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In our first report on the Apollo 11 Moon landing we determined that films and photos showing men walking on the moon were fakes, most likely produced here in Houston, at some time before the mission got underway.  Exploring this further, our second report revealed that although Apollo 11's lunar module, Eagle, was in fact sent down to the Lunar surface, Astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin remained behind, hiding in the Columbia command module while space-walk imagery was beamed from earth to be retransmitted as live images.  This was attributed to "HOUSTON POLICY."

In reviewing the many speech reversals used in that second report, I discovered that two sets of reversals from a source other than the Apollo 11 first press conference had been left out.  I'm including them here, but later I'll repost them to the second report where they belong.  For the moment, they'll simply remind you of the basic facts as they stand at this point in our story.

These are from the live transmissions sent back during the Lunar Module's remote controlled descent.  In the first sound clip Astronaut Neil Armstrong, terrified by the start of what may be Earth's greatest hoax, tells us (and all who were listening in 1969) that he is not in the Eagle as it descends toward a landing on the Moon.

YOU'RE NOT OUT 'N RIDING IT is about as conclusive a piece of reversed speech as you can get!  (If you cannot see or hear the reversed speech segment then click here.)

Also from the original NASA broadcast we have the famous moment when Armstrong reports that the Eagle (not the astronauts) has safely landed.  Obviously, Houston's Mission Control had to be in on the hoax.  Confirmation of this is provided by the following reversal from Charlie Duke, the man on the ground who did most of Houston's talking with the astronauts.

Duke's response to Armstrong's claim of being on the ground, LIAR!, is self-explanatory.  It also prompted me to do some checking on Duke, and I learned that he was given an Apollo mission later in the program.  A brief scan of available videos on Duke's Apollo 16 mission found him describing (in RS) his own visit to the Lunar surface as "a joke." This suggests to me that the "Houston policy" that prevented Armstrong and Aldrin from landing on the Moon probably continued through all the Apollo missions.

I doubt, however, that we will have time to explore the other missions because current events are rapidly approaching a critical point that will require all our attention.  But, as you will see below, there is plenty of information still to be gleaned from the Apollo 11 resources we've already studied, and they clearly reveal the truth that NASA's very existence is meant to hide.

I.  NASA's Oldest Secret

The final result of our extended investigation into the Apollo 11 moonwalk hoax is a discovery of monumental import.  There are answers here that I never expected to find in my lifetime, and I consider it a great personal honor to be the one who found them.

There is a shopworn bit of disinformation floating around that says the governments of Earth don't want us to know the truth about UFO's and alien contact because an old think-tank study said alien contact would disrupt many of the world's religions.  This, of course, is BS.  Like so much we find on the web these days, it's what Big Brother wants you to think.  Knowing that most of our planet is ruled by large corporations, I had assumed that the problem with contact was much more likely to involve probable loss of sales and profits as people anticipated new technologies.

Well, I was wrong. The actual reason you mustn't know the truth about our visitors from out of town is because the truth would expose what one of our contributors has termed "The Ultimate Pentagon Cluster F–k!"  In other words, a screw-up so huge that we and future generations may never see the end of it.

Oddly enough, we've learned during these past weeks that the government's ability to keep secrets is actually very poor.  Almost all of the individual details are available – in bits and pieces – if you look for them long enough.  Unfortunately, Big Brother is very good at blocking, stealing, or destroying any "proof" that could be used to validate these stories.  They are even better at spreading so many conflicting stories that it is virtually impossible for anyone to determine what's true and what isn't.  Happily enough, the time when such tactics worked is now drawing to a close.

We've learned that first contact actually took place before many of our readers were born.  At least two alien races are identified just within the two hours of material that were analyzed for these reports.  We know that an active state of war between the aliens and what Eisenhower called the Military-Industrial Complex existed for a time, all in secret of course, and Earth lost.  Big Brother had to sue for peace, and the result is that planet Earth has been under an alien-imposed blockade ever since.  No human being is allowed to set foot on the Moon (or Mars) because that is a requirement of the peace agreement that is still in force today.

