Apollo 11's "Eagle" Crew Module Returns From The Lunar Surface...   EMPTY


Our first report on the Apollo 11 mission proved beyond any doubt that the films and photos from the lunar surface were faked.  I would say poor quality films, but you must remember that in the late sixties film makers didn’t have all that much to work with.  On the other hand, the still photos depicting astronauts on the Moon were superb.  Absolutely top professional quality.  Unfortunately, as our report demonstrated, all were produced in NASA’s lunar film stage before the Apollo mission launched.

But why?

All I could think of was that they might have been insurance against something going wrong, and in the end something actually did go wrong.  If that was what happened, then the actual problem had been covered up really well.  Of course, all the Apollo films and images look about the same – at least to my untrained eye.  Could it be that we still don’t know what a film taken from the real lunar surface looks like?

When I used reversed speech to go below the surface of Apollo 11’s homecoming press conference, I worked with those segments of audio in which the films and photos themselves were specifically mentioned.  This saved a huge amount of time because serious RS is a slow process.  It worked, but to find out more about the mission, what might have gone wrong, or some other reason why faked imagery was used, I’d have to go back to that press conference again and start from the very beginning. 

I.  A Terrible Secret
In my first serious look at Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin I had been struck with the unusually high degree of dark and angry emotions that were showing up in their reversed speech.  No, they weren’t happy about the fake films.  But I felt there had to be something much bigger behind such a high level of emotional distress.

The very first minute of Armstrong’s presentation seemed to confirm my suspicion when he unconsciously admits that Apollo 11 is hiding A LIE THAT’S TERRIBLE.

Adolf Hitler wrote that the Big Lie was the secret weapon of Fascism; a lie so big, hiding something so terrible, that decent people simply can’t bring themselves to question it.  But that was then, and we are now on the cusp of a new age that is rolling in with increasing speed.  The bigger the lies, the easier it will be for reversed speech to discover them.

II.  Lunar Module Sent Down Empty

And in fact it WAS easy.  Asking others associated with our project to keep an ear on Washington and London for me, I began taking the press conference apart, piece by piece.  Soon I reached the point where Buzz Aldrin described preparing the Lunar Module to descend to the Moon’s surface, and found a segment of deepest mental anguish.  This is the point at which Apollo 11’s Big Lie begins.

Up to this point it is Astronaut Michael Collins who has done most of the work, piloting the Columbia command module (with LEM attached) from the Earth to an orbit around the moon.  Now is Aldrin’s big moment.  Everything he has trained so hard for.  He is the Lunar Module pilot and is responsible for putting himself and the mission commander on the Moon’s surface and getting them safely off again.  It's Aldrin's time to shine.

Why is he telling us so strongly that his story is a lie?

As you can hear, Buzz Aldrin did NOT prepare the LEM in the way that he is telling his audience at the Houston press conference.  Worse yet, as the audience watches the Lunar Module drop away and begin its beautiful descent toward the surface, Aldrin is telling us that he and Neil Armstrong STAYED BEHIND.

It appears that from this point until the Lunar Module returns (or they claim it does), Armstrong and Aldrin will hide out in the command module while a pre-scripted pre-filmed fantasy is fed to the people of planet Earth.

Hiding out.  Being STEALTHY.  What a hideous, soul-shrinking experience that must have been.  And then to be welcomed home as heroes!  No wonder the unbearable weight of it all virtually destroyed their lives.

There is another fact here that is perhaps more important than the discovery that the Lunar Module was sent down empty.  That is the fact that it was HOUSTON POLICY that the two men would not ride down to the surface.  That means that nothing went wrong.  There was no crisis or accident that caused the mission to be aborted.  It was planned this way from the beginning.  Later, you’ll see an interesting logical confirmation of this as well.

