Hamas rockets launch from a defiant Gaza



Six weeks ago I posted a report showing that the U.S. was preparing to make yet another try at using a false-flag nuclear event in the Middle East to trigger the nuclear destruction and invasion of Iran.  The purpose for this is to use taxpayers' dollars to seize Iranian oil reserves for the Oil Cartel that has owned and operated the White House and Pentagon for several decades (see: Iran Invasion: Evidence Mounts).  In that report and a previous one, I demonstrated for readers that Obama was aware of the plan and reasonably OK with it.  Speech reversals from George Bush showed that the plan was proceeding well - so far.  But I've lost track of how many times Washington has tried this stunt, and failed miserably each time.  9-11 was their only success, and that's been seven long years ago.

The report was posted on November 25, and continued examination of reversed speech from the White House and other high level sources showed increasing confidence in the operation.  "Christmas" often appeared in RS from those who were inadvertently leaking their awareness of the ongoing preparations.  Unfortunately, the date never appeared within a "smoking gun" phrase that would prove it was the target date, although personally I'm convinced it was.

I.  Remember: It's All About Oil.. And Corporate Profits $$$

On December first we learned from Obama's pick for National Security Advisor, retired General Jim Jones, that he had been given "the Gambit Report" (code name for the false-flag nuke concept) and he was apparently thrilled with it.

His work over the last year or so for an NGO (ie. A Corporate Trojan Horse) led many news writers to speculate that he is an Oil Cartel agent.  (Article   Article)  But there is no need to guess.  Seven months ago he was elected to the board of directors of Chevron Corporation.

Gen. Jones was the Commandant of the Marine Corps at the time of 9-11 and later the senior allied commander in Europe.  He retired from the Marine Corps in early 2007.  He is supposed to have declined several opportunities for command in Bush's Terror War.  While he might seem to be a good choice for his new post in the Obama administration, his belief that mass murder is a moral imperative indicates that he is seriously twisted, to say the least.  Clearly he is not the type of man you would want living in your neighborhood, let alone serving in government.

Obama, who is simply George Bush in blackface, was put in the White House to be the "talking head" that ushers in the next phase of what has been called the New World Order.  According to the timetable, the conquest of Iran should already have taken place.  This is why Obama basically ignored Iran during history's longest presidential campaign.  One of the primary assignments for the Obama administration is to enlarge the Terror War and add Afghanistan to the Cartel's growing empire.

Because of his work in promoting the energy industry, there was speculation that Jim Jones might be a candidate for Energy Secretary.  However, if you dig a little deeper you'll find that he is actually a major promoter and architect of the new campaign to bring Afghanistan into the empire.

II.  Prayer Time at the White House

Going into December I expected that we would pick up more and more details of this current reincarnation of Gambit, and end up with a pretty good grasp of what was going to happen.  In fact, we found more references to a new missile that would apparently replace the Scud that Bush had to watch being blown up on the big screen at NSA headquarters in October.  (See Election War Plan Collapses) We also saw a surprising increase in words such as ship, vessel, even "slow boat" suggesting that at least one device, was being moved into position by ship.  But then something went wrong.

Speech reversals from the usual suspects lost their aura of anticipation and confidence.  In fact, Bush and others were shifting into prayer mode, wishing and hoping that an apparently-blocked operation could get going again.  Try as we might, I and other reversed speech researchers could not find a clue about what had gone wrong!  If there had been some kind of failure, the anger and disappointment would have supplied RS evidence all over the place.  It was only by noting the movements of the key players, that the true picture finally emerged.

The city of Mumbai, India, was attacked on November 26, the day after our report was posted.  A check on Bush with reversed speech made it clear that the incident was not our doing and had come as a surprise.  During the following two weeks there were an amazing number of "surprise visits" and urgent travel by key players, matching the levels we've seen before during the preparation stage for a Gambit attempt.  Yet Gambit was apparently stalled.  Gambit's chief architect, and the man most responsible for making it happen, is Adm. Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.  When he abandoned his desk to mediate between India and Pakistan, it was clear that it was Mumbai that had fouled up his project.

Gambit and The Show, a term that seems to describe both the scenario in which Gambit will take place and the moves that will lead to the invasion of Iran, are a delicate and finely crafted design.  It simply cannot take place in an uncontrolled environment.  Imagine how chaotic it would be to run such a campaign side by side with a war between India and Pakistan.  Air space for thousands of miles would become a free-fire zone, allied aircraft would be shooting at each other, and nuclear weapons, the really big kind, could be going off with no warning at all.  What a mess that would be!

When Mullen returned from his second trip to Pakistan and reported success at either bribing or threatening the potential combatants into some semblance of calm, I faced a dilemma.  All of our RS indicated that Gambit had not failed, but was simply marking time while some issue was resolved.  Most likely it could move forward with just a phone call from Mullen.  The problem for us was that the Christmas and New Year holidays were about to produce the annual black-out of live speeches.  There would be no way to use reversed speech to figure out what was going on.

After some consultation with others I raised our alert status to Red, and sent out a War WarningSorry, this link is unavailable
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on December 26.  Two days later, the Israelis began bombing Gaza.

III.  The Armageddon Plot - Again

Israel's attack on Gaza, the world's largest prison camp, reminded almost everyone of their ruthless attack on Lebanon two years ago (see example).  At that time, few people saw any sense in the destruction and world-wide horror was the dominant reaction.  Except, of course, in certain areas where goofy Zionist propaganda reigns supreme:

MissileFiends.jpg - 23819 Bytes

Only Ken-Welch.Com readers understood that they were witnessing the opening act of what we soon began calling the Armageddon Plot - the conspiracy that has refused to die.

