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In last Friday's report on Armageddon II, we noted George Bush had been told that the nuclear-tipped missile intended to trigger the invasion of Iran was "ready to launch." We also noted that the only indications we had regarding any date pointed to that very weekend.

Like everyone else, we waited to see what would happen, but news from Gaza (if you could find any) actually seemed less warlike than the previous week.  As I learned this morning from audio collected on Friday, the date may have referred to the false-flag operation moving to its final phase.  One thing remains certain: the deadly climax at the end of this new phase is still to come.

The weekend also caused some discussion here at The Project about our expectations for the fictional scenario that the various governments and their captive news networks will wrap around the surprise nuclear blast over Israeli territory once it takes place.  The Gaza situation is simply not following the same script we saw in Lebanon, or in later operations either.  Even more puzzling has been the enormous manipulation of broadcast news, which also is not following the game-plan we expected to see.

After all, what's the point of spending money and lives to create a dramatic Gaza backdrop for The Show if you don't let anyone see it?

You'll see our surprising answer to that question in ARMAGEDDON MISSILE TO TRANSFORM INAUGURATION - AND OBAMA, the next report in this series.

On this page I'll keep the reversed speech we pick up between now and the time to start a fresh page.  If you are not sure about what Reversed Speech is, or how we obtain it, check out the link at the top of the page.

I.  The Release Message

Nuclear weapons have their own rules and procedures, and even a covert operation expected to remain ultra-secret forever must follow the rules.  I don't have the rule book myself, and I'm sure it's kept secret as well.  But after watching these guys go through the same steps a number of times, some rules are fairly clear.

First and foremost, nukes are the most valuable thing on the planet.  Not only are they always kept secure, they remain in the care and custody of experts until the very last moment before they are to be used.  Supposedly, only the President can authorize the release of a nuke into the hands of a military officer who has orders to use it.  The "release message" is thus a key element, a milestone you might say, in these false-flag nuke plots we've been following all along.

In February, 2006, it was Dick Cheney who blurted out (in RS) that the bomb that was to be used in the first attempt at Texas City had been RELEASED to the team that would hide it on a ship docked near the port's oil terminal.  (See Russian Nuke Traced to Texas, p.2)

In July of that year it was Tony Blair that informed us the same bomb that had then been shipped to Israel had been RELEASED. (See August 2006 War Warning Sorry, this link is unavailable
while we reorganize the site.

In November 2007 it was Ben Bernanke who told us BUSH RELEASED IT before we even knew what the new target was!  (See Iran Invasion Recycled.  This is the one where Bush complains that we caught him every time.)

Last Friday we had no release message for the current operation.  One would think this would be a critical piece of evidence, and it certainly is.  Still, we are lucky (blessed, I think) to find what we do, whenever we can.  The missile we've been tracking could have been released over the holidays, for instance, and with no one speaking before the public there would have been no way for us to pick it up.

As luck would have it, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has now let us know that the nuclear-armed missile intended for Armageddon II has just been officially released to the team that will actually launch it.  Listen to the sound clip below:

Brown's reversals from last week make it clear that he is expecting a nuclear detonation (Hiroshima).  With the missile's release, all we can do is psychologically prepare ourselves for the first use of nuclear weapons for corporate profit.  How far beyond Iran the chaos will spread is still unknown.

II.  Another Fake Bin Laden Tape

Tapes from Al Qaeda leaders are normally issued prior to a false-flag attempt to build up the legend surrounding the event if it is succesful.  So I was expecting one when it appeared on January 14, six days before the Obama inauguration.

After waiting patiently, I was able to download the new "Bin Laden tape" from one of Uncle Sam's official disinformation sites, "Laura Mansfield."  This is the site that once committed the blunder of releasing a similar tape to the public before it was posted on any of those mysterious "islamic websites."

Like ALL the Bin Laden tapes and videos this one is a fake.  Reverse it, and all you get are the English language thoughts of an army propaganda specialist doing a job he doesn't enjoy.  On this one, the script calls for Holy War against Israel (because of Gaza).  If they end up blaming the false flag missile on Al Qaeda, then this tape will be part of the evidence.

