The Houston-based oil cartel that owns and operates both the U.S. government and the smoke-and-mirrors Al-Qaeda organization is making another attempt at creating a new 9-11.  The attack is designed to trigger nuclear Armageddon in the Middle East and complete a decades long campaign to seize the Persian Gulf oil reserves of both Iraq and Iran and provide a final solution to the Middle East problem at the same time.

In order to trigger the nuclear attack that will destroy Iran (and probably Syria), a false-flag event on friendly territory must involve a "weapon of mass destruction" and, of course, a large number of civilian casualties.  No matter how many tons of explosives and thermite you pack into tall buildings, the result is not a WMD.  Three previous false-flag attempts involving small nuclear bombs failed, and all are documented on this website.  The new plan, which is already in motion, involves multiple attacks with a chemical or biological agent.  The new attack plan is code named Operation DOSE.  The name and a handful of key details slipped out in reversed speech from the joint news conference staged by George Bush and the new UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown on July 30th, 2007.

I.  Dog and Pony Show at Camp David

I knew instantly that something was afoot when I reversed the first words out of Junior's mouth, "Welcome.  Thank you, it's good to have you here." These revealed the startling phrase, "WE HAD A BIG SNEAK-OUT."

This is typical language from the adolescent Bush, a man who we've learned over time is no more than 12 years old.  It highlighted the fact that the meetings between the two staffs at Camp David were so intense and unusual that a cover story had to be given to the press.  According to the prepared speech, the two leaders discussed weighty issues over a two-hour dinner, while their staffs were dismissed and told to entertain themselves in Camp David's bowling alley.  We are also told a tournament ensued, ending in a victory by the Brits.

This would go against the whole purpose of "summit" meetings, which is to allow staff people to coordinate events with their counterparts face to face while the "leaders" relax.  After all, if the leaders had anything to say to each other, they could just as easily have done so by telephone.  In fact, as Bush tells the whopper about the bowling tournament, his reversed speech reveals, "NOW YOU'RE LYING."

The actual purpose of Brown's visit to Camp David was to allow the UK staff to be fully briefed on the next 9-11 so that everyone involved will be on the same page when the nukes begin to fall on Iran.  But clues about the new scheme were sparse at first, and I did not immediately catch their significance.  Other current events, dealing primarily with Iraq, made more sense and seemed more interesting.  For instance, the much touted SURGE has been a complete disaster.

II.  News From Iraq

Many Americans have suspected that the Pentagon is routinely lying about many aspects of the Iraq experience, and particularly so with regard to casualty totals, a subject increasingly guarded against investigative journalism.  The information given to the White House (7/30) is summed up in three words, "SURGE LOSS SEVERE."

Houston's strategy for Iraq (and therefore the strategy for the US, UK, and Israel) is to buy time until the surviving and much terrorized Iraqi lawmakers finally give up and pass the mysterious "Hydrocarbon Law." For all practical purposes this law transfers control of about 90 percent of Iraq's oil to the Houston-based oil cartel; the objective of the Iraq war since before 9-11.  It's no wonder they are doing everything in their power not to pass it.  Once they do this the violence will decrease, but not nearly enough to bring everyone home.  A substantial number of troops along with thousands of mercenaries already in-country will remain, but with the primary mission of protecting the various oil giants as they come on line.

The current excuse for foot-dragging, and for stifling discussion of Iraq, is a report that the commander in Iraq is expected to issue about the results of the ill-fated surge.  There is simply no point (Junior tells us) in talking about Iraq until the report is received.  Naturally, it will be an imaginative structure of lies.  As Bush mentions it in his song and dance routine at Camp David, he unconsciously refers to our military commanders in Iraq as "AMERICAN LIARS." Although it didn't work out very well for the Nazis, military officers are still pretty much expected to do and say what they're told, oaths and honor be damned.

And speaking of Nazis, when all the military trappings and wild speechmaking are boiled away Fascism is simply rule by the wealthy (and their corporations) using a front man and the psychological poison called Socialism.  But as powerful as it is, Fascism cannot stand on its own.  As Adolf Hitler and the men who used him knew all too well, Fascism requires an evil, sub-human enemy or it cannot survive.  Otherwise, who would want to sacrifice lives and property simply to expand corporate treasuries?

Houston has used every available propaganda organ, from the White House down to the smallest Internet broadcasters, to create that enemy from Muslim cloth.  The oil they want to steal is pretty much in Muslim hands and a religious war could be good for thirty years or more.  They even planned two false-flag attacks in the U.S. to come at Easter, just to drive the concept home.  Think, though, about how long it's been since you heard the word "Jihadist", which suddenly disappeared from the disinformation stream not long ago.

