Part One: Explosives Confirmed - New Witness Named

For the first time since the mystery began, there is actual proof that controlled demolition was used at the World Trade Center on 9-11.

Most 9-11 Truth Seekers are familiar with the notorious Silverstein Interview in which the man who benefited the most from the 9-11 attacks seemed to admit that the last building to fall was actually dynamited at his suggestion.  It seemed to be a gift from Heaven but the high strangeness in the carefully worded statement created confusion in the mind of the public and more than ample deniability for defenders of the government's elaborate conspiracy theory.

The controversy over the "confession" has been resolved by the simple application of reversed speech, which confirms without question that explosives were used.  As if that weren't enough, a previously unknown WITNESS is named.

A brief review of the events that led up to the "confession" is important for understanding just why Silverstein said what he did.  Following that you can listen to the audio recording of the confession, and the amazing statement that is buried within it.

If you do your part in sharing this report with others then, in a very short time, the Great 9-11 Hoax will be as dead as flattened road kill on a hot Texas highway.

The possibility that the American people still have the ability to see that the perpetrators find a similar fate does not seem likely.  But that is another story and it will be our children who must write it.  For now, let's review the incredible events that unfolded on that tragic day in New York City.

I.  Disney On The Hudson

On September 11, 2001, a mind-bending drama on Manhattan Island would capture worldwide attention.  The events of that day would create "a new Pearl Harbor" that would quickly complete the transformation of the United States into a very different country than the one created by its founders.

At 8:46 a.m. something that looked and sounded like a large airliner slammed squarely into the World Trade Center's North Tower, filling the 93rd through 98th floors with flames and death.  Each tower had 110 floors.  No one above the 91st floor would escape.  Only sixteen minutes later, just time enough to activate world wide live television coverage, a distinctly visible large aircraft careened into the South Tower, failing to hit squarely but still spreading fire and destruction in the 78th through 84th floors.

In the brief interval between the two strikes, almost two thirds of the South Tower's occupants were able to evacuate.  However, like the North Tower, any survivors at the crash site or the people still occupying the twenty six floors above it would have no chance to get out until fire crews could get the blaze under control.  Although one stairway in the South Tower remained open, dense smoke in the damaged area discouraged all but four people from using it to escape.  In both towers, all but a handful of the occupants below the damaged areas were successfully evacuated in an amazingly short amount of time.

At this point the situation was relatively simple.  Someone had set out to murder a large number of people in a very spectacular way, and succeeded.  But the story didn't stop there and many more unique and wonderful human beings would die.

One by one all three World Trade Center buildings controlled by New York developer Larry Silverstein will suddenly and without warning fall to the ground, dropping straight down into great heaps of shattered concrete and steel, in a perfect image of the way buildings come down when professional demolition crews dynamite them to make room for new construction.  In the first two buildings, the twin towers, over four hundred rescue and fire-fighting personnel will die, condemned to death by their dedication to saving human life, and the pursuit of excellence in their time-honored professions.

Below is a Washington Post diagram that identifies the buildings in the World Trade Center complex and puts their locations in perspective.  In addition to the twin towers, the other building that will mysteriously "collapse" is the aging forty seven story, six hundred foot high office building on the other side of Vesey street, known generally as WTC Building Seven.

With the whole world watching, the South Tower (on the left) collapsed into a heap of rubble at approximately 10:00 a.m., only fifty-two minutes after being struck.  The North Tower followed suit only twenty-nine minutes later.  Neither building showed any sign of the type of structural damage that would indicate problems with the immense load-bearing core that held each structure up, or the floor support system either -- each of which would have been reflected by distortion of the outer skin or observable sagging of floor structure where the outer skin had been blown away.

Consequently the collapse of each tower came as a total surprise to everyone except New York Mayor Giuliani who stated that he received a warning ten minutes ahead of time with the news that the first tower was going to fall.  Since no modern steel framed building had ever collapsed before, from fire or any other form of accident, many people would like to know the source of that information and how it was calculated.

In the chaos that followed the fall of the twin towers, few people even noted the sudden collapse of Building Seven at 5:20 p.m.  It is virtually an accident that it was recorded on film.  It seemed almost unimportant at the time.

