Saigon East:  The U.S. Embassy In Baghdad Will Control The New Oil Empire.
The Largest Diplomatic Mission On Planet Earth, It Costs $1.8 Billion A Year To Run


On February 14th and 15th, Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff did a fast tour of our friends and allies in Middle East and conducted several press events.  These were not for broadcast within the U.S, but the Pentagon Channel offered short clips and I decided we might get lucky.  From Cairo I'd hoped to hear the segment in which Mulllin reportedly denied having any plans to attack Iran, but all we got was a brief discussion of planned troop reductions in Iraq.  This is an interesting topic in itself, because we’ve known for some time that the US has no intention of ever leaving Iraq.

Not only is Iraq the cornerstone of the new oil empire, but the Houston based oil cartel that owns and controls the Pentagon cannot extract and sell all that Iraqi oil in an environment that is not safe.  US troops will have to stay in Iraq for decades.  Nonetheless, Washington has been claiming for some time that we plan to leave.

I.  Mullen In Cairo

In the sound clip below, Adm. Mike Mullen repeats the claim of significant troop reductions, but in reversed speech makes it clear that this is pure fantasy.

As you can see, the evidence of LYING is quite clear.

We believe Mullen’s lies probably concern both the present and the near future.  In the present, the actual number of troops in Iraq may be something quite different from the 100,000 that Mullen claims.  Beyond that, there is an additional army of contractors and mercenaries.  So this could be one part of the lies.  The future draw-down is a lie also; a lie that we’ve run across before.

Mullen knows that Gambit and The Show will cancel out the planned troop withdrawals.  We are expecting from one to three nukes in Iraq during The Show, to neutralize anti-Cartel forces there and this alone, on “humanitarian” grounds, may actually call for the U.S. force there to grow rather than shrink.

The evidence of FEAR is important.  In previous attempts, we have always noted that fear begins to increase among the key players as the time for Gambit approaches.  There is nothing quite as frightening to the soul as the impending use of nuclear weapons when you will be the first and only one to use them.

II.  Mullen In Israel Refines Attack Plans

On the following day Adm. Mullen met with Israel's Defense Minister and his staff.  Since we know what is actually in the works, we assumed that details were being fleshed out for Gambit and The Show.  Would our agent in the Pentagon confirm this?  It seemed unlikely since all we got were three or for sentences from the Pentagon Channel.  However, although Mullen didn't actually name GAMBIT, we still found interesting reversals that pointed to the same topic.

The subconscious rarely wastes words.  Finding these reversals attached to one another, all in the same forward phrase, paints a quick picture of what’s going on.  Mullen and his hosts have been refining their war plans to produce a BETTER WAR.  In the reversed speech, NUKE IT follows immediately.

It’s ironic, I think, that even though the American public is being prepared to accept Iran as a military target, no one has ever even hinted that nukes might be used.  Yet nuclear weapons are the only means available that would allow a relatively small force to walk in afterward and occupy Iran’s oil fields.

Occasionally we find overlapping reversals, as shown above.  This website was the first to report and demonstrate that multiple unconscious thought processes may sometimes try to speak at once.  SNEAK IT has multiple connotations.  I’m confident that the connection to “sneak attack” is fairly strong, over and above the fact that Mullen might be seen as SNEAKING around.

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