While many Americans have been successfully programmed to look at Muslims with suspicion, the concept of religious war is basically foreign to our history.  It doesn't feel right and seems to make no sense. This, and the failure of the two Easter plots, may be behind the shift toward calling the issue an "ideological conflict."  This is a phrase that recalls the Cold War, and the threat of Communism that never seemed to end.  Now The bad guys seek political gain, rather than the triumph of a long outdated version of a tribal religion.

As Bush says in his brief speech this day, "After all, we're writing the initial chapters of what I believe is a great ideological struggle... "

The imaginary enemy is the very foundation of the Fascist state, and is the sole support for today's war and the wars to come.  Speech reversals on Bush never fail to pinpoint it as the basic lie behind everything that has happened.  In the "press event" at Camp David it surfaces again, just like clockwork.  As Bush offers up the "ideology of darkness," the only thing that holds the War of Terror together, we can listen in as he thinks, "PRAISE THE LIE - THANK GOD!"



George W. Bush
Camp David, Maryland
Hasty visit by PM Gordon Brown
July 30, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  first words

Fwd:  Staff sent to bowling alley

Fwd:  soldiers in Iraq

Fwd:  General's report on "surge" will be based on evidence (from..)

Fwd:  We face an ideology of darkness that uses murder...

III.  THE NEXT 9-11?

The most useful reversals for intelligence purposes often seem to come from nowhere, and are the result of thought processes related to events that have been taking place behind the scenes.  This mechanism allows us to pick up isolated snippets of information about the real purpose of the Camp David meeting.  The drawback is that they are often fragmentary and you may need a number of them related to the same theme to get a decent picture of what is going on.  Of course it greatly helps to have this sort of information from more than one source.  Happily enough, we have both George Bush and Gordon Brown together to tell us what is really going on.

I am now so familiar with Junior's manner of speaking that finding the reversals buried in his speech is relatively easy.  Happily, it didn't take too long to pick up Brown's style, but I am somewhat handicapped with him because of differences in language.  Some phrases simply don't mean much to me and are therefore unusable.  Nonetheless, both men knew about the new plan and this allowed each to authenticate the other.

Not all the details are here.  Time and place remain a mystery.  Hopefully these will come as further opportunities to listen are presented.  Also, I originally thought the attack involved a biological agent.  Now I think it could just as likely be a chemical weapon of some sort.  I'm not firmly convinced either way, although there is no doubt at all that it will be one of these two.

The first hint comes early and takes the form of what I call a forbidden thought; something that the person doesn't even want to think about!  As Bush mentions speaking with Brown over dinner we find, "TOLD 'M ABOUT THE DOSE - HIDE THE WORD!"

At this point there is no indication of what this is about, other than the fact that it is very, very secret.  A minute later I pick up more fragments that also seem to have significance.  As the nominal leader of the War of Terror tells us that we have an obligation to work for freedom and justice around the world, we find three back-to-back reversals and the word BOMB naturally grabs my attention.  They are "NO BOMB - INITIATE - GO WITH DENVER SMITH."

Before you go searching for the name, it could be a person, a business, a plan or report, etc.  Don't waste your time.  But initiating something with no bomb has a definite tie-in with recent events.  Bush and his masters in Houston have tried three times to use a small nuclear bomb on friendly territory under the code name GAMBIT.  This word comes from the game of chess and refers to sacrificing friendly forces to gain a military advantage.  All three attempts failed.  In last Easter's attempt (2007) the bomb was defective and had to be removed before the target date.  The big question at that time was, could the bomb be repaired or replaced for another attempt.  Initiating a new plan without a bomb would be a significant change, and the code name DOSE seems uniquely suited to the other two WMD alternatives: chemical and biological agents.

By now I am reversing every two syllables in hopes of finding more clues.  I pick up the word NOVEMBER, and a bit later an interesting phrase, GO WITH SNOW.  But there is no clear connection with DOSE, so these could refer to some other situation or event such as the release of the so-called Bird Flu Pandemic.  I learn that someone screwed up because "HE HADN'T PUT ANYTHING IN DEEPFOOT" - a brand new code word I'll have to watch for in the future.

