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From current NEIN website

U.S. Domestic Propaganda From Beginning To End

BUSTED: Douglas J. Hagmann and
Northeast Intelligence Network

Al Qaeda terrorist training camps in Georgia?  Jihad crazed Muslims preparing to shoot up your local shopping mall?  Why the government is hiding the obvious al Qaeda connections of the guy who robbed three gas stations in Oklahoma?  All this and more is available from the often comical Northeast Intelligence Network created by Douglas J. Hagmann - or someone using that name.  In this report we will listen to Hagmann as he broadcasts a terror alert that he knows is false, and get a brief glimpse of who the U.S. intelligence community believes were the real planners behind 9/11.  You can have three guesses but none of them should be foreign.

I.  Premier Disinformation Source on the Web

Northeast Intelligence Network is the premier government disinformation source on the web.  The site claims over 30 million visitors this year alone, and its amazing production levels indicate a substantial budget drawn from deep pockets.  It is always current on any news topic that can be used to spread fear.  In fact, if you want to know what the monolithic U.S. propaganda machine will be doing next week on CNN, Fox, New York Times, et al, Hagmann is so close to the source he will be telling you about it today.

The main purpose of the website is to spread fear.  It attempts to disguise its actual sponsor by including a running criticism of the Bush administration for not doing enough to root out that crazed radical who lives on your very own street.  Being critical, which the Bushies don't mind at all, lets you assume they are independent while in fact the actual message simply reinforces the party line.

Intelligence agents in the field of psychological operations share a common trait with many other shady businesses.  They all believe their customers are fools.  Conversely they are so impressed with their own cleverness that they can't resist leaving little clues which they believe the public is too dumb to decipher, but will be quickly recognized by other professionals - somewhat like showing off to others in the trade.  The site makes no bones about who it belongs to.  Despite a small denial it is, after all, www homeland security us, and in an incarnation that includes audio, "homeland security's blog".

NEIN (German for "No") sports an unusual logo.  Supposedly made of 9-11 airplane wings that look a lot more like boomerangs returning to their source, it is actually a tilted cross.  It has four elements, and the fourth element is red.  It is a symbolic representation of the swastika and hints at the newly emerging Fourth Reich, the behind the scenes objective that has guided U.S. national affairs for several decades.  Branching into very professional web audio (podcasts), the group has created the "Enigma Network", named for the advanced Nazi code machine that was the focus of such intense intelligence operations in World War II that it has been featured in countless films.

The site has always seemed such an obvious nest of snakes that I have simply ignored it over the years as a news source.  But correspondence from people interested in "terror" events on U.S. soil let me know that others were taking it seriously.  I also noted recently that a number of imaginative scare stories showing up in my e-mail, often via multiple lists, could be tracked back to Hagmann and NEIN as the original source.  One of those stories, that Iran was planning a nuclear event on August 22 as some kind of "slap" at America, was so farfetched that I determined to put Hagmann under reversed speech surveillance.  Happily enough, NEIN's podcasts were archived, and I could simply go back to the origination point of that specific story for my starting point.

II.  Fast Turnaround

The Iran - August 22nd Nuke hoax should be viewed in context.  The objective of 9-11, beyond launching America into acceptance of the Nazi public mindset of permanent war against enemy sub-humans, was to establish the foundation for a long term plan to invade the Middle East.  Destroying existing governments and seizing oil reserves and pipeline routes with taxpayer money would assure ample fuel for the new Nazi war machine and greatly benefit the sponsoring corporations.  A false-flag nuke would be used to justify a nuclear attack on Iran (from orbit), the only feasible way to complete the acquisition.

All this collapsed on August 3rd, the target date for nuclear Armageddon, when China established the principle of mutually assured destruction for Tel-Aviv only hours before the Gambit false-flag nuke was to trigger the main event.  In the sudden vacuum the massive U.S. propaganda machine was caught flat-footed.  A year-long demonization of Iran had reached it's climax, claiming that Iran and Syria were responsible for the barbaric deaths of what could be thousands of innocent civilians in Lebanon, instead of the Israel-UK-US axis.  The purpose for this had evaporated overnight.

