ISRAEL: Coastal Areas - IRAN: All Areas

Wednesday August 2, 2006. (Houston)

At 2 p.m. CDT (7 p.m. GMT), Ken-Welch.Com has issued a Nuclear War Warning for:

      Israeli coastal cities and the Republic of Iran. is the current outlet for a group of researchers using the medium of reversed speech to track national and international affairs.  In March of this year it reported on the presence of a smuggled nuclear weapon near Houston, Texas, and followed the device's removal and trans-shipment to the Mediterranean after it was exposed by the Internet report.  This White House sponsored operation, dubbed the Easter Surprise, was designed to create a pretext for a nuclear attack on Iran.

On Sunday, July 30, reported that in April the Bush Administration placed a nuclear weapons platform in orbit for offensive purposes, and that the most likely immediate target, in conjunction with the orchestrated drama in the Middle East, was Iran.

On Monday, RS researchers began analyzing speech from the Bush/Blair press conference which took place in Washington D.C. on Friday (Jul 28), with particular attention to the remarks of Tony Blair.  A speech reversal referring to George Bush, "He has released the bomb" represents a key stage in the deployment of a nuclear weapon.  This key was also found in events preceding the intended Easter detonation near Houston.  It indicates that the weapon and its triggering mechanism have been certified as functional, and control has been turned over to the person who will fire it.

Related events include the unremarked activation yesterday of three Israeli army divisionsGone from the Web! for no apparent reason, and the nearness of an exceptionally significant date in Jewish tradition, referred to as "the saddest day of the year".

We believe that a nuclear event on Israeli soil is imminent.

Timing: We are dealing with probabilities here.  We believe the most likely time period for the false-terror provocation will begin at sundown in Jerusalem, tomorrow August 3rd.  More info will follow.

We expect that this will involve a small, portable bomb with a yield of 12 Kilotons or less.  The most likely scenario, based on the previous operation, is as follows:

  • The weapon will likely be concealed aboard a ship near a port city such as Haifa or Jaffa/Tel-Aviv.
  • Because it is small, total destruction will be confined to the local area, less than 1 km.
  • Fires and structural damage may be seen up to 2 km.  Danger of flying glass, etc. to 5 km.
  • Largest danger to civilians will be radioactive fallout depending on wind direction.
  • It will be considered a "miracle" that so few people were killed.

Suggested precautions for Israel:

Avoid coastal areas within 6 km of the water and stay away from windows.
Be prepared to evacuate if you are downwind from the blast.  Have a supply of drinking water, 2 days food, maps, medicines, etc.
If not threatened by fallout stay where you are.

We believe the false-terror event in Israel will trigger a nuclear attack on the Iranian Republic by the United States within 12-24 hours, although the impression may be created that it is Israel conducting the attack.  The attack is likely to be large, involving great destruction and civilian casualties.  Targets will include ports, all military facilities, research facilities, government centers, etc. Massive destruction will eliminate any means of resistance to the invasion that will follow.  Although oil is the prize, the same pattern as Iraq is expected: further restrictions on the world oil supply and rapidly accelerating oil profits.

Suggestions for Iran.

Leave immediately.

If evacuating to the countryside, take time to plan, take food, water, survival supplies, radio, etc.  Do not expect any form of aid or assistance.  Band together with others for mutual support.

Locate a shelter below ground level, and go there immediately when you learn of the detonation in Israel.

Question:  If I am in the Middle East and feel I should protect myself, when should I take action?    Answer:  RIGHT NOW.

Question:  What about SYRIA?    Answer:  We have no data that mentions Syria by name. This does not mean Syria is safe - it simply means we have no data. On the other hand, Iran has been a target for quite some time, and is the U.S.'s top priority for destruction and conquest.



Prime Minister Tony Blair
Press Conference w/ George Bush
Washington, DC - July 28, 2006

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  ...militia in the south of lebanon

Fwd:  ...package of proposals to get agreement

Fwd:  ...We want to see (a UN resolution)

Fwd:  ...we can indeed bring an end to this crisis

Fwd:  ...Turn a situation of tragedy into one of opportunity.

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What we have is a very volatile time and place in which all the ingredients for disaster are firmly and deliberately in place.  Cocked and loaded as they say.  This could go on for many weeks.  The reason this report has been put up in such a hurry is that I came to realize that the most dangerous time, i.e. the time of highest probability, was right up front.  If the trigger isn't pulled right away, it is only because they are waiting for something we don't know about.  There is way too much at stake to imagine that this little web site will have any influence on the outcome.