But I soon found another mention of DOSE, and it makes it clear that whatever DOSE is, it is definitely important, and the clock is running.  In a speech segment apparently devoted to giving Gordon Brown a less snake-like image, Bush says that Brown is committed to boosting education and eradicating poverty around the globe.  Apparently these are to be new add-ons to the War of Terror.  Junior's brain is beginning to drift off with such trite material, and in the reversals project DOSE reappears again.  "INITIATE," "SOMEWHERE," and "INITIATE DOSE" pop up.

SOMEWHERE bothers me a lot.  It suggests that Houston may have decided not to trust Junior with the attack location - if indeed this is an attack - since they've learned the hard way that reversed speech can read the information. 

This seems to be all there is, but in Junior's final words we find just a little bit more.  One clue is an unexpected "freebie." We have twice found references to Navy Seals when tracking planned false-flag attacks.  And, sure enough, here they are again.  Junior knows how to root for the team.  In his final words we find "GO SEALS!"

The word "EVIL" shows up in reference to the Bush-Brown alliance - nice to know if you haven't guessed already.  And finally, "MR. SMITH" pops up again at the end of the speech, with a phrase that sounds like "GULF - SHAKE IT" although the 'F' in gulf disappears when you really slow it down.  Completing the take-over of the Persian gulf is the real objective of any false-flag attack, and it now seems more likely that Denver Smith, whoever he is, is connected to Dose.



George W. Bush
Camp David, Maryland
Hasty visit by PM Gordon Brown
July 30, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  The two men met for 2 hours over dinner

Fwd:  Our obligation to work for freedom and justice around the world

Fwd:  n/a

Fwd:  n/a

Fwd:  Relationship with Brown and UK
Rev:  EVIL

Fwd:  "constructive, strategic.."

IV.  PM Gordon Brown Adds Details

I suspect that Gordon Brown is a dangerous man.  Reversed speech often highlights lies when an unconscious process simply announces the falseness on the spot.  For most people this is happening all the time, and I equate it with the concept of conscience.  Several ancient religious traditions say it is we who condemn ourselves at the time of Judgment because there is a part of ourselves that has already judged every action as it occurred.  I think you can see this happening in reversed speech.  We can see (or hear!) that George Bush has a conscience but doesn't pay any attention to it.  Brown shows no sign of this at all.  Rather than judging a statement as a lie, he merely notes that what he is saying is the opposite of the facts.  It is strictly logic, with no sign of any moral standard and thus essentially sociopathic.  Those in the U.K. would greatly benefit from someone doing RS on this man all the time.

And Brown is very impressed with himself, a trait I've always associated with shallowness.  However, while Bush is not allowed to meddle in decision making, it is clear that Brown does in fact have a management function, and should in future be a good source of RS information.  At the moment, his public focus is on distancing himself from Tony Blair, to sell the totally false impression that something has changed with Blair's departure.

The true nature of the Camp David meeting is revealed in Brown's introductory remarks.  First, it is not a get-to-know-you as the rather lame publicity suggested.  It involves a new initiative that Brown mentions as "THIS NEW AFFAIR." He doesn't appreciate Bush's tone, noting "HE MOCKED YOU." We also find "YOU'RE MAGNIFICENT," a theme of self-praise that appears often in his reversals.

Getting to the heart of the matter, we find that he was NOT invited by Bush to come for a visit.  The "OPPOSITE" is true.  Instead, he and Bush were ordered to get together by their masters in Houston, as we hear in "HOUSTON SEND(S) OUT." This gives us the link between operation DOSE, the apparent subject of the meeting, and Big Oil, which has created and initiated the scheme - whatever it turns out to be.  While both men are lackeys of Houston, I suppose this would characterize Brown as a sub-lackey, since his people have to meet with the Americans to be properly briefed. 

Brown hopes that Houston will have "LUCK THIS TIME." If this refers to another false-flag attack, it meshes perfectly with the apparent bad luck thwarting three Cartel attempts in a row to detonate a nuclear device on friendly soil.  Of course, three key failures in a row is beyond bad luck and moves into the area of Divine Intervention!  So far it seems that Evil has met its match.

Most national leaders that have had a conversation with Junior (of those I've reversed) have concluded that he is an idiot and simply occupying the Oval Office as a placeholder for his masters.  True to this tradition, we learn that "MENSA BOY" is Brown's private nickname for the dimwitted Bush.

Continuing to search for more about operation DOSE, I worked through more of Brown's meaningless speech about the special relationship between the U.S. and U.K.  The first thing I find is, "YES, SEASON THE MARKETS FIRST."

For those who don't believe that stock markets are manipulated, I suggest you find a graph of market activity and note what has happened during the period following July 30th.