III.  No Heroes On The Moon Means No Moonwalk

I’m not sure of the technical tricks that were involved in beaming the pre-recorded moonwalk imagery to Earth.  In the press conference, during the period in which Armstrong seems to be taking much too much time explaining the delay that occurred after the Lunar Module actually touched down, there are RS references to TAPES and an issue with a DISH (on Earth) that imply there was a problem getting the various parts of the hoax to work together as planned.  Whatever it was, it took an extra hour to fix it.

I think that an Earth station sent the video to the Columbia command module, where Armstrong and Aldrin added in their own voices and beamed the combined signal back to Earth.  This seems awfully tricky, though, and if anyone wants to take another look at the “original” transmitted video with all this in mind, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they conclude that the moonwalk audio was also pre-recorded.

At the press conference Armstrong is speaking as the projected film shifts to the moonwalk scenes.  The microphone is given back to Buzz Aldrin again as a key highlight comes on screen; the planting of the flag.  Aldrin has already informed us the men did not go down to the surface.  What will his reversed speech tell us about the moonwalk events that have the audience’s rapt attention?

Well, there goes the flag-planting story!

And all that stuff about how strange it is to walk around in one-sixth gravity.

HE DIDN’T DO IT - NONE OF IT, is one of the strongest statements I’ve run across in reversed speech.  Especially the part about NONE OF IT.

IV.  Reviewing The Arguments

With this in mind, we should review the current thinking about what proof is offered that the Apollo 11 astronauts actually landed on the Moon.  The best place to do this would be one or more of the Internet forums where people have been arguing about the Apollo program since forums were called bulletin board systems or BBSs.

The Pentagon has spent billions (most of it unaccounted for) on “information” programs to influence or control public perception.  (See  1 2) The bulk of that money is spent right here in the U.S.  Our captive media will tell you this can’t be true because it would be illegal!  Nonetheless, beyond paying hundreds of editors and journalists to provide the right spin (CIA ran this originally), uncounted millions are also spent on flooding the Internet with bizarre nonsense.  Millions more are spent to prevent or control dangerous discussion on Internet forums.

Creepy as it sounds, all the major forums are loaded with paid agents waiting to pounce on any thread that advances a forbidden topic, and parrot the official story line.  We surveyed several forums where Apollo topics were active (our favorite is Above Top Secret), to find out what the current government line includes regarding proof of the Apollo 11 mission’s success.  It reduces down to just four points.

1) There are all those films and photographs, and only crazy people question them.
2) Various parts of the official story agree with and support other parts of the official story, making it all seem true and very reasonable.
3) The astronauts brought back Moon Rocks.
4) The astronauts left a radar reflector on the surface, and various observatories still bounce signals from it.

Photo of Moonrocks
Our previous report covered the films and photographs.  It’s true that the official Apollo 11 story is well constructed and seems to have good explanations for the most commonly questioned points.  But that just means the story was well thought out.  Moonrocks, though, are an interesting subject.  About all I know about Moonrocks is that whenever I’ve seen a story about them, “scientists” seem to be saying that Moonrocks are pretty much the same as Earthrocks!  Now that’s awfully convenient.  Since no astronauts were on the lunar surface collecting them, the odds that Apollo 11’s Moonrocks are not genuine are pretty good.

However, it doesn’t really matter.  The fully automated Lunar Module, free of the weight of two astronauts, could easily carry extra gear; perhaps even a spring-loaded flag-launcher to toss out a souvenir for future explorers.  Or perhaps a robotic arm to scoop up some samples.  The Russian automated lander, LUNA 15, was at the Moon at the same time, and was built to do exactly that.

If we can't count on the Moonrocks, then the famous laser reflector left at the landing site is about all that’s left to “prove” the authenticity of the Apollo 11 story.  Aldrin told us that no one went down in the Lunar Module because that was NASA policy.  That means that the LEM would certainly have been loaded beforehand with anything necessary to carry out the official program without human assistance.  That would have to include some way of getting the laser reflector out of the LEM’s basement storage and positioned for use.  Perhaps running this operation by remote control gave Armstrong and Aldrin something to do while they were in “stealth” mode aboard the orbiting command module.