Sounds impossibly wild?  Totally crazy?  I would have agreed with you a month ago.  Just remember, RS is a natural phenomena that is self-verifying and can't be faked.  In today's world of total illusion, reversed speech is the only way we have to know anything for sure.

Fasten your seatbelt, because this report is going to turn Planet Earth upside down!

II.  E.T. Tracks Everywhere

It is not possible to poke around inside the Apollo program without running across many solid references to extra-terrestrial life with advanced technology.  It was simply common knowledge among all the key participants.  Contrast this with the many millions of tax dollars spent on keeping YOU from knowing any of this!  With paid agents constantly spreading the most bizarre disinformation, only reversed speech offers us the opportunity to finally learn the truth.

Our reporting on Apollo 11 was sparked by the Fortieth Anniversary events.  As you probably know, Astronaut Neil Armstrong has been increasingly reluctant to associate himself with the Apollo 11 hoax, and declined to participate at all.  This leaves the aging Buzz Aldrin to carry the ball.  In the sound segment below, which appears to cover the whole Apollo program rather than just Apollo 11, Aldrin reveals the basic truth: that someone else is out there.

Shall we assume, then, that LU-MEN and LUMENATA are fancy names for LUNAR inhabitants?  It seems reasonable to me!  Beyond that, I'm cautious about drawing too many conclusions from just a few words.  I'll have to admit, though, that NAIL YOU doesn't sound very friendly.

Returning to the 40-year old press conference, there are other intriguing references to aliens and alien constructions on the Moon.  Many people have been captivated by supposed evidence of alien life found in photos from both the Moon and Mars.  If you are one of these, you'll get a kick out of the following reversals which I've joined into a single sound segment just for you.

Remember, with no hope of going down in the Lunar Lander, Armstrong and Aldrin were simply Lunar tourists in orbit, hoping to see whatever they could see if they were looking at the right place, at the right time.  As they provide the narration for the fake moonwalk films at the Johnson Space Center that day, their minds were free to wander back to their actual experience:

Bears? Shall we take a chance that THE BEAR is a slang term for Aldrin's fancy LU-MEN?

Odd structure in russian orbiter photo
Click photo to see original
The Tower is a legendary fixture on the Lunar surface, and in fact there may be multiple tower-like structures.  The photo at left came from a Russian orbiter, Zond 3.  It shows a massive object on the right horizon.  I have no idea if this is genuine.  The image was found on the EnterpriseMission site.  (see full image)  This is a site worth visiting, just for amazing graphics.  Of course, they don't have reversed speech to keep them on track as they try to puzzle out what's going on.

Another collector of space images and creator of interesting videos, Andrew Stec, supplied me with the two images you see below, said to be from another pre-Apollo Russian mission.  It appears to show a truly fantastic structure with foundations buried deep in a huge crater.  Unfortunately, while reversed speech is self-verifying, photos are not; so you never really know if you are looking at the real thing.  But I'll have to admit that if I had been in Armstrong's shoes, I'd have been looking for all these strange anomalies, too.  In addition to any sign of BEARS, of course.

Castle In Crater 1            

The Dome.  Aldrin was looking for something as well.  I suspect he felt it had historic significance.  An object large enough to be seen from low orbit which he called the EARTH DOME.  A dome which may have been used by people from Earth during some visit that pre-dates Apollo but does not appear in history books!  Depending on the "coloration" of your particular speakers or headphones, and if you slow the speech down quite a bit, the word "Polaris" seems to be hidden within the earth-dome RS.  Perhaps the dome had this as a formal name when it was constructed.  Unfortunately, we won't know who built it or why, until after the revolution.

Finally, the Apollo 11 press conference provides one more reference to an alien race living on the moon that is simply too specific to ignore.  I think Buzz Aldrin would have given anything he owned to be on the Lunar surface for a real flag-planting ceremony.  The fact that he couldn't sparked some very bitter reversed speech as he narrated the fake film in Houston:

Now you've got to admit this is getting pretty interesting.

