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It's been over two weeks since we expected to see a false-flag nuclear blast over some sparsely populated beach-front property in Israel.  Evidence from reversed speech strongly suggests that key players in this game of global conquest expected the balloon to go up on Obama +2, or January 22.  Although we didn’t yet know what the reasons were for delaying Armageddon, Navy Intelligence Management (the Nimmers) moved quickly to reassure their co-conspirators that the nuclear-tipped false flag missile would in fact be used – sooner or later.

The missile we’ve been tracking was called the RAW missile by the U.S. military propaganda specialist who created that last Bin Laden tape.  Since that was the second time I’d run across the phrase in RS I included it in the January 13th report.  There are some pretty sharp people among our expanding readership, and if I ask for help with something, I stand a pretty good chance of getting it.  I soon learned that RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing, the silly but quite official name of India’s secret intelligence service.

As you may know, Pakistan is showing signs of heavy destabilization efforts, perhaps intended to end with incorporation into Houston’s new Oil Empire in the Middle East.  Pakistani journalists have recently claimed that an alliance has been formed between the CIA, Mossad, and RAW, and that a lot of high strangeness within their borders can be traced to this new axis of evil.  While this remains to be proven, India would naturally have a strong interest in any operation that would deal a major blow to the more militant or overly obnoxious factions within Islam.  The destruction of Iran would go a long way toward that end.  So it is no surprise to discover that India is the source of the off-the-books missile that is the centerpiece for Armageddon II.

I.  The Inauguration Clock

In our last report I described the scenario we expected to see, and linked it to the Obama inauguration.  Whoever is controlling this operation (presumably Houston, but with veto power from London and Wall Street) has attempted to get around reversed speech this time by keeping the target date and other key details very vague or completely secret – even from the White House.  Of course, we'd been amply warned that those nasty ol' terrorists would "test" Obama at the earliest possible moment.

The man who seemed the most fascinated by the current Armageddon Plot was UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.  Every time we checked him we found more speech reversals describing the anticipated event.  Still, he could never express an actual date for us.

But all these players (and there are hundreds of them) simply had to have some idea of the time frame, otherwise preparation would have been impossible.  Although they’ve been trying to bring off Gambit for many months, I’m positive that the inauguration ceremony lit the fuse on this particular attempt, and everyone understood this.  The clock was ticking from the moment Obama appeared on that platform at the Capitol.  On the very next day, Gordon Brown endured a grueling session of Prime Minister’s Questions, a regularly scheduled parliamentary fist-fight that would terrify any U.S. chief executive.

On January 21st even Gordon Brown was frightened.  The overriding topic of discussion would be the economic nightmare overtaking the UK, and there was no way to avoid it.  Brown knows full well that if the people ever discover that the crisis was deliberately manufactured, while rescue measures that could actually help them were carefully avoided, then Brown and his cronies would be lucky to get out alive.  But he must put on his brave face.  LAUGHING THROUGH MY FEAR showed up in his opening remarks.

When I recorded the audio from the BBC source, I didn’t expect that reversed speech would find much of value.  The discussion seemed totally confined to economic events.  Toward the end, however, a question came up about some illegal financial dealings with Iran, and this gave Brown just a few moments to focus on the Middle East.  Although it would be another week before I could work with it, that's where I found the final example of anticipation for the Inauguration-timed attack:

I also found a reversal of a type that is not currently recognized as valid because we see so few of them.  They need almost no slowing to be understood, and when you do slow them down (to verify their consistency) then tend to disappear or, as in this case, additional sounds and syllables show up that would normally invalidate what you’ve found.  Still, too many of these show up with a very strong connection to a thought stream that you’ve already detected.  In this case, the reversed phrase appears near the beginning of Brown’s speech and, until you slow it down, is clearly “TOMORROW’S PERFECT.” Until I have gathered more research on this type of reversal, I can’t offer it as valid.  It’s nice to think it applies, but I’ll have to rely on material from Washington the following day (below) that simply shows that a change took place in everyone’s expectations.

II.  Navy Puts A Hold On Armageddon Plot

Several commentators have noted the increased presence of military people in and around the White House.  The Navy of course knows where all the skeletons are buried, particularly regarding 9-11 and the phoney War Of Terror.  On January 22nd, Obama +2, recently retired Admiral Dennis Blair appeared before a Senate confirmation hearing for his new position as Director of National Intelligence.

I can’t count how many times Washington VIPs have told us via reversed speech that the whole War on Terror scenario is a massive hoax.  Hitler referred to this sort of campaign as the “Big Lie” and touted it for it’s effectiveness.  Imagine, a lie SO BIG that no one ever thinks to question it!  And of course Hitler was right; it really, really works.

Blair confesses up front in his confirmation hearing that the fundamental story-line of shadowy terrorist networks that endanger America and are the supposed cause of our unprecedented military expansion into the Middle East and western Asia, is pure hogwash.  Blair, of course, has signed on to the program, so he’ll be shoveling the same B.S. as everyone else in Washington.

Of course, the big news in Blair’s testimony, almost certainly from a message he just received, is that Navy Intelligence Management (the 9-11 masterminds) has suddenly announced last-minute concerns about firing the Armgeddon Missile:

After so many disappointments, it’s no wonder that the Nimmers have had to PROMISE that they will indeed launch the missile when the time is right.  Unfortunately, we may not find out what “the doubt” actually referred to, or how it was resolved.

GAMBIT is the code named plan we’ve followed for three years, which mandates the detonation of a nuclear weapon on friendly territory to justify the invasion of Iran and theft of the Iranian oil reserves.  For the moment, GAMBIT and the Armageddon Plot are one and the same.  Blair is affirming for us that the plan is still viable, and still running.

Still, it would be nice to get a better understanding of what has caused the delay.

III.  A Failed Test – The Truth Comes Out

It was several weeks after the Obama inauguration that I discovered a brief video clip covering VP Joe Biden’s appearance at a so-called “Security Conference” in Munich, Germany.  This took place on February 7 and it appears that Biden had finally been briefed on why there was no nuclear blast at the promised time.

As you can plainly hear, the Navy Intel Management conspirators (NIMMERS) ran a last minute test on their India-supplied missile and decided they’d better not launch it.  After so many failures it is no wonder that Biden thinks the Nimmers don’t have what it takes to get the job done (NO MOXIE).

Nonetheless, he seems to feel that Gambit, the false-flag nuke scenario, can be salvaged and will launch when the time is right.

It’s interesting to me that Biden fully understands the key aspects of this particular Gambit plan, a nuclear warhead launched by a missile to achieve an air burst over the target (HIGH ARROW), and recognizes that it is SICK and SINFUL.  Yet he will quietly go along with it.  What terrible hold do the great Cartels have over these men that they willingly participate in plans they know are truly evil?

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