V.  Armstrong Confirms The Deception

In spite of the fact that I find Aldrin's confession that the astronauts stayed behind completely convincing, I always like to find more reversed speech that confirms any really startling discovery.  If possible, I'd like that confirmation to come from another person.  I actually combed through the entire press conference twice before I found it.

In revisiting that segment in which Armonstrong was trying so valiantly to cover up the delay in getting out of the Lunar Module (eg., they had to clean up all the food wrappers), I found a short reversal that firmly establishes the physical relationship between the astronauts up above, and the Lunar module down below.

VI.  The Third Man

One man aboard Apollo 11 did his job just as it was described, and with the skill and professionalism that we would expect of an American astronaut.  That man was Michael Collins, who piloted Apollo 11 to the Moon and back, and made it look easy.  Although he was certainly a party to the deception his only role in it was to keep silent, which of course he was ordered to do.  As far as I am concerned he is the only one who deserves to be shown in full astronaut “uniform.”

Collins has aged when we see him at the Houston press conference.  A man of few words, he gives the impression that he really doesn’t have much that he wants to say about the Apollo 11 mission.  Reversed speech reveals that he thinks of Apollo 11 as a failure.

His view that he and the others are simply professionals doing their jobs may have been of some comfort, but there is always that special question that seems to haunt affairs like this one.  Can professionalism and duty truly replace honor?

I examined Collins’ speech very closely, looking for any indication that the Lunar Module did not actually make it back up for the rendezvous with Columbia.  I found nothing indicating a failure of that sort.  So, although Collins didn’t speak for very long, I assume that his description of the LEM's return was accurate.

Collins mentions that he is aware of how angry Armstrong and Aldrin are.  In fact, words of anger and anguish occurred repeatedly in the reversed speech of both men.  Armstrong, as you heard in first report, was sick of all the lying going on at NASA.  And he would have to wear the title of First Man On The Moon for the rest of his life – a title that he knew he’d done nothing to earn except hide in the cabin of the command module while the faked videos played.  Aldrin, on the other hand, seemed to accept the Apollo 11 hoax more pragmatically.  If that’s what NASA wanted, then that’s what NASA would get.

But I think the deepest anger for both men began with the safe return of the Lunar Module.  Each had agreed not to go down, probably when they were first selected for the mission.  But this was certainly the moment when they truly realized they could have gone down and returned, quickly, easily and safely – in spite of the mysterious HOUSTON POLICY that barred them from doing so.

As Michael Collins told us, “HELL, WE DO OUR JOB.”

VII.  Conclusion

For the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing we were treated to a new “discovery” – the text of a brief announcement supposedly prepared by Richard Nixon, that he would make if Aldrin and Armstrong died in the descent from lunar orbit, or were unable to get off the lunar surface.  It was very touching.

Was the Nixon White House so far “out of the loop” that they didn’t know the fix was in?  I don’t think so.  Today’s Puppet White House, certainly.  Back then, with an ultimate micro-manager in charge, no way.  The Nixon text is just another hoax.  A new lie in a long string of lies that go back before many of us were even born.

The real issue for all Americans today, and perhaps everyone on planet Earth, is the question of what else NASA is lying about.  Why did NASA have a prohibition against putting humans on the Moon?  When did it go into effect?  Is it still in effect?  Is there a similar prohibition about sending men to Mars?

On this site we have two reports examining more recent NASA missions that encountered non-terrestrial spacecraft during the course of their flights. Those reports, working with radio transmissions, were pretty difficult to do.  This report, on the other hand, uses material that was easy to find, easy to work with, and rich in information.  Needless to say, Apollo 11 was not the first Apollo mission to go to the moon, nor the last to claim a landing there.  All these missions had press conferences.  Anyone with good reversed speech skills could have a wonderful time exposing NASA’s deepest and darkest secrets...

Ken Welch

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