An immediate return to the mainstay focus on invisible terrorists under every bed was the only practical solution, particularly since the failed Bush administration would be in desperate need of propping up without a new war to ride on.  But time would be required to reposition the broadcast networks and print media.  The UK leapt into the gap with the still implausible liquid bomb plot which took everyone's focus off the debacle in Lebanon.  This gave time for the basic shift, led a week later by CNN running for almost 48 hours without the word Terror ever leaving the screen, except for commercial breaks and weather forecasts.  Only four days after the failure in the Middle East, Douglas Hagmann and the Northeast Intelligence Network helped to initiate the transition on the web on August 7th with the Iran nuke story, shifting the focus of fear from the Middle East back to U.S. shores.

Israel would have the task of carrying on with the death-to-Iran propaganda for a few more weeks, lest the world remark at its sudden disappearance altogher.  You will recall the piece about how poor, unsupported Israel might just have to attack Iran all by themselves.

III.  The August 22nd Hoax

As it came to me in various e-mails, the story insisted that August 22nd was an important date in the Arab calendar, as well as the date that Iran had promised a reply to demands that it cease it's nuclear development program.  For reasons that were never very clear, Iran would use this date to do something scary with a nuke.  Apparently they had so many that one could be thrown away just to make a point.  Of course knowledgeable sources had long held that Iran was ten years away from actually being able to produce a bomb, so the new line was that they already had some that had been purchased elsewhere.

Perhaps this is a subtle acknowledgment that Iran is now under a nuclear umbrella provided by China, and can be used in the future to explain a new civility in the Middle East.  Nevertheless, the objective of the story was to remind Americans that they should not abandon their fears.  CNN, once they were back on course, ran a major review of "port security" just so everyone could remember how a nuke might get here.

In the following sound clip you will hear Hagmann introduce the story.  I should point out that he is not the only channel for it.  All these things come from some central office and are distributed to the many agents who will put them in play.  Hagmann is simply the most prominent.  As you will learn, he knows the story is false; consequently he will carefully avoid taking personal responsibility for it.  Like virtually all modern disinformation pushers, the stories are always attributed to unnamed "intelligence sources", men who've apparently forgotten that secrecy is the foundation of their trade and have some desperate urge to communicate directly to the public.

Of course, by definition intelligence officers engaged in speaking to the public are actually working in that portion of their trade referred to as psychological operations, or PSYOPS.  That the American public is the primary target of U.S. PSYOPS activities has been obvious for years.



Douglas J. Hagmann
Northeast Intelligence Network (NEIN)

"Homeland Security Weekly" Broadcast

DATE:    August 7, 2006
TOPIC:    Terrorist Threats

Speech Reversals Found:

Active Terrorist cells in many U.S. cities...

Iran to set off nuclear device August 22..


Speech reversals are a natural phenomena produced by a variety of unconscious mental processes.  They are found simply by slowing down normal speech and playing it backwards.  Originally done with modified tape recorders, today's RS benefits from sound processing programs that allow snippets of reversed speech to be isolated and played on their own.


There are two basic issues that arise from spreading a story that is known in advance to be false.  First, of course, is basic credibility.  If Hagmann will spread fear even when he knows the basis is false, then it is certainly not possible to place trust in anything he says.  Since this was a random check, one must assume that he may do this quite often.  I would avoid trying to excuse this if, for some reason, you think Hagmann is one of the "good guys".  If he is knowingly spreading false stories, it is not because he wishes you well - it is because he is doing what he is told to do, by the people who are paying him to do it.

The second issue is actually a question.  How does Hagmann know the story is false?  Some sort of crystal ball?  The only possible answer is that he is so close to the people who make these things up that he was either present when it was concocted or has received a briefing to that effect.  This pretty much gives you a good idea of who he really is.

Since I now classify Hagmann as a known intelligence agent, I've decided that continued surveillance with RS has potential value.  Granted, these people are lied to just as much as the rest of us, although they wouldn't want to admit it.  However, having "a source in the intelligence community" is now often perceived as a guarantee of truth rather than an obvious tip-off of skullduggery.  So, if you see me write, "according to my sources in the intelligence community..." you'll know what's going on.

V.  An Unexpected Bonus

True secrets are jealously guarded.  Although many more people than you might otherwise expect knew of the plans to nuke Iran (enough to send oil prices sky high and then cause them to plummet when the plan failed), much of 9-11 remains a mystery.  Of course Hagmann will tell you that it was all the work of Arab extremists.  He can't go a day without reminding everyone that the same Jihad-crazed Arabs that attacked America on 9-11 are also planning to get you too.

