Update on the next 9-11

Over three weeks ago I alerted you to the new 9-11 plan with our report on Operation Dose.  In the intervening time more details have become available.  Five days ago there was enough additional evidence to raise our Alert Status to red and issue an Attack Warning.  Following that there was a flood of new information that kept me burning the candle at both ends again, trying to gather it all together.  We are still looking for a target list, but a reversal from the Australia "summit" suggests that the list might not have been locked down until just this last weekend.  There is still no firm date, but everyone feels that it must be close.  What we DO know, at this point, is which gas will be used, and we believe that five devices have been prepared.

In that earlier report we didn't know if the weapon chosen was chemical or biological.  I pointed out that we need only watch the news for stories that would prepare the public for one or the other.  This was provided promptly by the UN phosgene gas story, which later proved to be "a hoax" - showing just how easy it is to get a key topic into the minds of hundreds of millions of people.  Millions of Americans learned that phosgene gas smells like freshly cut hay, that it kills by restricting breathing, and that there is no antidote.  I also said that we could watch for the buzzword "chatter" to easily identify a false news story.  That word vanished from the airwaves almost the instant the report was published.  Surprise, surprise.

But the plan to create a new 9-11 has not slowed at all.  Just the same as in the weeks preceding the aborted plot that was scheduled for April of this year, members of the U.S. administration have fanned out across the globe to alert other governments to what is coming, and confirm the deals that have been made for their support or their silence.  Australia for instance has been promised a share of Iran's oil reserves.  Bush, on his return from Australia, stopped off in Hawaii to "confer with top military commanders." You'd almost think something big was going on, if your television wasn't continuously telling you to go back to sleep.

In a fascinating incident, something went wrong last week with a bomber carrying nuclear-armed cruise missiles to the Persian Gulf, and a storm of speculation and disinformation erupted across the Internet.  Initial confusion even led some to believe that one of the missiles fell off the airplane!  And the usual suspects have tried to twist the story this way or that.  Best example (and a classic): Bush did it, wants to nuke U.S. cities, but brave patriotic generals will arrest him soon.  In other words, after telling you what you really wanted to hear, they also tell you to go back to sleep.

However, as I put this report together I discovered that reversed speech offered a big clue about the missiles' intended targets, and why this particular shipment was not following normal procedures.  Guess what?  Those targets are neither here in the U.S. nor in Iran.

Although the plan to attack multiple American cities with poison gas was officially named DOSE at the White House, the name has not stuck.  Everyone we scanned with reversed speech regards it as the next chapter of the snake-bit GAMBIT program.  GAMBIT mandates a false-flag WMD attack on U.S. soil enabling the U.S. to nuke Iran and deliver that country's oil reserves to the Houston-based Oil Cartel that runs the White House, the Congress, and the military.

Let's review one more time who the players are and, as everyone loves to say, the situation on the ground.

I.  The Winners and the Losers

We've provided a large number of speech reversals showing that both the White House and Al Qaeda take their orders from Houston, and we simply refer to the invisible employer in the Oil Patch as the Oil Cartel.  In fact, they've been in complete control of the government here in the U.S. (and a number of other countries we suspect) since the first Bush presidency.  But who are they?

An article last month in the UK's Observer clearly named the winners of the Iraq War and explained their prize:


The world's oil majors will descend on two key conferences about Iraqi oil next month, seizing their last chance to jockey for position before the expected passing of the country's hydrocarbon law sets off a scramble for its vast energy resources.

Iraqi officials, including oil minister Hussein Shahristani, will attend the gatherings in Dubai in September to meet international oil executives. All the big players will be there, including BP, Shell, Exxon and Chevron, as well as minnows such as Addax Petroleum, some of which have operations in Iraq.

David Horgan, managing director of Petrel Resources, an Irish explorer with a presence in Iraq since 1999, said: "All the oil companies have been salivating at the prospect of Iraq for years. There is a good chance of very large discoveries. Nowhere else in the world offers that."

Horgan said that once the oil law was passed, oil executives would rush to sign exploration and production deals, despite Iraq's security situation. Under severe US pressure, the Iraqi administration is now expected to push through the oil law before the end of September.