Initially, I expected to have more time to put this story together.  The Texas City bomb was officially released about two weeks after it's arrival in Galveston Bay - then it sat there forever, waiting for the target date.  That's why we managed to gather such a huge number of reversals about it.  Still, I found myself getting nervous as I sensed that the network coverage of the Lebanon slaughter seemed to have reached a plateau - and viewers were beginning to slip away.  If nothing else, this is a made-for-television war.  That means it cannot go on forever without reaching a climax.  So far it has achieved it's purpose, which I believe is to make everyone more accepting of the idea of angry Arab retaliation.  If we ourselves are angry at what we are seeing, we can easily imagine how furious the people must be in Beirut, Tehran, Damascus, and so on.

I got a kick in the pants from a Blair reversal in the press conference covered above.  I found, "In one week", in a place that suggested it might be a time for the event.  The reason it is not presented above is that the last letter, k, was not present.  I've mentioned elsewhere that this is fairly common, because of the mechanics of the way reversed speech is produced.  When time permits, and perhaps with the benefit of hindsight, we can trot it out and compare it with other data found in the meantime.

But the key point is, at this moment we have no other reversals that pinpoint a date.  I'm normally a stickler for having different pieces of information that confirm each other.  I have no doubt that we can find more reversals and that at least one will be shown to reveal the intended date, but RS work takes time.  On Tuesday evening all I had was the nagging thought that the one week time suggestion might be of great importance.

It was a European contributor to that had requested we do reversals on Blair some time ago.  We had missed one good opportunity for lack of time.  I e-mailed him with the news that we had been able to grant his wish, and that it appeared that the attack on Iran we've all been waiting for was again "on".  I then scanned news reports and found two puzzling stories from Israel.  According to the Jerusalem Post, Ehud Olmert, (Prime Minister, if a country without a constitution can have such thing) had just declared victoryGone from the Web! for the Lebanon campaign.

Much of Olmert's Tuesday speech was B.S. for the troops, and events of the following day would show that.  However, it was in amazing contrast to the story mentioned above, which very casually mentioned that Israel had just called up three divisionsGone from the Web! of it's army reserve.  That's thousands and thousands of soldiers.  Israel is famous for its ability to mobilize rapidly.  If the call-up was on Tuesday, most of these men would be at their staging areas by Thursday.  What would they be used for?

I also noted that all official sources in Israel now refer to the country being at War rather than securing the border, conducting anti-terrorist operations, putting down the Indians, etc.

As I puzzled over this, the European contributor came back with fascinating information.  If you like "predictions" you will definitely like this.  It seems that years ago a man named Andy McCracken published the date of Thursday, August 3rd, 2006, as the most likely date for the beginning of World War Three.  How did he do it?  Bible Codes.  Yes, I know all about the controversy over Bible codes.  But first let's look at the date itself.  I learned that this Thursday, on the ancient Hebrew calendar, is the ninth day of the month of Av.  As with most pre-Flood traditions, this appears to be a lunar calendar, and the date moves around in our Gregorian system.  This day is called TISHAH B'AV.  According to one reference it is the "saddest day in the Jewish calendar, commemorating by fasting and prayer the destruction of both the First and the Second Temple." In other words, a tribal Pearl Harbor Day a thousand times worse than our own.

If the planners of a terrorist event want to generate great anger, there is no better choice than picking a special date.  This flopped somewhat on 9-11 because although the numbers were significant, they really carried no freight, other than to help everyone remember the date.  However, a good date makes it perfectly clear that a message is being sent.  A message begs you to imagine the thoughts of the bad guy.  Most people don't realize this, but we often feel more anger over what we suppose another person was thinking, than about what they actually did.  This is tricky, but if you work with it for a while you'll see what I mean.  Regardless, Thursday August 3rd suddenly looms large as a possible date for a serious terror attack on Israel, especially if the fiction of religious war is to be maintained.

Tisha B'Av actually begins at Sunset on the previous day.  I find this somewhat confusing, and with the difference in time zones it is almost impossible to work with.  My feeling is that the initial event in Israel will likely come after dark.  First, because that is the time that matches up best with live television coverage in the U.S.  Complimenting this is the reversal above saying, "THEN THE FLASH IN THE NIGHT." Third, if the blast occurs in an industrial area, loss of life may be minimized if most of the workers have gone home.  In opposition, I must note that there is nothing more dramatic than a mushroom cloud, and I don't think cameras can see them all that well in the dark.  This may trump the other ideas.  We may have to let events unfold as they will in that regard.  Anyway, Tisha B'Av ends at local sundown Thursday, though if the incident was off by a few hours, I suspect the association would still be clear.

If you are counting, I now have four indicators that suggest the initial incident is not far off; An imperfect reversal, major mobilization in Israel for no apparent reason, a specific prediction which we haven't yet evaluated, and an ideal date.  Let's look at the prediction.