Next, he offers us "OPPOSITE" again when trying to describe the partnership in a good light.  I suspect he is thinking that the new plan will be "GOOD ENOUGH" to trigger the attack on Iran, but he could simply be thinking that his description of the partnership is satisfactory.

I've also included the mysterious reversal, "THE WOLF IN THE VISION," that followed.  It may be of value to other interest groups.  I don't think it's a metaphor, and in the back of my mind I think I once heard the very same phrase from Tony Blair.  I won't speculate on it's meaning, but it certainly provides food for thought.

If you assume that DOSE is all about a new 9-11 event, the reversals all seem to fit.  But I wanted more, and the next set of reversals at least brought me closer by offering some operational details.  This is an unusually large number of words strung together in a continuous series.  In actual sequence we have: "THERE'S THIS NEW BOAT - SHE'S AT THE SURFACE A WEEK AWAY - THEY'LL SEND 'EM OUT."

Obviously we are talking about a submarine, the only type of boat for which being on the surface has significance.  Nuclear submarines spend virtually no time on the surface (it gives their position away to satellites, etc.) but traditional diesel-electric boats must surface to recharge their batteries or run at top speed.  I don't believe the U.S. operates any of these, and certainly not any new ones.  I have my doubts about the U.K. as well.  Also, if it was a British sub then Brown would know about it already.  That leaves Israel, the other Cartel-controlled nation, which is known to have conventionally powered submarines, and a major interest in anything that might re-draw the maps of the Middle East.

Notice that whatever the Israeli sub is delivering, there is more than one of them and they are to be "sent out" as if to multiple locations.  Also, since the delivery must made in greatest secrecy, there is a connection with Junior's Navy Seals who could be used to transfer cargo from a submerged submarine with no one the wiser.

I think it is reasonable to accept that Brown's "new affair" and Bush's operation DOSE require a delivery of some key material that has to be smuggled into the U.S. in secret.  Since the U.S. is perfectly capable of manufacturing any chemical or biological weapon it wishes, there must be a reason why this particular WMD must come from elsewhere.  Chemical weapons involve relatively large containers to hold material that is usually in liquid form.  Bio weapons may be smaller, but usually involve a substantial container for safety.  In a remotely controlled attack, the container will most likely be left behind and provide evidence about its source.

If this is the next 9-11, then it will face a firestorm of suspicion.  U.S. and Israeli propaganda teams worked for two years to persuade Americans that ragtag terrorists possessed nukes.  While the gullible swallowed this easily enough, cooler heads realized it was absurd.  A revised plan, with more conventional WMDs, does not face such a wide credibility hurdle.  Everyone knows that Saddam had chemical and biological weapons once upon a time, and many also know that the originals were shipped from the U.S. by companies linked to both the Bush and Clinton families.  Whether or not Iran has them remains to be proven, but most Americans would accept this as reasonable.  Note that when searchers finally gave up looking for WMDs in Iraq, we were told that all of Saddam's really nasty stuff was trucked off to Iran (Saddam's enemy) for safekeeping before the invasion.

'But I am still looking for the "smoking gun" reversal that makes it clear we are listening to another plan involving a false-flag attack on America.  When Brown reads the phrase, "I strongly support President Bush's initiative, a bold and extra initiative to make early progress in the Middle East peace process," the opportunity arrives.  Interestingly, the U.S. has been under an official State Of Emergency for years, initiated by co-conspirator Bill Clinton, and justified by the phrase "Threats to the Middle East Peace Process." Middle East Peace Process is the overall code phrase for everything that has happened since then to promote the destruction of independent states in the Persian Gulf, including the staged 9-11 attack in New York City.

Many speech reversals, being unconscious thoughts, are triggered by associations with other thoughts or spoken words and phrases.  The idea of a bold and extra initiative triggers more information about DOSE.  (Note that the words "and extra" are omitted from the official White House transcript, to remove the hint that something new is in motion.)

Within the phrase "I strongly support President Bush" we find "THEY SHOOT AN INTERCEPT." And in the phrase that follows, "a bold and extra initiative," we find "THEN THEY BLOW."  I've put a lot of thought into these two reversals and I believe they describe a sequence of events designed to maximize the terror factor.  See my summary of DOSE at the bottom of this report.

"EASTER," which follows, is simply a memory of the previous GAMBIT plan.  Will Brown finally give us the hard connection with GAMBIT?

Yes!  This is followed by the smoking gun that ties everything together: "WE LACK THE GAMBITS LIST."