The majors have stayed away from Iraq, which has the world's third largest oil reserves, because there was no legal framework for investing in its energy sector. Unusually, for the Middle East, the oil law will provide generous rates of return and production sharing agreements that allow companies that have had to write down their reserves, such as Shell, to book massive new reserves.

Corporations like Exxon have so much cash that, if they wished, they could easily corrupt any country to the point of getting that nation to provide the taxpayer funding and expendable soldiers necessary to achieve corporate goals.  And in this case, Houston has never had any intention of stopping with Iraq.  Iran has always been the ultimate prize.  British Petroleum recently reported that Iran has the world's second largest oil reserves, comprising 137.5 billion barrels expected to be good for at least 87 more years of production.

And finally, the advantages of simply stealing the second and third largest oil reserves in the world go beyond the oil itself.  Oil in this region can be produced so cheaply, at costs estimated to be as low as two dollars a barrel, that it is virtually free to the corporation that is pumping it.  Needless to say, such savings are not passed on to consumers.  Profits on this scale could easily be seen as justifying any sort of risk, and any kind of crime.

But the plan has not gone smoothly.  The invasion of Iran is now eighteen months behind schedule.  In Iraq, the Cartel was supposed to get the oil fields months ago via a so-called "hydrocarbon law," passed by the Iraqi puppet government.  Unfortunately, the situation there is deteriorating so rapidly (the word "disaster" keeps popping up) it appears that any hope of "legalizing" the theft has now been written off.

Bambi visited Iraq last week and reported to brain-dead television viewers that everything was just fine in the deep woods.  Otherwise known as Katie Couric of CBS Evening News, Bambi was taking a shot at the role of journalist.  Although she had never been to Iraq before, she reported with a straight face that she saw genuine improvement!  She and General David Petraeus drove to a small market in Fallujah where produce vendors who looked absolutely terrified were offered up as proof of a "return to normalcy." This turned out to be a great opportunity to catch Petraeus in a relaxed moment conducive to reversed speech.  What we learned astounded us, and you will hear it yourself in an audio clip below.

With over a million men, women and children dead already, it looks like even more Iraqi's are going to die to complete the theft of their oil fields, while all pretense at nation-building goes by the wayside during the coming nuclear Armageddon.  This will not be a problem for Houston.  No Iraqis or Iranians are actually needed to get that oil out of the ground.  They are all totally expendable.

II.  Resignations

There had been ample RS evidence from the Camp David meeting with PM Gordon Brown to establish that the plan to attack multiple U.S. cities was active.  The trick now was to find more details.  If no one likely to speak in front of a microphone had been given the list of cities or the date, then I wouldn't have much luck.  Worse, when I began looking for current events to monitor it seemed that everyone had simply disappeared.

Karl Rove had recently announced he was leaving the White House so I gave that a shot.  But his work is restricted to the political arena, and all I could get from him was an acknowledgement that the administration really needed a new 9-11.  Naturally, he knew the GAMBIT code name.  Bush at that event didn't say much, and was more interested in getting the actual vote count for Ron Paul from the Iowa Straw Poll, after they had given the public a false count from Diebold voting machines two days before.

On August 27th Alberto Gonzales resigned from his post as Attorney General.  I jumped at the chance to get up-to-date material.  Bush announced the resignation and an interim appointment from the White House lawn.  I found him unconsciously mulling over the collapsing situation in Iraq.  Even Bush had reverted to the older name for the false-flag attack program, GAMBIT, and it was clear that he was still being denied any information about the date.  There was one bright spot for him, though.

In two previous GAMBIT attempts involving small nukes placed in an outdated oil terminal south of Houston (see our reports), Junior had insisted that he personally should have the thrill of actually sending the firing signal.  This time, with multiple attacks stretching out through what will probably be a very long day, such control would be impractical.  So, instead, they let him TOUCH one of the bombs so he could still feel personally involved!

This may also be the date that he was finally told that there would be no "hydrocarbon law" in Iraq, which essentially equates to total failure.  You can hear a certain amount of anguish in "NO OIL IN GULF."

He is also still very angry about the failure last Easter.  He had desperately wanted to go ahead and nuke Iran, even without the provocation that the false-flag nuke was to provide.  Naturally, he could not get permission from his masters.  We hear, "NO BALLS AT EASTER!"

