During our hunt for additional information on the plan to detonate a nuclear device near Houston, Texas, and blame it on Iran, we examined as many public appearances of Bush officials as we could find.  Bush himself supplied the earliest confirmation that the Russian device was "our" nuke, in a December 17th press conference.  On February 22nd, we found him wondering about the best place he might go for the big event, while mentally rehearsing the steps he would take to personally fire the weapon, and his determination to do exactly that.  (See page three of the Texas Nuke report)

We had hoped to get even more information from Bush but, as many Reversed Speech researchers have noted, he is a difficult RS subject.  His reversals are usually short, fast, and relatively rare as if his unconscious processes are restricted in some way.  Generally it is assumed this may be the result of the extensive substance abuse reported in his biography.  But on February 27th, only five days after we observed him really getting "in the groove" for personally nuking an American city, this unconscious restriction suddenly lifted and for a short time George W. Bush became "normal".

The event was a ten minute appearance at the National Governors Conference.  Many of the state governors had met with Junior the night before in an informal session that was "private".  Now, on the following day, they were assembled in the White House's State Dining Room for a session on camera.  At the appropriate moment Bush bounced into the room for the official pep-talk.  However, this was a very different George W. Bush from the one we normally see.

This was a happy Bush.  A warm and friendly Bush.  A very relaxed Bush.

Is this a President who only moments before was snorting cocaine up his nose? Listen to the Audio clip below and decide for yourself.



National Governors Conference
Februrary 27, 2006

Reversals featured in this sound clip:

Fwd:  ".Good morning. Thanks for coming.  I enjoyed it last night, I hope you did, too.  It was a lot of fun."



(Revised) This story was a little late in appearing, but readers knew we had been concentrating our attention elsewhere.  Late or not, we still feel it has national significance.  It was also published as a last ditch attempt to get more readers for the Nuke story, because no one around Houston was very interested in being vaporized or otherwise inconvenienced.

Stories of Bill Clinton's cocaine habit and the damage it did to his nose and throat reached legendary proportions during his time in the White House.  The Bush team, with near total control of national media, have been able to maintain the illusion that Junior is squeaky clean, despite a growing perception that there is something very wrong with the man.

Personally, I don't care what he sucks up his nose.  However, it is certainly alarming to think that the man with his finger on the nuclear button, is a common dope head.  This was even more upsetting when the imperial trigger finger was pointed at my neighbors in the Houston area.

If you haven't read the Texas Nuke story, and listened to the speech reversals, you are missing out on the story of the year.  Click the link below and enjoy.  The best work is toward the end, so be sure to go through all three pages.

One thing we wondered about after we found this story was how the President was getting his coke.  Did he send out the Secret Service to visit some pusher in a seedier section of D.C., or did the CIA simply send it over with each morning's reports? Well, it turns out that after the change in administrations, the locus for semi-official drug traffic also changed.  You may recall that during the Clinton era, all the juiciest drug news focused on a small airport at Mena, Arkansas.  Clinton also had a brother who figured prominently in the circulating stories about cocaine in large amounts.

According to the Mad Cow Morning News, reporting on the accidental discovery of ELEVEN THOUSAND POUNDS of cocaine in an airplane owned by folks who are rather prominent in current Republican circles, the new hub for high-level drug smuggling after Bush took office is the tiny airport at Venice, Florida, within the area controlled by the President's brother, Jeb Bush.  This is the same airport that figures in the stories about some of the 9/11 hijackers.

So far, no one has offered a guess at how many trips this airplane made before it was caught.  It seems a reasonable guess at this point that not only would the President have no trouble getting all the cocaine he wants, but there must be so much of it in Washington by now that at government buildings like the White House they can simply give it away at the front door.

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