GAMBIT is the program we have tracked now for a year and a half which has included three attempts to set off a false flag nuke; twice near Houston and once in Israel.  The last attempt was at Easter of this year.  Brown clearly sees operation DOSE as an extension of GAMBIT which provides a solid lock on the true nature of the new plan: an attack so shocking it will justify nuclear war.  But what sort of list is it?  The code name has always been singular.  Now it is plural.  Therefore, DOSE must include more than one weapon - or more than one attack - and the LIST must logically be the list of CITIES that are going to be hit!

The Brits have not been given the list and Brown says THATS OUR SAFETY."

He doesn't mean physical safety.  And none of the targets are in the U.K., otherwise the British team would have been involved in the planning much earlier on.  He is talking about keeping the plan itself secret, at least to the point that RS won't reveal enough details to hang them with.  But we have been revealing the details of each GAMBIT plan in advance with reversed speech since the program began.  Odds are, somebody will be letting us know the targets.  If not, there are still enough pieces of the plan to reveal its nature and source.  It is fascinating to see the dinosaurs in Houston thinking their secret will be safe if neither Bush nor Brown are told the final details!

This is the first time we've done RS on the new prime minister and it would be interesting to learn his reaction to the fact that he can no longer keep secret the slimy nature of his job.  Well, welcome to the new millennium one and all.  Rule by killers and thieves is on its way out.  And, of course, welcome to the Majors, Mr. Brown.



New UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Speaking at Camp David, Maryland

Topic: Aren't we Special.

July 30, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  Being summoned after only a few weeks in office

Fwd:  To be invited by you.. celebrate partnership of shared purpose...

Fwd:  President Bush...
Rev:  MENSA BOY    (if the public only knew!)

Fwd:  Partnership driven by shared values


Fwd:  A bold and extra initiative

V.  Psychological Preparation for The Attacks Has Begun

Those who support our work at show a wide variety of philosophical and religious orientation.  All appreciate our work to penetrate the intense bombardment of deception that dominates our world today.  Included in this group are a number who see the information revealed here matching up with end-time prophecies and universal themes involving the forces of good and evil.  So, among the many tips I receive about Internet audio programs worth my attention, I get a fair number of suggestions involving religious broadcasters.

Like everything else these days, not all of these hosts, or their guests, are who they claim to be.  Our government and its allies, and certainly a number of corporations as well, have thousands of people involved on a daily basis in introducing false material into information channels of every kind.  While most of this is traditionally fed to the press in one way or another, a huge effort has also been mounted against the Internet because it is the medium government fears most.  Some of this is simply to spread false stories that are so bizarre that the Internet itself is discredited as an information source.  In a different ploy, legitimate information, like this report, can easily be drowned out by dumping a large number of competing articles into the mix.  Other material is designed to completely mislead people interested in sensitive topics.  False stories and compromised leaders are notorious in the field of UFOs, for instance.

Just prior to Y2K we saw a large influx of government agents tasked to directly interfere with discussion on public forums any time a sensitive topic like Chemtrails was raised (they're still there).  Finally a surprisingly large number of disinformation specialists now appear on the web with the mission of furthering the basic lies that are the mainstay of the Terror War.  Religious broadcasters are not immune to this effort.  They are often small ministries with few resources, but just as much in need of interesting material as the big boys in their field.

Not long after the Bush-Brown meeting I received several notes suggesting I listen to programs from a website titled  This is a small but sincere ministry that seems to focus mostly on the coming demise of the U.S.  The host, Rick Wiles, once had a vision to that effect and now follows that calling; a mix of blessing and burden I understand completely.  I had previously done some RS on Wiles and found him to be honest and sincere.  One of his recent programs involved a review of prophecies about the U.S., and I found it so interesting I'll be recommending it in a newsletter.

But the main difficulty with sites like TruNews is that they seldom have the ability to discriminate between news and disinformation.  So for programs like these I suggest you skip over the reading of the news since you'll be hearing reports from the Mossad's DebkaFiles and worse, all passed along as if they were real.

The featured stories for programs like these are a mixed bag of good and bad.  On August 6th Wiles featured the "secret sinking of a North Korean ship" by a U.S. submarine in the Med, a bizarre story without a shred of common sense.  But the next day he and a guest successfully debunked a hot new story involving a predicted terrorist attack.  It turned out to be a repeat of a story from 2005, dusted off and released for a new run and consequently appearing on hundreds of websites.