The rest of that day and night, and many more days to come, were spent in coping with what had become a monumental disaster.  Buildings directly below the towers had been smashed with tons of debris and were now on fire. Communications were poor. Tens of Thousands of people were missing, either inside damaged or destroyed buildings or wandering the streets, and it was hoped that fast rescue work at the site might save some of those buried there.  The city became a beehive of desperate activity while the rest of the world continue to watch and listen in numbed shock.

II.  The Mystery of Building Seven

At some point after the fall of the towers it was observed that the large skyscraper on the other side of Vesey street, Building Seven, had sustained a number of broken windows and minor fires had been started in several offices.

That situation was minor compared to areas closer to the twin towers and attracted minimal attention from the decimated Fire Department.  However, at some time around 5 p.m. a handful of firefighters were told to leave the building at once, and at 5:20 p.m. the huge structure suddenly dropped like a rock, falling straight down with astonishing neatness.  This was the final act in a drama that had been scripted and set in motion months and perhaps years before, and in the end it would be the weakest point in the entire story.

The ultimate strangeness of the "collapse" of Building Seven could not be ignored.  The building was huge, 600 feet tall with 47 floors, it occupied an entire city block.  The damage was minor and, if you disregard the twin towers themselves, it would be the largest structural failure in world history.  In live news coverage that day, CBS anchor Dan Rather remarked at how closely the building's fall resembled a commercial building demolition.

Indeed, the building fell downward as a single unit in less than seven seconds, which is essentially the speed of "free fall".  A collapse at this speed means that no part of the structure met any resistance on the way down  As one expert commented, it would require that every single support structure in the building would have to fail at the same moment.

In fact the collapse was spectacular, the kind of event that people would drive great distances to witness.  Yet in the midst of the day's horror it went almost unremarked.

You can watch or download three short film clips that show the collapse of Building Seven, scenes that were essentially captured by accident since no one was really interested in that particular building at the time.

They appear in different formats at various locations around the web.  All three are available as MPEG files at this site

Fire was suggested as the cause of Building Seven's demise.  Although such a thing had never happened to a steel framed building before, it seemed the only possibility if the "collapse" was to come from natural causes.  A fire on one of the service floors had been fed by diesel fuel leaking from a pipe that led to emergency generators.  It had burned without much energy for hours.  However there was no explosion in this area, and the argument would be a hard sell.  While it is assumed that the fires were caused by hot debris thrown from the collapsing North Tower, if the slowly emerging theory that the building was intentionally demolished proved to be true, then the fires may have been set deliberately to provide a token reason for what is about to happen.

Silverstein would benefit quickly and very substantially from the destruction of Building Seven.  Alex Jones (Prison Planet) would later report,

"In February of 2002 Silverstein Properties won $861 million from Industrial Risk Insurers to rebuild on the site of WTC 7.  Silverstein Properties' estimated investment in WTC 7 was $386 million. So: This building's collapse resulted in a profit of about $500 million!"

Oddly enough, this would be before any official determination was made about the cause of the building's "collapse" -- making one wonder about the good sense of the insurance company.  In fact, neither the Federal Government nor the State of New York seemed to have much interest in determining what happened to ANY of the buildings destroyed in connection with 9-11.

The Feds had quickly decided that FEMA would be the sole investigator of the buildings of 9-11, but Congress allocated no funding for the investigation.  FEMA, which is not an investigative body anyway, diverted $600,000 from its own budget, and assembled a group of volunteer engineers to create the WTC Building Performance Study.  In an all-to-familiar scenario, the engineers were never allowed to inspect the actual site of the Building Seven collapse, and were severely limited in their access to salvaged building materials, blueprints, etc.

In the end, even the government threw up its collective hands trying to find an acceptable reason for the Building Seven "collapse" that would make any sense.  The official report was released at the end of May, and concluded:
"The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse remain unknown..."

FEMA concluded the analysis by stating the obvious,

"Although the total diesel fuel on the premises contained massive potential energy, the best hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence.  Further research, investigation, and analyses are needed to resolve this issue."
However, the government's position on anything related to the tragedy was quickly solidifying into a stone wall: 9-11 in its entirety was an open and shut case - and no further research, investigation, or analyses was necessary.  By the end of May, every scrap of potential physical evidence has been seized and carted away, either to be destroyed outright, buried in a landfill, or in the case of structural steel -- shipped out of the country.

