than twelve years old by any measure, actually thinks the world will hail him as a genius if he can pull this off.

7.  Lebanon.  The incredible barbarism (and astounding stupidity) of the Israeli attacks has gained Lebanon millions of new friends and supporters around the world.  Nonetheless, the amount of damage inflicted on the country is truly immense.  Who will pay to rebuild the country's highways and bridges, and other vital infrastructure that was destroyed?  In strict moral terms it should be the U.S. taxpayer, the same people who paid to have it destroyed in the first place.  However I predict a long period of serious deprivation and struggle, and a situation that is ripe for further manipulation.  It must be assumed that the U.N. force is part of a "fall back" plan that has other future purposes.  Hezbollah will certainly remain, but since the "international community" will want to claim victory, we will probably hear less and less about them.

8.  Israel.
  The Zionist government is now in its worst position since the country's founding.  Television coverage of their operations in Lebanon was clearly designed to support the planned false-flag nuke by showing all the reasons that the Arab world should be enraged by Israeli military action.  This went all too well.  Half the world or more now view the IDF as butchers of innocent families.  In addition, Israel's complicity in the entire scheme has resulted in a nuclear missile pointed at Tel-Aviv to guarantee future good behavior (as defined by China).  I would certainly expect heads to roll.  There is also an intriguing possibility that someone who might not have allowed Israel to participate in the plot was removed via a stroke and unusual medical treatment.  While other writers discuss the means, it may be that our understanding of the Armageddon plot provides a motive.

9.  U.S. and U.K. Future.  Readers of these pages know that I believe the cartels that control the West are pushing for a total change in governments to a totalitarian model.  Revolution via internal subversion or palace coup is a game that has been played for thousands of years, and it is a journey from which there is no return.  Everyone involved understands this.  Failure is not an option.  Consequently I expect desperate measures to prop up the illusion of a terrorist under every bed, until some tipping point can be reached.  CNN and other news services have made this transition in spades.  A staged false-terrorist event seems more likely than ever.

10.  Houston.  There seems little question now that Bush receives his orders from Houston, and that Houston also plays a role in covert operations of some kind.  The city is just too prominent in Bush's reversed speech (for years) to assume otherwise.  However, if a previous study indicated the Houston area as the best location for a false-terrorist event, it is quite likely that this conclusion remains in force.  The phrase, "give Houston GO" after the failure of the Armageddon plot suggests that we must continue to be alert.  The reversal "I Hurt Houston" remains unexplained.

I expect more reversals dealing with the aftermath of the Armageddon failure, however they will be dealt with separately as they become available for posting.  This page is now closed to further updates, and will eventually be rewritten as a full, better organized report.  In the meantime it will become part of our new "current events" section.  I hope you appreciate the amount of work involved in doing this type of research, and that it has added to your understanding of the truth behind the illusion.

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