Quadrupeds are animals that walk around on four legs.

Sounds like BEARS, don't you think?

III.  War On The Moon

At Houston's Space Center in 1969 there was a great deal of anguish for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as they forced themselves to complete a hoax that was a poor substitute for the great adventure they had dreamed of most of their lives.  Under incredible stress, it is no wonder their unconscious thought processes were literally boiling over with the issues that had prevented them from descending to the Lunar surface when that ultimate opportunity was right there in front of them.

Àrmstrong, the more pragmatic of the two, is at least glad that they were able to do their jobs in a professional manner and return home safely, despite the personal shame he felt at being involved in a hoax of global proportions.

Aldrin, on the other hand, can barely control his anger about the larger situation that made the hoax necessary in the first place.  Watching once again as the LEM begins it's mission without him, he provides the central fact of our secret history on the Moon, a totally concealed war with the beings that currently live there:

When I first heard this pair of reversals I tried every way I could think of to persuade myself that it was aliens fighting among themselves that made the Lunar surface a war zone.

Unfortunately, a matching piece of RS from Neil Armstrong firmly established the fact that "we" were one of the warring parties.  It's actually a neat case of word association.  Armstrong was once shown an important photograph of the Lunar surface, and at a key moment his unconscious mind is prompted to remember it by a couple of words in his narrative.

There is nothing in the Apollo Program material we've examined that indicates Apollo spacecraft were entering an active war zone.  I must conclude then, that the war had ended before the program began.  There is also no clue about what the objective of the war might have been.  However, you can now be quite confident in those stories of alien bases on the Moon, because it's clear that we carried out a nuclear strike on one of them and destroyed it.  Armstrong is letting us know he saw a photograph of the target, either before or after it was hit.

THE FIRST NUKES BUST IT also lets us know that multiple nukes were launched.  What happened to the other ones is unknown.  But the bad news, EARTH STIR SHIT, seems to be that the reaction to this attack, from what Aldrin describes as a TERRIBLE ENEMY, was much worse than expected.

Historically, we can probably place our war with E.T. in the mid 1960s.  This is the period in which we find what appears to be war-like activity by UFOs here on Earth.  What were the aliens doing?  Neutralizing nuclear weapons!

UFO circles missile warhead
Beam strikes warhead
These pictures are taken from a film that recorded the flight of a nuclear missile test, launched from Vandenberg AFB in California in 1964.  The missile's nose cone, carrying a dummy nuclear payload, has separated from the missile itself and is moving at about 8,000 miles an hour trailing a cloud of radar confusing chaff that looks like smoke.  A small UFO appears, circles the warhead, and fires a beam weapon at it three times.

This beam weapon has been reported in other sightings, and appears to disrupt or destroy the electronic circuitry of whatever it's fired at.  In 1967 a UFO disabled 10 nuclear tipped missiles in their silos at Malstrom AFB in Montana, one of the best documented attacks out of many.

Both of these incidents, and the film mentioned above, are featured in a surprisingly well done Larry King show (CNN), which you can watch simply by clicking on the picture.

IV.  The NAYA Peace Accord and Earth Quarantine

At this point in our investigation, which is pretty much over for now, we don't know much about the war itself.  There are some clues (below) indicating disastrous combat between ships, but with no details.  However, we do know that it ended badly, with a peace treaty between "Earth" and one or more alien races that has had major negative consequences for all mankind.

In our previous report that revealed how Apollo 11's Lunar lander went down to the surface empty, we found Buzz Aldrin complaining that he and Armstrong had to stay behind because that was "HOUSTON POLICY." I returned to that spot in the original press conference audio several times, hoping to find more information about this secret restriction.  As is usually the case, listening on a different day revealed that there was more RS content there than I had first thought.  Here is the same reversal set, with additional material that appeared before and after what I had originally found:

This was a stunning surprise.  If we read it literally, then NASA ruled out any actual landing by astronauts because the terms of a (named) peace agreement wouldn't allow it.  A peace treaty terminates a war, and this one has restrictions about people on the Moon, so I don't think there's any doubt about who the parties to the treaty are, or which war we are talking about.