III.  Twisting In The Wind

The release of the FEMA report will leave building owner Larry Silverstein twisting in the wind.  After all, if the government has been unable to find a "natural" reason for Building Seven's fall, then the cause must be an un-natural one, ie. human action.

Lifted from the realm of fantasy surrounding the Arab terrorist scenario, the mystery of Building Seven becomes mundane.  The "collapse" looks like demolition, sounds like demolition, smells like demolition, and no other explanation could be found.  The classic rule, of course, is "follow the money" and all clues lead to Larry Silverstein himself.  Like a horse thief caught fair and square, Silverstein is suddenly facing a short drop with no share in the whiskey drinking afterward.  The list of potential criminal charges would be endless, and the questions raised about other things that happened that day could be disastrous.

To make matters worse, Silverstein has found himself suddenly naked in the midst of a rising tide of popular protest and skepticism, visible within the city itself.

Many New Yorkers have quickly realized that their tragedy is being abused by the Bush Administration as a propaganda tool to push the country into war against people who are innocent of any crime.  Protests are staged and posters go up as this group finds it's voice.

At the same time, an increasing skepticism about the entire 9-11 scenario is becoming evident both at home and abroad.  This includes not only the government's conspiracy theory about the supposed perpetrators, but a number of issues regarding the events themselves.

In retrospect this is not surprising.  It is difficult today to find any 9-11 "fact" offered by the Bush Administration that has the ability to withstand close scrutiny.  In general they show either basic flaws in reasoning, a complete lack of corroborating evidence, or the familiar syndrome in which one question simply leads to more questions that the government refuses to acknowledge, let alone answer.

The initial demands for better explanations are somewhat muted.  Many who have the credentials to speak out convincingly are reluctant to get involved in an unofficial non-academic forum.  Others are pragmatic.  Anyone capable of killing thousands of people for a propaganda stunt is certainly capable of killing a single person who gets in their way.  And as time goes on, incidents of administrative and police harassment of persons who speak out within their community will become common, essentially a sign of the times.

Nonetheless, voices are raised, and the internet will be the medium of choice.  Despite the best efforts of the massive U.S. television and newspaper propaganda machine, it does not take long for the whole nation to realize that serious questions are being raised.  Sadly, most Americans feel great discomfort in questioning the government's version of events and will avoid the topic as much as possible.  Yet, as the summer wears on it is becoming very clear that an increasingly vocal quest for truth is not about to go away.

The first anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center is only a few months away.  It is quite possible this event will energize the movement that is building on the internet.  The new poster-boy for the old adage that there is more than one way to make money in real estate is going to have to do something pretty decisive, and quickly, to save his own skin.

IV.  The Confession

Working at Ground Zero since a few weeks after the disaster, a production crew from the Great Projects Film Company has been filming the recovery and clean-up efforts for a PBS documentary.  To be titled "America Rebuilds", the focus is intended to cover both the challenges of the clean-up task and the initial stages of putting something new in place of the lost landmark.  In other words, it should not only be a filmed record, but is intended to show a positive and upbeat outcome as well.  New York Mayor Giuliani has intervened to get the crew virtually free run of the otherwise tightly restricted area.

Naturally, this team is interviewing key players in the 9-11 story, and it is this venue that Silverstein selects for a bombshell confession that will air on PBS on the 9-11 anniversary.  This medium will have a unique advantage since, unlike a press conference there will be no questions asked, and it can be presented as if it is just one more part of the story, not deserving any special attention.  Oddly enough, there is no indication that the Great Projects film crew realized they were in possession of the hottest news story of the year.

Silverstein admits that Building Seven was demolished by explosives, supposedly to save the lives of firefighters, a tactic one hopes will not find it's way to other communities.  He then adds a bizarre twist:  It was the firefighters themselves, and not Larry Silverstein, who blew up the building!  In describing an alleged conversation with the fire department commander, he refers to the demolition with the building industry jargon, "pull".  In other words, they agreed to "pull" the building.

Needless to say, when the brief interview finally airs it will provoke a firestorm on the internet.

I ran across it when Alex Jones obtained a copy of the video segment and posted it on his Prison Planet website.  You can listen to the audio below, but I feel it is worth while to view the video clip itself.  We live in an age of truly gifted con men, and you can decide if Larry deserves a reward for his performance.