Sound on this Bin Laden tape is really bad.  Take a look:

Graphic of sound forms

The example shows decent sound on the left, sound from the Bin Laden tape on the right.  Occassionally, the psy-ops boys go through a phase in which they want to show Arabs as incompetent.  Not only did they create audio this time that is so bad it's barely understandable when played normally, they even "accidentally" included a segment of a radio broadcast in the middle of the speech, just to make it look like the producer didn't know how to operate his equipment!

In the first example below, I've taken two segments from the tape and simply show all the reversals that were present.  You can see that we are dealing with a very verbose "stream of consciousness" that is almost random.  The whole tape is like this.  Happily, there is so much material like this that you can assemble quite a good picture of who this guy is, and what his life is like.

I've worked to clean up the sound but you can only do so much with a really bad source.  You may not be able to hear these reversals unless you turn up your volume and follow along on the written list:

The kid who's pretending to be Bin Laden is not happy with his job, and refers to himself as a SLUT.  He seems to be in a confined area with limited resources, perhaps a compound of sorts, and definitely not inside the U.S.  He worries about how he will support himself when he leaves the Army, and wonders if his wife can support him while he goes back to school.

I originally thought he didn't know much about the Missile poised to launch over Israel.  As I dug deeper, though, it turned out that he understood the basics quite well.  This included the fact that it had a nuclear warhead, and represented the hopes of military people he thinks of as "nuke-war nuts." At a number of points his unconscious voice threw in comments like TERRIBLE, and HORRIBLE.

Note the photo below, taken from the video image that was superimposed over the audio track.  Bin Laden, right?  No, not at all.  Remember, I told you ALL the Bin Laden material was faked from day one.  That includes the original videos which were produced before 9-11 to create the Bin Laden and Zawahiri legends.  Those were also fakes.  The actor who was chosen to play Bin Laden had a terrific face, though, and that's what the world ended up with.  He's gone now, for whatever reason, but his face was so distinctive that they've never been able to find a believable replacement.

So let's hear what "the kid" knows about the Armageddon Missile.  Remember, the audio was recorded at least a week before it was finally available for download, and that dates it just before the Gordon Brown material above.

The word that sounds like RAW is unknown to me.  I've heard RAW MISSILE once before, though, so I'm assuming it has meaning.  It might be short for Remote Activated Weapon.  On the other hand, your guess is just as good as mine.  Perhaps someone will find a useable reference for us.

III.  Brown In Egypt Jan 18: Gambit Still On

On Sunday (1/18) a group of national leaders joined up at a Gaza conference in Egypt where they announced that the Gaza situation seemed to be solved.  A number of them then went on to Israel as far as I can make out.  Gordon Brown did a live speech from the conference that appeared on BBC, and gave me the chance to get up-to-the-minute information on the Armageddon plan.  Was it still running?  Were there any changes?

Brown's speech reversals tell us that as of Sunday, the operation was still on.  I was pleased to see it viewed as a gift to Houston (the Oil Cartel that has sponsored the whole show).  Ironically, Brown seemed very concerned about the secrecy of the operation (NOTHING MAY GET OUT) when he is the one who is providing our best information these days!  In fact, by his odd reversal on the word "mobilization" I think he even confirmed my theory that getting Israel mobilized for The Show was the true reason for the Gaza invasion in the first place.

There was also some more information about "the vessel" again, and I'm assuming this is the ship that has the missile hidden on board.  Apparently they did such a bad job of docking that they almost ruined everything.  I'll save that sound clip for later, when it might be helpful in filling in post-attack details.

In the meantime it's been announced that all the nastiness in Gaza is over and that good things will now be happening there.  This will make the perceived attackers (al Qaeda?) seem all the more inhuman when they break the peace by firing off the missile.

Finally, you know how the networks always have their "military experts" on hand to make sure we are all looking in the right direction when nasty events are underway.  A story in the Jerusalem Post today informed us that a group of these experts will already be on location in Israel to guide our thinking if the Armageddon missile is actually fired tomorrow or the next day.

According to the story, "They want to be on the ground to see for themselves - not only what's transpired in Gaza but to take a keen look at what comes next."

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