Obviously, the most important part of the treaty for Apollo missions was an invisible KEEP OFF sign posted on the Moon, that NASA had no choice but to obey.  But is the Moon the whole story?

Once again it is Buzz Aldrin that supplies the additional information we need.  Only a few minutes earlier he had supplied actual key provision of the treaty during his narrative at the Apollo 11 press conference.  I hate to be the bearer of such horrible news, but here it is:

Well, there you have it.  Alien races are GIVING US THE PLANET EARTH.  What can we do with it?  JUST SIT ON IT.

So much for boldly going where no man has gone before, right?  No more Star Trek.  No more Sci-Fi.  And no words to express the depth of this incredible loss.

V.  How The Blockade is Enforced

By now you've probably heard many stories about manned spacecraft encountering a UFO at some point in their mission.  Well, of course they do.  You can't maintain a blockade without patrols.

In fact, the Apollo 11 mission had a UFO encounter that was openly admitted later, because an odd radio transmission couldn't easily be explained away.  This is NOT the shopworn fantasy about how the astronauts saw UFOs while they were on the Moon.  Since you now know for sure that the astronauts never set foot on the Moon, you have an easy response to anyone who tries to sell you that one.  "Who do you work for, and why are you lying to me?"

Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins were approached by a UFO soon after they left Earth orbit, an act that alerted the patrols that a possible breach of the quarantine was taking place.  Aldrin, watching the alien spacecraft through the Columbia's window, attempted to alert Houston by asking where the final stage of their Saturn rocket had ended up – implying that he might be looking at it.  Of course they all knew that the S4B was thousands of miles away.

Aldrin was interviewed about this UFO encounter not too long ago for some sort of documentary.  Click here to view the segment that ended up on YouTube.  The presentation seems to be saying, yes these things happen but they don't have any significance.  Reversed speech tells a different story:

This is just too funny.  Apollo 11, just beginning its journey to the moon, BUSTED!  by the cops.  But of course it had its not so funny side as well.  Aldrin discloses the other ship was close enough to hit them with a missile, and you can hear the relief and amazement in his voice when he recalls that HE JUST LET US GO.

The most significant part of the encounter, never revealed before, was that the alien ship actually fired a warning shot with its BEAM weapon.  This was a clear statement that if they broke the rules Apollo 11 would be destroyed.

As Aldrin continues to discuss encountering a possibly hostile alien spacecraft, he gives us a brief glimpse of just how helpless our own spacecraft were in their battle with the aliens.  LOSING SHIPS THERE, and JUST FALLING, OUT THERE are reversals that paint a bleak picture, indeed.

We also see another feature of the treaty that ended the war, and even Aldrin's unconscious has difficulty expressing it .  The treaty (LAW) requires that Earth craft must be unarmed.  (MUST – NO GUN)

And finally, in the segment below, Aldrin introduces us to a second alien race, THE EEVAD.  I will assume it is one of their patrol craft that threatened them that day, and the EEVAD were the ones enforcing the blockade at that time.  The interesting thing is that Aldrin seems to know something about these people, telling us THEY ADORE MUSIC.  So if you ever run into one of these guys you might keep your i-pod handy.

VI.  Conclusion

If we can ever catch the people who involved us in a war with a superior alien culture – and ended up with humanity forbidden to set foot on any other planetary body – then as far as I'm concerned they should be hanged.  With great ceremony.  Sadly, most of them will be dead by now, and beyond our reach.  However, their heirs and successors are still there, totally corrupt, and perhaps one day soon humankind can wake up and do what is necessary.

Do you suppose this is the reason that our Illuminati "masters" don't want us to know the truth about UFOs?

Ken Welch

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