Because I told my contributor that nuclear war in the Middle East was imminent, he had responded with the suggestion that I check out a blog he had found that approached this topic from another direction.  As it turned out, the article Leave Damascus Now - Avoid Tel-Aviv Gone from the Web! includes links to a number of Bible Code patterns referring to the present time, and which reference war and destruction.  The majority are centered around the August 3rd date.  These have been generated by different people, using different methods, all trying to pinpoint a coming "world" war, or the destruction of this or that.

Now Bible Codes are fun.  You'll never spend a more enjoyable evening than with someone who has the search software running and also knows the Hebrew language and alphabet.  I never tried it because I know nothing of the language, though the current software offers bi-directional translation.  There is also the fact that when Bible Codes were at their peak of popularity it was discovered that the haphazard approach of most users was producing "discoveries" that were essentially worthless.  However, in recent years a significant effort has been made to define proper methods that guard against random results that are then mistakenly assumed to be valid.

One of the most important rules, virtually identical to a rule for reversed speech in its more common form, is that the hidden message that is revealed should have some relationship with the biblical passage in which it is found.  As you will see, this can also add additional information to the hidden message itself.

The blog's author appears to be fascinated with a biblical prophecy that some day Damascus (Syria) would be turned into a pile of rubble.  As far as I can tell this is par for the course.  It would be hard to find any place in the Middle East that has not been cursed or doomed by God at one time or another.  As I mentioned the blogger collected published Bible Codes that might be related in some way, and discovered that the majority centered on Thursday, August 3rd, 2006. If you go about 1/4th down the page you will see a listing that includes twelve of these, all from another site called  I did not go to that site, since the blogger had already gathered up the material related to the current period.

Clicking through them I was startled to find two that seemed to match my own work very closely, in a way that the blogger could not suspect.  The first oneGone from the Web! found this hidden message: "3 August 2006 - a fire like a terror" combined with "in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel".  Since I already have six months of evidence related to a fake-terror nuke, you know how I'm going to view this.

This example (and software) did not provide a translation of the passages in which it was found.  Of interest was the blogger's inability to see the nuclear weapon.  He is focused on the Damascus prophecy which he summarizes as, "A day will come when Israel suffers a major attack that causes widespread terror and before the morning of the next day Israel’s vengeance will take place.  That attack is almost certain to be an attack on Tel Aviv that will kill thousands of people, probably with chemical and/or biological weapons." A nuke is simply not an option in his world view.

The second codeGone from the Web! dealing with 3 August 2006 that really stood out for me was created with more advanced software and offers a translation of the originating verse.  A search was performed for the phrase "into world war".  The phrase was found, connected with the year 2006.  It is apparently located in Nehemiah, Ch 9 V37.  The translation of the source passage is fascinating.

If there is one common theme found in the material on this web site it is that our research reveals a world that has been corrupted from the top down; our leaders are following an agenda set by someone else, and are creating a world headed toward universal slavery.  The biblical passage that linked 2006 with world war is translated on that page as: "And it yieldeth much increase unto the kings whom Thou hast set over us because of our sins; also they have power over our bodies, and over our cattle, at their pleasure, and we are in great distress."

We are about to see nuclear war so our leaders can line their own pockets and fill the coffers of the families and corporations they actually work for.  I think the description above couldn't be more accurate!

Now you see why, with the bomb already "released" for use, I feel that the most dangerous time is right now.  I have no doubt that further work with RS will provide better information, but this could take days or weeks.  Considering the danger, it would be crazy for anyone exposed in the Middle East to delay whatever preparations they are led to make.  This is why I say that if you feel you need to do something, you should do it now.  Why take the risk of delay?

For the rest of us, I would suggest that we quickly fill up our automobiles with as much gas or petrol as they will hold, and keep them topped up as long as you can afford it.  I do not feel that a Biblical source refering to "world" war is very likely to mean "global" war, however you can be certain that there will be significant economic and social consequences virtually everywhere.


This is a warning, not a prediction.  It is based on information that involves controversial processes and interpretative steps that have no "official" standing.  That information provides a way of looking at conditions as they are, but those conditions may change.  The reader is fully responsible for evaluating the material presented here, and for any steps they may take as a result of that evaluation.

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This Is The Original Text

This is the original text of the Nuclear War Warning that we sent out to our mailing list (and anyone else we could think of) in August of 2006.  And no, we were NOT disappointed when China intervened and stopped it.  I just wish we had a few more details about “the roll of film” and the missile that showed up in the R/S after the plan was aborted.

Our apologies for the many off-site references that are no longer available.  Trying to find them again proved futile, although we did NOT try the way-back machine.  However, from now on we will be keeping copies of off-site material to preserve the historical context.

Ken Welch