Does he believe it?  Not for a minute!

But what agency had the immense planning and execution skills to bring it all off?

In the sound clip below you will learn that in intelligence circles the word is finally leaking out.  No it's not Arabs, which was absurd to begin with.  Nor is it Mossad, a red herring but a more reasonable choice if you ignore all the layers of military and government bureaucracy that were manipulated to produce 9-11.

In fact it is an organization I'd never heard of.  Hagmann calls them NIMMERS.



Douglas J. Hagmann
Northeast Intelligence Network (NEIN)

"Homeland Security Weekly" Broadcast

DATE:    August 7, 2006
TOPIC:    9-11 Attacks

    Speech Reversals Found:

    Global Jihad against Israel and U.S. boosted by 9-11 Attacks...

            ALL LOGAN
            NAKED EYES

            THE NEWS GETS OUT
            THE NIMMERS DID IT


We've had a request out for information on Nimmers or NIM-ers for some time.  There appears to be only one organization that fits the bill and we know virtually nothing about them.  Some people feel this group might very well be capable of the complex planning and coordination, and the ability to draw together an immense range of skills and manpower to make 9-11 happen - all in the greatest secrecy.

Who are they?  The only outfit that is commonly referred to as NIM'ers is Navy Intelligence Management, an elusive group that seems hard to pin down.  It didn't even sound right.  One naturally imagines stuffy bureaucrats charged with routing classified documents to the correct users.  But not so.  Navy veterans report that this is the highest level of Naval Intelligence, people who can make big things happen and are in some cases the object of fear.

However, I don't know much about the Navy, a situation shared by many.  It is said that Navy Intelligence is more secret, and more capable, than the other services.  You virtually never hear about them, which is about as secret as you can get.  There was at least one hint that Naval Intelligence had a role in the 1963 coup.  One or more never-identified uniformed Navy officers were involved in the deception related to the transport of President Kennedy's body prior to the autopsy... 

Like most reversed speech intelligence, the information simply provides a guidepost for more traditional forms of investigation, and I'll leave that to others.  If you have information about NIM that you think might be useful, send it in and I'll see if I can make it available to those who can use it.

The real point of this material is revealed in the speech reversal: That the U.S. "intelligence community" knows full well that the popular fairytale of 9-11 is a myth, Al Quaeda, Jihad and all.  And those without sufficient access are still speculating on which agency actually carried the ball.

Ken Welch

This Is Our Original Report

I’ve added some screen shots from the current NEIN website, just to show that after all these years Hagmann is still pumping out the same absurd drivel.  Apparently it pays well.  They are shooting for a new image, though, by renaming their enterprise.  In future it will be called the Hagmann & Hagmann report, though it will be just as bad.  I’ve sometimes wondered if the operator’s alias, Hagmann, has any relation to the old term, hag-ridden.  I wouldn’t put it past them.

A sister operation, “Laura Mansfield” had become the primary outlet for the multitude of Al Qaeda and Jihadi films produced at U.S. Central Command’s Florida production studio.  I was going to go after them as well, but “Laura” wasn’t doing much on-the-air speaking.  Supposedly, she was a suburban housewife who had this magical knack of finding “jihadi” websites and copying their videos.  A current biography – or perhaps I should say legend – is far more impressive, and just as bogus as it always was.

In 2006 it was painfully obvious that the site was a U.S. propaganda mill, though more up-scale than others (Steve Quayle a good example), but I thought I would go ahead and prove it with Reversed Speech.  That took only a few minutes, and I thought I had a quick report already wrapped up.  Yet their remained a golden treasure in the next few sentences.



Navy Intelligence Management, otherwise known as the NIMMERS, had done a great job hiding their role as the agency behind the destruction of the World Trade Center, our U.S. version of Hitler’s Reichstag Fire. Yet you can’t keep information like that compartmentalized forever. By the time I did the R/S on Hagmann, the whole “intelligence commmunity” (which includes Hagmann of course) had the story.

I and the R/S team would run across NIMMERS many times in the future, even giving instructions to heads of state, as horrifying events were planned and coordinated. It was this report that alerted us to their presence as invisible controllers on the world stage.