The web page is - but it contains so much embedded content that it will be very difficult to load by users with slow connections.  This is a shame because in addition to a number of other video clips it contains a terrific photo of Building Seven taken only two hours before it fell, transcripts of radio transmissions from the South Tower, and so on.  You may prefer to simply download the video itself by "saving" the following link to your hard disk and clicking on it there. You can also click on the second link to view the photo.

WMV video file:
Photo of WTC-7 fires:

Unfortunately, the confession is so strangely (yet carefully) worded that it quickly sparks confusion instead of mass outrage.  People who are not in the construction industry are uncertain about the word "pull", and those who are desperate to defend the idea the building fell down by itself are quick to point out that Silverstein talks about the decision to pull the building, without actually saying that someone pushed the button.

The worst part of the story is the bizarre assertion that New York City fire crews routinely run around town with loads of explosives on their trucks, and that firefighters are expected to carry those explosives into burning buildings.  Not only that, but they are so good at it they can wire up a 47 story building in, what... 20 minutes?  An hour?

It is easy to think that Silverstein had simply gone crazy unless you remember his situation with the FEMA report.  He has GOT to deflect any negative reactions to the FEMA report's main implication.  But if he is crazy it is crazy like fox, because the basic absurdity of his fire department claim convinces many people that he couldn't possibly have meant what they are hearing.

Here is the actual quote from the video segment, which you can also hear below:

SILVERSTEIN:    I remember getting a call from the fire department commander - telling me that - they were not sure they were gonna be able (to) contain the fire. I said "you know we've had such terrible loss of life - maybe the smartest thing to do is - is pull it." Ahhh - and they made that decision to pull. (??) And we watched the building collapse.

Once the PBS film actually aired, Silverstein became permanently unavailable to discuss it.  Eventually, a rumor was circulated that he claimed he simply didn't mean what people thought he meant -- that he was discussing pulling the firefighters from the building, and simply letting it burn.  This seemed to me to be very unlikely for a man with almost 400 million dollars invested in the building.

My first thought on viewing the video clip was to wonder if there was more than one reason for the staged confession.  Was it possible that Silverstein was demonstrating to someone else that he could spill the beans about a lot more than Building Seven if he wasn't protected?  If so, he apparently got what he wanted.  The National Institute of Standards was soon drafted to produce a report on Building Seven to dispel the stories of controlled demolition.  The crux of the report was the classic line that we've all come to know and love, favorite of all public liars, "NIST has seen no evidence..."  This of course was embarrassingly true, all evidence was long gone.  An amazing diagram of what might have happened, but couldn't possibly happen all at the same time, was poignantly reminiscent of the CIA's wonderful cartoon detailing their brain-busting theory on what happened to TWA flight 800.

Alex Jones was so outraged at watching Silverstein slip out of the noose he put up another article detailing the frustration of it all, and pointing out that even the internal propaganda arm of the State Department was now defendingGone from the Web! the New York Developer.  If you enjoy catching "bald faced" liars in the act, check out the statement of "Silverstein Properties" on either of these pages, and see the claim that "the FEMA report concluded that the collapse of Seven World Trade Center was a direct result of fires triggered by debris from the collapse of WTC Tower 1".  Then scroll upward on this page and read again the actual statement from the FEMA report.

V.  The Truth

When I initially saw the video, I simply assumed that Silverstein meant what he said about the building being pulled.  After all, it had become logically impossible to see it any other way.  Of course the fire department claim was obviously absurd, and if city officials didn't deny it (and of course they kept silent) then many people might believe that claim as well, which would be a shame.  But with real bulldogs like Alex Jones on the trail, I was confident that this development would be pursued to the bitter end, and the "9-11 Truth Movement" would eventually triumph.

Once I became aware that controversy was developing over the meaning of what was said, the solution was obvious.  A few hours applying the tools of reversed speech would easily reveal the facts, at least enough to satisfy my own curiosity.  In the end it was not difficult at all to confirm that sneaky ol' Larry was telling the truth about the key part of the story: what actually happened to Building Seven.

Still, I had no desire to make myself a target, and the truth movement needed no encouragement to keep on digging.  I also was sure that others who use reversed speech would jump on the material and run with it sooner or later.  That didn't happen, but when the Easter nuke plot forced onto the Internet personal concerns had to be set aside.  Now there's no reason to continue sitting on several key stories that need to be told, although it takes a great deal of time and effort to prepare them for publication.