Suspiciously pertinent to operation DOSE, the resurrected story predicted "a terrorist attack within 90 days at the most," and described it this way: "What they're going to do is hit six, seven or eight cities simultaneously and really hit the public." Ironically, Wiles informed his listeners that if an effort was being made to recirculate this story, it can only mean that an attack similar to the one described is actually in the works!  His inner guidance was right on, only failing him in regard to who is actually behind the attacks.

It was the August 9th program I was asked to explore.  A whirlwind of interest had gathered around an interview done by a second broadcaster, Chuck Crismier of "Viewpoint," a program produced by Save America Ministries.  Their MP3 podcasts are handled by

Wiles rebroadcast the interview and had Crismier as his guest.  In the interview an unidentified but sincere-sounding woman claims that she has received four warnings in as many days that a massive terrorist attack is imminent.  No, they didn't come in visions.  Instead we find the bread and butter of today's disinformation programs; the idea that military and intelligence professionals are anonymously blabbing national secrets to anyone who will listen.  This is the bedrock of today's Terror War disinformation.  As soon as you hear the words "intelligence sources" you should simply change the channel.

If the person telling the story sounds sincere, large numbers of listeners will believe what they are saying.  You can listen to this woman's story in the audio below.  She is essentially doing part of the psychological preparation for operation DOSE.  Her mission is to emphasize that imminent Al Qaeda attacks could lead to mass panic.  Then, when it happens, people will find the whole scenario more believable.  And if the panic part was true. and the multiple targets part was true, then surely the Al Qaeda part must also be true.

Click on the button below to hear segments of the original presentation.  The original program was subtitled "Are you prepared if America is attacked?" For some reason the same description is listed for two different podcasts, but the correct date is July 30th, the day of the Bush-Brown press conference.  For some reason Crismier is introduced only as an "attorney and author."

I've copied three of the woman's warnings so you can listen to them.  The fourth one even she discounted as worthless and her conclusion, that we should all be preparing to die, is simply not worth listening to.

Odd Ministry Logo


Unnamed C.I.A. Employee

"Viewpoints" program - produced by:
Save America Ministries
Host: Chuck Crismier

July 30th, 2007 (Download Page)

AUDIO: This is three segments of audio that cover the bulk of the "attack warnings" presented by Crismier's anonymous guest.  Crismier spent over half an hour building up a climate of fear in his listeners before putting her on the air.  Use the download link to listen to the entire broadcast and/or download your own MP3 copy.

NOTES: The "ministry" operates from a P.O. box in Richmond, Virginia, and has no physical church.  I know nothing else about it, other than the fact that there is no Christian symbolism in their logo.  RS on a professional broadcaster is seldom rewarding, since they are totally focused on the task at hand. 

Since the woman's story follows the shopworn "unnamed intelligence sources" format, and she leads off with the disinfo buzzword of the month, CHATTER, I already know she is a disinformation specialist.  But I also know that if I'm to prove it with reversed speech I will need to be very lucky.  It is not likely she will unconsciously admit to lying.

Disinformation professionals broadcast lies all the time and it is simply part of the job.  Their unconscious processes will rarely pass judgment on what has become a routine job of acting.  They are trained professionals and your best bet is to look for reversals that describe who they work for, how they are paid, where the current information came from, rules or restrictions on what can be said (there is always a list of words that are not to be spoken), and any indication that their life is not what they say it is.  They may also reveal information that their on-stage character shouldn't know.  A negative factor is that the intelligence organizations handling propaganda and disinformation have their own office jargon, which can sometimes provide reversals that make little sense to anyone outside the field.

In this case, the mystery woman makes our task relatively easy.  The information is there in spades, and it took only a few minutes to get the first good hit.

Her first reversals relate to the fact that she is using a script. I have found that the phrase "using it" is common to these agents, as they mentally check off the various story segments they are working through in sequence.  Politicians, and news readers often show a similar pattern.  Near the beginning of her script is a segment of exceptionally clumsy wording.  She is supposed to describe her sister-in-law's G.I. son sending an e-mail to his mom.  Apparently the script writer doesn't believe a beltway grandmother should know anything about e-mail, so he has written, "he is in correspondence with the computer, hooked up with the monitor..." a phrase that virtually no human being would use.  Naturally she reacts unconsciously to the botched wording.  We first hear "USIN' IT" followed quickly by "SENT OUT SO MESSY!"

She quickly follows this with an unconscious review of the real situation, providing information only available to insiders, and visitors to this website!  As the poor twit reads that the imaginary G.I. says he has been briefed, her unconscious mind thoughtfully offers us details from her own briefing when she got her current assignment.  "GAMBIT" she says, followed by "THEY HAD AN ABORT." This of course is exactly what happened last April.  And we can assume it didn't make her masters very happy because we find "FEAR" and "BAD" in quick succession.

