By now, everybody on the web knows about the B-52 BOMBER INCIDENT at Barksdale AFB, near Shreveport.  On August 30th, Nuclear warheads were mysteriously removed from storage at Minot AFB in North Dakota, illegally mounted on cruise missiles, and just as illegally attached to the firing points on the wings of a B-52 bomber.  All of this was in total violation of nuclear weapons security regulations that are carved in stone.  The bomber crew then flew to Barksdale where someone finally realized that something was terribly wrong, and the scheme fell apart.  The airplane was instantly grounded and sat on the tarmac for ten hours before the entire incident was swept from view.

Naturally, the Pentagon was informed immediately. 

What happened next?  Absolutely nothing.

It is only due to the dedication and honor of three members of the United States Air Force that we know anything at all about the worst breach of nuclear weapons security in our nation's history.  These men soon contacted the Military Times which, after verifying their credentials, published the story on September 5th.  It was immediately picked up by wire services and appeared on the Internet right away.

I.  Total Whitewash of Bomber and Nuclear Missile Hijacking

Air Force says this man was
in charge of nuclear missiles.

It was reported briefly by virtually all media channels but, despite its incredible significance, the Fantasy News Networks have remained in silent lockstep; offering only the Defense Department's bizarre cover story and reading the follow-on press releases word for word.  If anything could ever convince Americans to turn off their television sets, this should have been it.

According to Big Brother, the incident was simply a screw up on the part of an exceptionally dimwitted ground crew tasked with loading the airplane.  This is like saying that a massive bank robbery was merely a case of bank tellers not following their instructions on how to count out cash to customers.  The bank is saying, "What Robbery?  It's impossible to rob our bank!"

Oil money has taken an amazing toll on IQs at the Defense Department!  What they've really been saying all along is that, since the loot was eventually recovered, there was no robbery in the first place.

Who authorized the removal of the nukes from storage?

Who authorized their mounting on a weapons platform, rather than the normal method for transporting nuclear weapons?  Who sent the bomber to Barksdale?  Who was supposed to meet the bomber there, and what were their orders?

If we lived in a world of real news instead of imaginary hokum, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CNN would have been competing in a journalistic feeding frenzy!  But, no!  Not a word.  Locked into their role as the midwives for the final betrayal of America, they can only remain silent on one of the most significant stories since the Manhattan Project.

There's a rumor that the access code used to remove the Nukes from storage belonged to Vice President Cheney.  We'll never know. It's one of those "anonymous phone call" things.  However, one thing is known for sure.  It is impossible to arm and fire one of these missiles on your own.  An ultra-secure communications device within each B-52 bomber must first log in to a secure military network, identify itself, and get permission to use the weapon.  That permission can only come from the "National Command Authority".  At the present time that means the White House.

Of course the Internet was immediately flooded with a mix of wild speculation and obvious disinformation.  Best example (and a classic): Bush did it, wants to nuke U.S. cities, but brave patriotic generals will arrest him soon.  In other words, after telling you what you really wanted to hear all along, they also tell you to go back to sleep.

But the missiles were NOT intended for American cities as the wildest stories would have you believe.  If they were, I would have told you about it weeks in advance.  As you've seen in our latest reports, the new 9-11 is not nuclear.  And they certainly weren't intended for Iran.  All weapons assigned to the Iran invasion are already in the hands of the military; positioned, targeted, and fully accounted for.

To unravel this story, you need to determine who it is that is desperate for some off-the-books nukes, and why.

II.  So Who Needs Nukes In A Hurry?

The answer comes from the reversed speech that was gathered during the Bush and Bambi trips to Iraq, mentioned in our last report.

When I reversed the speech from Katie Couric's interview with General David Petraeus in Anbar Province, I didn't get the Iran invasion date I was looking for.  They were on the way to the nearly destroyed "showplace" city of Fallujah and General Betray-us was focused on the city as they approached it.  Couric wanted to know why basic services like running water had never been restored, not realizing that the only answer was because the Army doesn't want them restored.  As the general answered her question, his unconscious thought processes exposed a major secret, describing it in the reversed speech comments buried in his conversation.

Did any of the fake news networks or perhaps WorldNetDaily ever tell you that the die-hard city of Fallujah sits in the center of a huge oil field?  Of course not; that's a forbidden connection.  But as Petraeus sees the city coming up in the distance he not only tells us "IT'S AN OIL FIELD" but also reveals "WE'RE DEAD TOUCHING IT." He then adds, "WE NEED HELP."

In other words if we weren't losing the war, and if the Iraqi legislators hadn't refused to give away their country's oil reserves, the active resistance in and around the city would still make it impossible for Exxon, BP and the others to drill there.  In fact, I learn that the entire Anbar province is in the same situation.  Oil and no way to get to it.  This is total defeat; getting those rigs in there is the whole reason for the war in the first place.

In a brief span only thirteen seconds long, Petraeus hands us the information above and then delivers the blockbuster: "THEY'RE GOING TO NUKE THIS."

This explains a pair of reversals that had popped up about twenty seconds earlier.  They show what to expect before the attack can begin.  "WE'LL ALL PULL OUT," Petraeus says, and "I'LL RIDE THE FORWARD TRACK!"