Reversed speech has been around for a while, and many people understand how it works.  For those new to the concept, it revolves around the discovery that unconscious processes in the mind are capable of speaking, just as your conscious mind is, but because they use a speech center in the opposite (right) brain hemisphere, the words that are produced come out backwards.  Many types of information flow through this channel, and one of the most interesting is a form of commentary on what is being said through the other speech center.  This form of information is rather like listening to a person's conscience, sometimes called the "observer", with associated memories thrown in as well.  It's about as close to the concept of mind-reading as we are likely to see in this lifetime.

The technique is simply to record a person's speech, and play the recording backward at about two thirds normal speed.  There are software tools that allow you to do this quite easily, although experience and good judgment are a part of the equation.  In the midst of the nonsensical garble are perfectly understandable words and phrases that can be isolated and provide a wealth of information to the RS researcher.  There are several thousand people out there who are working with reversed speech in one form or another, and virtually all of them are capable of reproducing the results you are about to hear.

The transforming effect of RS on human society will eventually be total.

Here is the audio from the Silverstein interview and the key reversal that confirms Building Seven was deliberately dynamited.

Owner of World Trade Center Towers
and WTC Building 7


TOPIC:    Destruction of Building Seven on 9-11


In this incredible sound clip Larry Silverstein, owner of the three buildings that collapsed on Sept. 11th, admits that Building Seven was brought down by explosives.  He then claims that it was the New York City Fire Department that dynamited the building, and not Silverstein himself.

Listen to the full sound segment, and then this key speech reversal:

   Forward phrase:   "Maybe the smartest thing to do is, is pull it."

   Reversed:    "SO WHITNEY SAW 'EM SHOOT IT"

This reversal certainly answers the big question, doesn't it?  It is crystal clear, that someone really pushed the button, or pulled the trigger, on WTC Building Seven.  Of course, if you want to believe that the New York City Fire Department did it, I would hold off until they actually admit it.  Just a hint: there are other reversals that strongly suggest the whole story of the telephone conversation is fundamentally wrong.

But what a gift this is!  Not only do we now know for sure what happened - we have a witness.  I'll let the fire-breathing conspiracy hunters of the Internet determine who Whitney is, and hopefully he or she will live long enough to be exposed and questioned.  Is Whitney a girl's name?  Is it Joe Whitney?  Obviously a personnel list for Silverstein Properties would be a good start.  On the other hand there are family members, and all sorts of official departments (Port Authority?  Mayor's Office?) that could be examined.

Whoever it is, it's just as likely that putting up "Who is Whitney?" posters in downtown Manhattan will more quickly produce someone who knows of this person.  Perhaps a signature on an invoice, someone mentioned in a press clipping, etc.


As we unravel the Great 9-11 hoax, I'm afraid that we are going to be collectively shocked at just how many people were involved in creating the plot, protecting it along the way, making it happen, benefiting from it financially of course, and maintaining the cover-up afterward.  You may be thinking a hundred or so, but I suspect the real number is in the thousands.  And remember, they've been laughing at us all this time.

Job 15 : 5-6

Your sin prompts your mouth;
    you adopt the tongue of the crafty.
Your own mouth condemns you, not mine;
    your own lips testify against you.
            - (New International Bible)

IV.  Pushing The Button

It is much more comfortable to be using RS to confirm something for which there is already plenty of evidence, than it was in an earlier report to expose something that no one wanted to believe.  In a mystery like the great 9-11 Hoax, with so many thousands of possibilities to be examined, there is a huge benefit in knowing at least one thing for certain.  Now that we know someone really did push the big red button that brought Building Seven down, it narrows the search considerably.  Those who have been working with 9-11 for a long time will certainly be better at this than I, but here is the obvious thought, beyond just finding the luckless Whitney.

Since we know that one of the Silverstein-controlled buildings was brought down by explosives, what are the odds that the other buildings were also brought down that way?  Let me save you trouble of computing the odds.  They are 100%.  Follow along as we work this out in a rather relaxed, blue-sky way.