This woman is a treasure!  As I worked through her performance I couldn't help but wonder what sort of bombshell she might drop next.  She is clearly part of operation DOSE because her script includes all the key phrases, from "chatter" to "multiple attacks," along with key points about the country being gripped by panic and fear.

My efforts were rewarded when she unexpectedly revealed how she got her current assignment.  She has reached the point where she is called upon to make her first suggestion that she is a strongly religious person, and I suspect a guilty conscience has forced the mental review.  In a set of four back-to-back reversals she gives us, "P. S. - AT LANGLEY - YOU MAX A TAPE - WE KNOW MY SKILL."

Langley of course is the headquarters of the C.I.A., and I presume that the initials simply indicate which office was holding tryouts for someone to impersonate an American.  Clearly she scored well on the audition tape, and everyone agreed she was the best little spook for the job.  But jobs have a way of surprising you and, as I said, I think a guilty conscience surfaced before she was half way through her charade.  In a jaw-dropping moment that directly follows the review of how she got the job, we hear "SO - I VERY SHITTY NOW."

She sure got that right!

There is one other set of reversals that exposes the basic fraud, just in case what we've found so far is not enough.  In the second part of her story an imaginary C.I.A. employee is leaking the secret information to his neighbors, and you are not supposed to realize just how unlikely that would be.  I suppose this is not surprising since the whole country seems willing to swallow "unnamed intelligence sources" on a daily basis.  But it appears that the reference to C.I.A. has set off another unconscious association because we learn some more about her job, at least as it stood on July 30th.

A quick three-part reversal gives us "NOT FINISHED WITH YOU - THEY'RE PLANNING IT - MY FAKING IT."

I wonder how many other programs and podcasts she's been on in the last few weeks.  I don't think this will make her career, though.  When her bosses listen to the R.S., and you can bet they will, she may find herself on the street - where she belongs.



C.I.A. DISINFO Specialist

Save America Ministries, "Viewpoints"
July 30, 2007

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  Awkward script about E-mail

Fwd:  Someone was briefed about attacks
Rev:  FEAR -- BAD

Fwd:  It is her Christian duty to pass on the warnings

Fwd:  Talking about a C.I.A. employee warning people

It is illegal to spend government funds on any attempt to propagandize the American people.  But the United States hasn't had a legal government for a very long time, and the gang in Washington have been censoring news and spreading disinformation for most of the last century.  It has become both an artform and a major industry.  As far as they are concerned, this is how the world works.  Still, the current sophistication, in which a new propaganda theme can be implemented through all key media and the Internet within a day or two, is unprecedented.  I doubt that we can dig ourselves out of the trap short of a grass roots revolution, and on Propaganda Planet such things are hard to arrange.

I included this material not only because it is part of Operation DOSE, but as an illustration of what has been going on night and day since 9-11.  It is the engine that drives the Terror War.  When Bush tells us that DOSE has been initiated, it means that a surprisingly large number of people are being brought on line to make it all happen.  This includes the American people (and in the UK of course) having the right attitude, and the right set of beliefs, to make it all turn out in the way that is desired, while none of the culprits ever have to face the music.

As I'm sure you realize by now, there are no actual "Al Qaeda cells" out there, no actual Al Qaeda websites and, you guessed it, there are also no Al Qaeda communications to intercept.  That means there is no CHATTER, the key buzzword for Operation DOSE, except in the form of psyops teams writing love notes to each other on the web.  As DOSE counts down you are going to be hearing more stories very similar to the one you heard above.  What a great opportunity to make a long list of media and Internet sources that you should never read or listen to again!

Interestingly enough, the person who had asked me to listen to the mystery woman was very surprised when I wrote back that the panicked beltway grandma was a fake.  After all, the woman sounds so sincere!  My friend then e-mailed Crismier, the man who was interviewing her, and told him a third party had determined she was a government shill (or words to that effect).  I'm told that Crismier responded with, "My guest was as pure and unadulterated as one can find in this disingenuous world we live in. I think your "correspondent" is gravely mistaken."

Well, what else could he say?

All I can say is, "In a war of words, thank God for reversed speech!"

VI.  Operation DOSE Summarized

1.  Bush was told that Operation Dose was initiated on or just before the July 29th - 30th Camp David meeting, although the weapons to be used had been en route via an Israeli submarine from some date before that.  To achieve their objectives, the controllers in Houston must use a "weapon of mass destruction" and this will be a chemical or biological agent.  I lean toward a chemical agent because I think it will be more dramatic on television, but I could easily be wrong.  The weapons or their chemical components arrived on or about the 7th of August, and we suspect they were transferred to Navy Seals.

