Bush and Darth Vader

Bush knew a master stroke was to transform his presidency,
but Houston never told him what it would be.


I have an interesting segment of 9-11 reversed speech that I haven’t published before.  Today seems like a great time to commemorate the lives lost in the dynamiting of the World Trade Center by sharing it.

I began doing reversed speech on Washington three and a half years ago when the Bush administration was flooding the internet with stories about a nuke being smuggled into the U.S. by terrorists.  It wasn’t long before I and some other volunteers had accumulated overwhelming evidence that the nuke was real, and the terrorists were all working for our own government.  Ken-Welch.com was created to broadcast that information, and save American lives by exposing the plan ahead of it’s execution date.

Since that time I’ve been alert for reversed speech that would shed more light on the 9-11 “terrorist” attacks that were the foundation for the Middle East oil wars that still go on today.  The best material came from the man who stood to benefit the most from 9-11, the despicable Larry Silverstein.  Silverstein apparently hired his own demolition crew (Israeli?) to bring down the third building that fell on 9-11.  One must recognize that Larry had to be pretty good friends with old Osama Bin Laden to know on what date the attack would actually occur, the only day on which he could dynamite that third building without anyone really noticing.

Of course the date of the attacks, 9-11, was intensely interesting to everyone.  It wasn’t long before the alternative news venues on the Internet were being flooded with theories that the bad guys (Illuminati, evil Arabs, or whomever) had a fantastic fixation on dates and numbers that dictated when any attack must take place.  After checking out the leading proponent of all this with reversed speech, and discovering him to be an active duty military intelligence officer engaged in domestic psychological warfare, I began to wonder why the Pentagon was working so hard to misdirect everyone’s attention.

The answer turned out to be pretty obvious.  September 11 was the only weekday morning that year when the World Trade Center would be virtually empty of Jews.  Definitely an odd date for a blood-crazed Islamic terrorist to choose!  Of course, CNN and Fox News have discussed this in detail.  Not?

I always made sure to reverse the speech of Junior Bush any time the topic of 9-11 appeared.  Unfortunately, he really didn’t seem to know much about it.  But this was fairly consistent with the picture of him that was emerging at the time.  The man’s brain was so damaged by drug and alcohol abuse that he could barely tie his shoes.  Like Obama, giving speeches (with prompting) was about all he was good for.  He couldn’t manage an intelligent conversation, and was primarily interested in two things: the menu for his next meal, and how good his last meal was.  Foreign dignitaries who met with him repeatedly referred to Bush (in reversed speech) as an idiot.

Over time I put together enough clues to understand Junior’s role.  He had been told there would be a big terrorist event that would allow him to advance the goals of the oil cartel that owned him, but that seems to be the limit of what he knew.  He wasn’t involved in the planning, didn’t know the target date, and was as surprised as everyone else (almost) when the attacks actually happened.  The one thing he DID know, however, was that the conspiracy theory that the government announced only hours after the attacks was pure fantasy.

Of course the pages of this website are full of references to the imaginary nature of Al Qaeda, that the real terrorists are those in Washington, and that their plan to hijack both Iraq and Iran’s oil reserves and turn them over to their masters in Houston is still running.  The latest reversed speech indicates they believe they can take one more try at Iran before the release of a killer pandemic in December or January makes military operations impossible.  Needless to say, we hope they fail on both accounts.

Best wishes to all,

Ken Welch in Houston

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