You Really CAN Fight Back

I know it seems like there is nothing you can do to fight the overwhelming corruption we see in western governments today.  After all, they don’t call it the New World Order for nothing.  It’s huge, it has unlimited resources, and it rigidly controls the media AND the majority of on-line conversation.  Yet they are still deathly afraid of YOU.

No, you don’t want to attend meetings, go to protests, get your picture taken, or meet any trigger-happy cops. Instead, you can fight back from the privacy of your own home, in perfect safety. Here are three easy ways:


(1) Prepare For Change

A person who is prepared for crisis can become a force for good at the right time and place.  I can tell you that we are in a time of vast world-wide transformation. Regardless of what your hear, absolutely nothing will EVER be the same. The bad guys are counting on you being helpless and therefore easily manipulated.  For now, I suggest stockpiling food and making any other preparations that would allow you to stay in your home and avoid contact with other people.  This is “prepping” but it’s all about self-sufficiency and keeping your head down. And yes, the electricity will stay on.  I’ve prepared a briefing for our supporters (mentioned at the bottom of the page) that includes more detail on what I perceive as the main threats we face today.

(2) Spread The Word About K-W.Com

This is more important than it seems.  We cannot attract new visitors unless people are mentioning us on the web.  Without new visitors, the truth about our engineered reality cannot get out.

Pick out a report that impressed talk about it on-line.  Email, tweet, post, whatever you can think of.  Be sure to always include the URL or web-address.  Even better, any place you can add a comment or join in a forum discussion, mention the report and include the URL.  Don’t get in a shouting match.  Just say that you found the report really interesting, or informative.  Then, a week or so later, pick another report and do the same thing.  This works like ripples spreading on a pond and can reach thousands of people.

Finally, make sure you are on our notification list.  In the past we have sent out alerts that had actual impact in Washington because people forwarded the e-mails in an expanding chain reaction.  You want to be able to do that, too.  Those who would be our masters, as strong as they seem right now, are like vampires that cannot survive the light.  Do your part to shine the brightest light you can, and their downfall will come all the sooner.

(3) Donate To Ken-Welch.ComTo Get Our Project Up And Running Again

We will be putting some advertising on the site to create a small fund to pay the basic website bills if something should happen to me. There is a lot of history on the site which really should not be allowed to disappear

But we also need to restart our reversed speech analysis of current affairs. This takes man-hours, and right now that requires funding. The war chest is empty.  If you want to see this project take off again; and want a better grasp of what’s happening right now, then please use the PayPal button below to throw something in the kitty.  The amount is up to you.  Whatever you feel it is worth to know what is really going on.  Do it now, while you are thinking about it, and I guarantee we will be grateful at this end. In fact, I’ll even send you a thank-you note. (You’ll also be notified first of new information that we uncover.)

Paypal will give you the opportunity to set up a donation that repeats automatically each month.  If you do, please make sure it is not a burden.  My intention is to create a section containing information only available to members.  Any sort of recurring donation will make you automatically eligible.


When you return from PayPal, I have prepared an extensive briefing for you.  You will probably be stunned when you realize what we are all facing.  You will surely be the only person you know who actually understands what is happening. And you know the Latin proverb, “Forewarned is Forearmed.” As Cervantes pointed out, “to be prepared is half the battle.”

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