With Iraq going down the toilet, things might be different this time.



Karl Rove
George W. Bush
White House

Rove announcing resignation

Fwd:  Make bold changes

Bush On Gonzales resignation

Fwd:  ..worked tirelessly to make this country safer

Fwd: important role

Fwd:  n/a

There is a chance that the mysterious Tom may be Junior's superior in Houston.  It is not a probability, but I'll be keeping my ears open for more references.

The final step in this little saga of departures came a couple days later when Gonzales gave his own farewell speech at the Justice Department.  He was distraught about leaving, and regardless of the spin that Junior put on it, it seems clear that Bush kicked him off the team to avoid further embarrassment from congressional investigations.

The Bush administration has been split up to focus on separate tasks.  Gonzalez was in the group with Chertoff, preparing for the new empire that comes after the annexation of Iran is completed.  His thoughts only stray to the impending poison gas attacks at the very last minute.  Instead we learn a little about his real focus all this time.

I knew that he was occasionally referred to as Judge Gonzales, but I had not realized that Bush had originally put him on the Texas Supreme Court.  God only knows what damage he did there.  But we learn in this sound clip that his reward for destroying the U.S. Constitution and creating the imaginary legal foundation for a police state was an appointment to the new empire's high court, a position that he clearly craved.  He tells us that not being able to stay long enough to get that BLACK ROBE is his biggest disappointment.

In addition to having an ethical standard lower than pond scum, the man has to be stupid as well.  Modern history shows there is no satisfaction in being a judge in a fascist empire, where courts can only do what they are told.

It is also clear that he thinks the final betrayal is coming fairly soon.  Somewhere in last year's files I have a reversal from Junior that says, "YOU WANT ROYAL BLOOD." I held it back because I didn't think people would believe it.  Nonetheless, I'm convinced that Junior's masters have promised their semi-adolescent front boy that he can be king.  Or, more likely, emperor.  Yes, it sounds nuts but listen to Gonzales tell us that "THE THRONE IS NEAR," and think again.

One sparkling little RS gem surfaced at the end of Gonzales' speech, and I absolutely love it when these things come together.  Did it come from inter-departmental gossip?  In my report on Project Dose, the speech reversals indicated that the weapons that would be used on American cities had been delivered by submarine.  I could easily be wrong when I guessed that it was an Israeli sub.  But I am forced now to remember that there are men and women everywhere today who are struggling (and failing) with the conflict between duty and honor.  I was strongly touched when I heard, "THEY CRY ON THE SUB."



Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
Resignation Speech
Justice Dept., Washington D.C.

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  ..conclude my government service

Fwd:  n/a

Fwd:  "God Bless America"

III.  Bush and Bambi Do Iraq

After almost two weeks of limited RS opportunities, the information floodgates opened again, this time from Iraq.  Bush jetted off for a surprise visit to Anbar province, and it was announced that Clueless Katie would be interviewing military commanders there.  It would be more than I could do by myself so I contacted Strider, who has previously contributed his RS technical skills to this web site.  Since I was bored with Bush, Strider agreed to do the twelve-year old Decider, while I would wait to see if Bambi could produce an unguarded moment with someone who knew what was going on.

Strider soon reported that RS from two Bush photo-ops with the troops confirmed that the Iraq war was going from bad to worse, and that poison gas was the choice for the new 9-11.  But he also said he'd found a reference to nukes that did not match up with my original report.  He would send two files via the rather convoluted channels we use to protect his identity.

The reversals in the first file confirm that the status of the war effort has now been downgraded to LOSING.  In other words, we are no longer just holding on.  Houston's program to foment violence as a reason for staying has blown up in their faces.  We are now in the process of being physically pushed out of Iraq one day at a time.

This you might have guessed from our reporting so far. I have omitted over half a dozen isolated reversals in which Junior tells us that he is nervous and afraid. For some reason the enormity of what is being planned, both here and in the Persian Gulf has finally made an impression on him.  Looks like he's having some regrets - which, of course, will do him no good.  I might also mention at this point that Bush is not the only person in Washington right now to be expressing great fear in their reversals.