General David Petraeus
Interviewed by Katie Couric

Driving into Fallujah, Anbar Province, Iraq

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  Discusssing Fallujah

Fwd:  "..enormous damage.."

Fwd:  working together

* "Track" is army slang for most tracked vehicles.
Petraeus is saying he'll be on the first one out the gate.

Similar information was contained in the second file that Strider sent me from the Bush visit.  When Bush spoke of going to meet with provincial leaders in Ramadi, Anbar's capitol, the same sorry tale emerged, highlighted by the phrase, "NUKE YOU."

We also learn how the nuke will be delivered.  "IT WILL BE A MISSILE," Junior tells us, and as far as he is concerned the people he will be meeting in Ramadi are "DOOMED."



George W. Bush
Surprise Visit to Anbar Province

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  "..violence and murder"
Rev:  HURT 'EM

Fwd:  Anbar Provincial Council

Fwd:  City of Ramadi

This is an incredible story and I kept working with the material in hopes of learning more.  A date would be wonderful.  I'm disappointed that I didn't find one because the only way that Houston and it's conspirators can get away with nuking cities in Iraq is to blame it on some kind of spillover from the invasion of Iran.  If I had a date for this, then I'd also have a pretty good date for the new 9-11 attack on America that is intended to pull the trigger.

The White House is now caught in its own web of lies.  A year ago, Dahr Jamail reported in that the U.S. was losing control of Anbar Province.  You should read the article to get a good feeling for how bad things were then.  They are worse now.  In the meantime the White House and General Betray-Us have been reporting that Anbar is our greatest success story in Iraq.

If nukes go off in Anbar Province, they must be blamed on someone else.  Worse yet, any nukes already in the area on ships or at Diego Garcia are rigidly accounted for, and their use in the master attack plan for Iran is already totally programmed and accounted for.  In fact thousands of military personnel below the current level of corruption are involved in the planning and execution of such a plan.  It would not be possible to write in nuclear attacks on "friendly territory" in advance, or force a stunning deviation during execution, and keep it secret.

Would you believe any story that claimed one or more nukes were a "friendly fire incident?"

Clearly, they need to find some Iranian nukes in a hurry.

Where are they going to come from?  Minot Air Force Base of course!  The very place that we know someone just tried to break 6 nuclear armed cruise missiles out and away from the nuclear weapons security grid.

The real question now is, just how important is the plan to nuke Anbar Province and other hostile areas in Iraq?  If it is the only way out, which seems to be the case, it could be possible that the attacks on American cities and the Iranian Republic would have to be delayed until suitable missiles can be obtained.  (Odds are that the warheads in orbit are too big.)

III.  Second Attempt To Steal Nuclear Weapons from Minot AFB Fails

As you know, I prefer to curb my own speculation by insisting on as much RS as I can get, from as many different people as possible.  In this case I had no reversed speech on the Bomber incident, except for the Defense Department press briefer who gave me only one good reversal indicating that he was terrified.

But I was just led (yes I mean Led) to a piece of reversed speech that would otherwise have escaped.  On Sept 11 General Betray-Us flubbed a question in the Senate hearing about his fantasy Iraq report.  He couldn't remember the answer to whether or not America would be a safer place if we continued as he suggested in Iraq.  A bit of video I ran across showed him squirming.  I had not been able to get much out of him when he was reading his report.  His mind was just too focused on the single task to give me random material I might find useful.  This was a different situation and I jumped at the chance to reverse the audio.

The astounding result was the announcement that a second attempt to smuggle nuclear weapons out of Minot had been attempted, and it also had failed.  This was heavy enough on Petraeus' mind to slip out as "THE MINOT SEQUEL FELL."

Equally interesting, Petraeus also offered up the name "NIMMERS" which I have now run across three times in association with false flag attacks.  Bush mentioned them while thinking about one of the GAMBIT attempts, and I learned last year that the real intelligence community believes they ran the original 9-11 attacks.



General David Petraeus
Testimony before U.S. Senate
September 11, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  "What I've been focused on.."

Fwd:  To achieve an objective

A sequel!  A second attempt.  Once again you have heard it here first.  Of course, if we find more information on this second attempt to steal armed nuclear missiles it will probably be by accident.  You never really know what you will find with reversed speech, or when you will find it.  If it turns up somewhere, I'll be sure to let you know.  You certainly won't be hearing about it from any media sources.

Who are the Nimmers?  Navy Intelligence Management, an extremely secretive organization that is very difficult to pin down.  This leads to a fascinating conjecture.  Although the generals are corrupt, lower ranks can still be depended upon to enforce nuclear weapons security rules.  Is it Navy Intelligence that is running ops against the Air Force to try to break nuclear-armed missiles loose?  Unfortunatly, the Secretary of the Air Force was on his way to Minot last time I looked so, unless the men and women who serve our country at Minot have nerves of steel, I imagine that oil money will ensure a successful whitewash, and the Houston-based Oil Cartel that runs the U.S.A. will have its nukes one way or another.

Good Luck to us all,

Ken Welch


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