There's not much chance that Silverstein had the building wired up with no particular date in mind for Pushing The Button.  Unless you want to think Larry was just going to drop his building on the sidewalk in the middle of an ordinary work day, with no permits or anything, we have to accept that the demolition was always intended to take place in the midst of the attack, when it could be blamed on Arab madmen.

It takes time to get an occupied building wired for demolition, especially if you must do it in total secrecy.  It takes time to find the experts who can do it.  It takes time to get them there, and if they are good you probably need to book them well in advance if you have a specific date in mind. The results show it was a very professional job.  It had to be done by an experienced outfit, AND a firm willing to do the job in total secrecy, without any concern for permits or paperwork, and keep their mouths shut afterward.  Sure sounds like out-of-town help to me.

So let's say that at a minimum, that wily old Osama bin Laden, bent on Jihad, had to call up Larry Silverstein several months in advance - to tell his favorite Jewish real estate developer how to make a fast 500 million or so if he could move quickly.

Starting from scratch, with Osama's lucky phone call, Larry had to locate the out-of-town firm, convince them to take the job, get contracts signed, transfer money, and so on.  Travel and housing arrangements have to be made.  Equipment has to be transported. And what about the explosives?  I assume that U.S. companies are required to keep pretty tight inventory controls on powerful explosives, and I'm not sure they even keep much around the office.  There's a remote chance, although pretty slim considering who they work for, that the FBI would review everyone's inventory after the attack.  So I would suspect that the actual explosives would have to be brought in from outside the country, probably trucked in from Mexico.

Who was the contractor?  Well, does anyone remember the report of a bunch of Israeli nationals pulled in by the police after they were seen dancing on top of their truck while viewing the destruction going on down town?  And how "bomb-sniffing dogs" found the truck pretty exciting?  And how Osama bin Laden managed to call the police and get the men released and hastily sent out of the country?  Sure sounds like Larry's boys to me.  That must have been a sweaty moment!  Could be just a coincidence, of course.   See Links:  (1)  (2)  (3)  (4) Gone from the Web! .

How certain was the date?  Well I don't think you would let a building loaded with live explosives sit around very long.  A chance discovery, a freak accident, who knows what could go wrong?  It would have to be Monday or Tuesday for sure and it had to be really solid, too.  Can you imagine having to take all that stuff OUT of the building if the attack didn't come off as planned?

Thinking about it, I would say the date was probably exact.  If you had both Monday and Tuesday to choose from, which one would wily old Osama choose?  Would he vote for a century of memorial services remembering the tragedy of 9-10 (sounds like tick-tock), or would he jump at the chance of making it a number all Americans had already memorized and associated with trouble?  No question about it, ol' Osama picked Tuesday and it was a solid lock.  So, one day holding your breath while people wander around in your wired up building, and then bang.

So now we have Larry Silverstein sitting in his office Tuesday morning, biting his fingernails and waiting for the airplanes.  How will he decide when would be good time to tell the demolition boss to push the button?  Perhaps the shock of the airplanes striking the towers could be said to send vibrations through the ground... But that would be too soon.  To give a true slime-ball credit where it is due, Silverstein at least made sure that everyone (as far as we know) was out of the building before it was blown up.  This couldn't begin until after the planes hit, and would naturally take several hours if not more.

How is Larry going to determine a good time to blow the building?  By this, I mean a time when the collapse of a 47 story skyscraper, without a scratch on it, will go virtually unnoticed.  When the fire department begins putting out the fires?  Obviously, there would never be a time in which the fall of Building Seven would go unremarked, unless the twin towers violated all the rules incorporated into their design and collapsed first.  It's the only conceivable situation in which the demolition of Building Seven could be accomplished without a near certainty of going to jail.

So Osama had to tell Larry not only the date of the attack, but in order to assure Larry that he could actually push the big red button and get away with a 500 million dollar insurance fraud, he had to guarantee that the World Trade Center Towers would actually fall.  Otherwise it simply wouldn't have worked.

I can think of only one way to guarantee the towers would fall, and that would involve massive amounts of explosives.  Still I have to confess it would be huge job, taking large crews a lot of time to set it up.  It would take world-class expertise and tons of computing power just to figure out how to do it.  And I simply can't imagine how forty or fifty Jihad-crazed Arabs could get into the WTC towers in the first place.  Unless, of course, the owner let them in.

Ken Welch

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