It is the macabre set of reversals about the plan to kill Americans with poison gas that makes this audio clip one of a kind.



George W. Bush
Surprise Visit to Anbar Province

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  Received briefing on Iraq status.

Fwd:  B.S. about pacification plan

Fwd:  B.S. about conflict in Iraq

Fwd:  "..swore allegience.."
Rev:  I STEAL THEIR OATH    (refers to soldiers in audience)

Fwd:  Final words

When Strider reported that he had additional reversals from this event that didn't match what we were expecting, I was finding myself in the same situation.  Couric's interview of General Petraeus, despite poor sound quality from being recorded inside a military vehicle, was also yielding surprises.  There was nothing at all about GAMBIT or DOSE, but there were startling reversals about the near-term plan for Iraq.  In just the last two days I've realized that both files are actually related to the story about the B-52 with rogue nuclear missiles that was caught at Barksdale Air Force Base.

IV.  Australia Visit Confirms Phosgene Is The Gas Of Choice

After returning from Iraq, Junior barely paused before flying to Australia for an "Asian summit." Once there, staff members would have a chance to brief their opposite numbers on the new 9-11, just as they did at the Camp David meeting with PM Gordon Brown.

In RS Bush labels Australian PM John Howard another Nazi.  Bush would certainly know, and the RS shows Howard is a cold fish, indeed.  It is obvious he is playing a double game with his country's citizens.  It is a shame we don't have someone in Australia with the technical expertise to provide RS coverage of Howard on a continuing basis.

We also learn from Bush that Howard is the source that was code named SCOUT at the White House.  We ran across SCOUT on several occasions related to past false-flag projects.  I will have to go through the files to see if this clears up any important questions.

Howard in turn provides us with the usual view foreign leaders have of Bush.  LOSER he says, and NO SMARTS.  We also find, HE IS THE SCAMMER.  But this is old news, and my job is to find further information about the new 9-11.  I know it has to be there because Howard and his people will have recently received their briefings.

During the speeches we are told that the U.S. and Australia have suddenly concluded a number of deals, one of which involves U.S. assistance with an Aussie nuclear program of some kind.  This is the cover story designed to conceal the real purpose of the meetings.  However, in his first minute of speech Howard unconsciously provides clues to what is really happening.

We find that in addition to their support and silence, Junior has asked Howard for more men.  Howard also reveals that he has little interest in reactors because what Australia really needs is a plentiful supply of gasoline.  The word TRADE-OUT makes it clear that it is Persian Gulf oil that has been offered and accepted.

About half way through Howard's speech I found out why I could not find any of the GAMBIT target cities.  They hadn't yet been chosen!  Thinking about it, I suppose that weather would be a factor, but I have no idea what other considerations there might be.  But Howard tells us "TONIGHT - GAMBIT PICK," and now I understand the real reason why PM Gordon Brown wasn't given a copy of the Gambit List.  This also suggests that if I continue to subject key players to reversed speech, I have some chance of finding the target cities before they are attacked.  Maybe.

Howard is one of the most boring speakers I've run across, and I can't imagine how he has obtained his post.  I had to work through 7 minutes of tedium (about two hours when doing serious RS) before he concluded his remarks by giving us his impression of the new 9-11 plan.  Naturally, it was in his final sentence!

The gas that will be used is indeed PHOSGENE - the subject of the hoax at the U.N., which allowed all mass media channels to remind everyone of its attributes.  PM Howard thinks it is a wonderful plan.  In reverse we hear, "SHIT - SO EASY!"

There is no indication that Howard feels any moral qualms at all about gassing Americans or vaporizing innocent people in the Middle East.  In the reversal, "IT'S GOOD," there is a second voice just audible (a separate unconscious process speaking) that seems to be saying, "it's scary." Usually I can separate these out but this one is too faint.  If you listen closely with sufficient volume you should be able to hear it, too.  It may refer simply to the nature of Phosgene gas, or it may be an acknowledgment of risks.  It is certainly no recognition of the enormity of being an accessory to mass murder.



Australian PM John Howard
"Asian Summit"

Reversals featured in this sound clip

Fwd:  Received briefing on Iraq status.

Fwd:  B.S. about pacification plan

Fwd:  B.S. about conflict in Iraq

Fwd:  Final words
Rev:  IT'S GOOD!