2.  Unlike previous attempts, the DOSE attacks are expected to have such a strong impact that advance manipulation of stock markets is required.  Gordon Brown referred to this as "seasoning" the markets.  The term is unusual, but may refer to preparation as in seasoning a turkey.  Regardless, global markets have seen, and continue to see, exceptional activity since the Camp David meeting that is scaring everyone involved.  This is far beyond the level that could be explained by the cover story about the poor performance of certain homeowner mortgages.  The normal stock cycle ends with a peak of enthusiasm which allows the big boys to unload their holdings onto a mesmerized public before the air rushes out of the balloon.  There is definitely a lot of unloading going on, and apparently a "greater fool" to pick up much of it by the end of each week.  The action is there, but it doesn't feel in any way normal.

3.  An intense Internal Propaganda campaign to prepare the population was begun the same day the Camp David meeting ended.  The majority of the disinformation feed will depend on the usual anonymous military and intelligence "sources" with most referencing imaginary intercepted communications.  The buzzword for this is "chatter" and you can expect to see it everywhere.  This imaginary chatter will increasingly suggest a major attack is imminent and, unlike previous campaigns, will use the term "multiple" whenever possible.  Suggestions that the attacks will cause great fear and panic will also be in the mix.

4.  You can expect a number of articles and programs to appear about chemical or biological weapons, how terrifying they are, and that Saddam at one time had quite a few.  You will learn all about the Kurdish village that was destroyed this way.  You will hear and read assurances that terrorists now possess them, may have them inside the U.S., and are itching to use them.  (Watch for tilt toward chemical or biological weapons for a better guess at which will be used.)

5.  Expect to see efforts to rekindle a strong sense of conflict with Iran.  This should also include some reason that jihad-crazed Iranian maniacs might be more angry with us than usual.  The objective of the exercise is to nuke Iran and then stroll in and occupy their oil fields with minimal effort.  It is important that they be totally demonized in the eyes of the public.  This has already begun, with an announcement that the upper tier of Iran's military is to officially designated as a terrorist organization by Bush.

6.  The actual attack will indeed involve a number of cities.  There is a list of target cities but neither Bush nor Gordon Brown have been permitted to see it, in hopes of preserving the secret.  Multiple attacks have a number of advantages.  They give the impression of a large and effective enemy force running loose in the Fatherland, and justify ever more Draconian measures of surveillance and control of the civilian population.  These are tools that the government obviously believes it will desperately need in the near future - perhaps related to the US-Canada-Mexico merger, or in any situation where the truth about the War of Terror actually comes out in public.  Multiple attacks also provide an opportunity to maximize the terror aspect, creating a nightmare experience for a huge segment of the population. 

7.  One interpretation of Brown's reversals, "THEY SHOOT AN INTERCEPT" and "THEN THEY BLOW," is that just prior to the attacks, perhaps the day before, Washington will "shoot out" what they claim is an intercepted and reasonably understandable terrorist attack order.  It may be "Al Qaeda" or it may have some connection with Iran's military elite.  Either way, it will emphasize that multiple cities are to be attacked.  In this way, as soon as the first attack takes place, every person in every major city will be wondering if he is in personal danger.

8.  In this scenario it is likely that the attacks will not occur all at once, but will be stretched out over many hours.  Not only will this generate an endless day of personal fear for virtually everyone, but at some point anyone in a city will decide to get out of Dodge in the fastest way possible.  This will be a massive disaster in itself.  The overall effect should be more than enough to sell the American people on the attractiveness of nuclear Armageddon in the Persian Gulf.

While you watch the Great American Propaganda Machine pull out all the stops, I will keep checking other RS sources to see if any of them know the intended date or the list of targets.  I'm just as much in the dark about that as you are.  It always takes some time to make these things happen, and the Iraqi lawmakers are on vacation.  If Houston wants its Iraqi Give-The-Oil-Away Law before all hell breaks loose, we can't have our DOSE until some time in September.  September 11th would be ideal because it would carry a psychological punch related to perpetual "ideological conflict."

On the other hand, if Houston has given up on obtaining an Iraqi "Hydrocarbon Law" for now, on the grounds that in a post-Armageddon Middle East it may not be necessary, then the new 9-11 could come at any time.

Good Luck to us all,

Ken Welch in Houston



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