During the period in which I was hunting for reversals and singling out the few helpful ones from the hundreds that were of no value I finally ran across an indicator that there were to be five devices.  Somehow I've lost it.  Worse, I can't remember from whom I got it, because the story below simply drove it from my mind.  I'll be looking for it, but it may turn up years from now!  So, much as I hate to do it, I'll simply say that the best information I have is that there are five cities on the Gambit List, which are destined to be attacked with five Phosgene bursts.  It's not terribly important.  If I find it later, it would be one more indicator of guilt on someone's part (because they knew in advance), but we've got plenty of that already.

There is also a lot more RS on John Howard, but it seems unlikely we will have the time to do a full report on him.  He's a creepy sort, and obviously very dangerous.  However I must also assume that, just as in the U.S. and the U.K., the Australian people must deserve him since he is in fact where he is.

V.  About Phosgene Gas

Phosgene is a World War One war gas that kills by interfering with a person's ability to breathe.  It is categorized as a "choking agent." Its primary characteristic is that it smells like freshly cut hay.  It is also irritating to the skin and eyes.  Although it is one of the least horrific of available agents, it is no joke.  Phosgene killed more soldiers in the Great War than any other gas.  However, once troops were equipped with gas masks and proper training, fatalities dropped dramatically.

Phosgene gas is one of the easier agents to protect against.  A "professional painters mask" that filters air through one or two canisters of activated charcoal would supply adequate protection as long as the mask is properly adjusted and worn.  However you must still get out of the gas cloud as quickly as possible because you can absorb the poison through your skin.  Although anyone working with chemicals should have such a mask, there is little point in running to the hardware store to get one unless you are convinced that you are likely to be very near to the center of such an attack.

Each attack is expected to use a single artillery shell, perhaps deployed in a vehicle or hidden in a building.  In perfect conditions an outdoor blast might fill city streets with a lethal concentration of gas for two city blocks in all directions, which would then be carried downwind.  However, the farther from the initial site the weaker the concentration of gas will be.  With distance the danger will diminish from lethal to incapacitating to disruptive to annoying.  The primary survival strategy is to know which way the wind is blowing and run like the devil to get out of the path of any advancing gas.  Phosgene hugs the ground, so moving to the highest floor in a tall building may be the smartest move.

If Phosgene was used in an enclosed space, such as a shopping mall, the only option would be to get out of the mall as quickly as possible.  Remember that many stores have back entrances, loading docks, or fire exits.  Don't stop for any reason.  Run!

After exposure to Phosgene you will want to seek medical assistance if you are experiencing symptoms.  Otherwise, shower and wash your clothing as quickly as possible.  Also note that you can become ill up to 48 hours after exposure.  There is no antidote for Phosgene poisoning, but a medical facility should have oxygen and other treatments to help with symptoms.

Phosgene is used in industrial processes and there is a lot of information available.  Try CDC or Wiki or Princeton for starters, or just use Google.

VI.  Armageddon Watch Continues

Although we have now confirmed the actual agent that Junior and his bosses intend to use for the next 9-11, it would seem that we are not much closer to determining when and where the Phosgene attacks are to take place.  There is some indication that the plan is more fluid or dynamic than previous attempts.  The target cities were not chosen until five or six weeks after the plan was actually put in motion and Gordon Brown was summoned to Camp David to be briefed on it.  No wonder we couldn't find them!  Still, I certainly expect the city names will show up in reversed speech even though we may not find them until after the fact.

The DOSE false-flag attack is intended to kick off the destruction of Iran within the following 24 to 48 hours.  However, two failed attempts to hijack a B-52 bomber and six nuclear-armed cruise missiles turned out to be a new and important factor in the nuclear Armageddon planned for the Middle East.  We now have THREE separate plots that are all dependent on each other for proper timing.

The B-52 Hijacking Story began on this page but is now a separate report.  When you read it, and listen to the speech reversals, you will see that the stories are clearly linked.

It is quite possible that the failure to obtain off-the-books nukes from Minot Air Force Base could effect the entire Armageddon timetable.  I will continue to post new information as it comes in.

Good Luck to us all,

Ken Welch


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