The seemingly endless destruction in Lebanon was intended to set the stage for Gambit, when a false-flag nuke could easily be sold as the response of some enraged Islamic organization that probably obtained the weapon from Iran.  The nuking and invasion of Iran would quickly follow and Junior could finally say truthfully, "mission accomplished."

Our coverage of those dramatic times is preserved in this report from 2006:

      Middle East War - Story Behind The StorySorry, this link is unavailable
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The outcome of all that death and destruction in Lebanon was an apparent defeat for the Israel, but only the White House and the upper levels at the Pentagon knew what a disaster it really was.  A cobbled-together missile carrying a small tactical nuke was to be launched from the deck of a submarine off the Israeli coast.  But Gambit had to be cancelled literally at the last moment because of some kind of accident when the crew was struggling to get the missile onto the launcher.  One source indicated that they dropped it, while another seemed to suggest it fell of the launcher.  There was also a threat from China, but that's a different story.

The map below shows Junior's primary assignment when he was put in the White House, and of course Obama, answering to the same employers, must begin wherever Bush is finally forced to stop.  The current operation is the last chance to take Iran before Obama would have to take responsibility for it.

Map of middle east

IV.  Gaza Bombing Revealed As Part Of "The Show"

photo: Livni
Twenty-five years ago Israel's foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, was based in Paris as an agent for Mossad during the period in which they were hunting down and killing "terrorists" all over Europe.  Two weeks ago, when no western leaders were speaking before a microphone, Livni was on the news almost every day defending Israel's bombing of Gaza, and glossing over the extraordinary number of civilians being killed or maimed on a daily basis.

Reversing her speech provided the usual references to known elements of Gambit including the missile and the importance of a ship or vessel.  Time permitting, I'll post some of them here, but I didn't feel they provided the smoking gun I was looking for.

Of more interest were several statements made by VIP’s to reporters that boldly claimed the Gaza operation was merely the tip of the iceberg, or that the campaign was for a much bigger prize than lesser mortals suspected.  You didn’t need reversed speech to see that some people couldn’t keep their lips zipped once the game had started.

The fellow who seemed to best confirm the fact that Gaza was a replay of the 2006 Gambit script in Lebanon was Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev.  Confronted by an aggressive interviewer on BBC, Regev inadvertently established the connection I was looking for:

So there you have it.  The Gaza campaign is part of THE SHOW, the dramatic scenario that sets the stage for a false-flag nuclear event, and then climaxes with the destruction of Iran and the transfer of Iran's oil reserves to a cartel of international corporations.  And all of it on wide-screen prime time television if they can manage it.  Israeli forces don't actually have a particular objective in mind, they're simply FAKING IT.

And what are they discussing at the highest levels of the Israeli government during the continuing carnage?  "Hey, don't forget the last time we did this those stupid Americans dropped the damn missile!"

V.  Timing

As the new year arrived the opportunites for reversed speech expanded dramatically.  After all, you can't keep a politician away from microphones for long.  Our contributor Aquarius let me know that the U.K.'s PM, Gordon Brown, had released a New Years message, and shortly after that he'd done a short interview about Gaza.  Both soundtracks revealed good reversals, he said.

It didn't take long to discover that Gordon Brown had indeed spilled the beans.

I don't believe I've ever found a more straight-forward indication of what someone is expecting to happen.  I've combed through hundreds of reversals in the last two months, and none are as revealing as SOON - NUKE - WAR.  We'll have to nominate Brown for Best Enemy Asset.

I had promised myself that I would not go all out until I had either a firm hit on the location that is the target of the missile, or a really strong indication of the timing.  None the less, the following hit from Junior convinced me that I simply couldn't wait any longer to take action.  Bush's photo-op was on Monday, January 5th, but I didn't find the reversals until Wednesday, which was just two days ago.

READY TO LAUNCH is self explanatory.  HIDING IT IN THE SHOW most likely refers to the whole Gambit operation, which is essentially invisible.  The action in Gaza is so convincing that it is difficult for most people to entertain the idea that it is merely preparing a global audience for something else.

My only real clues about timing, Brown's "week", which could be a generalization, and THEIR SUNDAY which is awfully thin.  Bush mentions Condi Rice in the same breath, there's a reasonble chance he's thinking that Condi was "there Sunday" and we just don't happen to know where that was.  On the other hand, if we take it as I've written it, then we can assume that he's thinking about the Jewish sabbath, or the Islamic Sabath.  That means either Saturday or Friday and we have no way to tell which one it is.

But this is often the dilemma in this kind of work.  You want stronger information, but you reach a point where you simply can't afford to ignore lesser items that could very well be perfectly good.

The point is this.  I may have erred in thinking I had the target date, but the fact that the Armageddon Plot is going to succeed or fail in a very short time is solid reality.  Let's all keep in mind, too, that as far as this item is concerned, the old saying that no news is good news is exactly right!

And speaking of news, television coverage in the U.S. of the Gaza battle stopped rather abruptly after a CNN reporter mentioned on Monday (1/5) that a third of the Palestinian casualties that day were children.  If it wasn't for the announcement today that neither Israel nor Hamas intended to observe the U.N. demand for a cease-fire, one would think the battle was over.  For now, you must go to a site like CLG News to get the real story.  This is distinctly different from the Lebanon affair, in which the strongly pro-Israel propaganda networks did a U-Turn for a month and actually encouraged anger at the Zionists.  It would have made the Gambit story all the more convincing.

This time it seems they don't care that much about opinion here at home. Perhaps they feel that Americans are now so conditioned to see Islamic people as crazy-dangerous that no cover story is needed inside the U.S. to set the stage for the false-flag event.  And they're pretty busy right now building Obama's image as the country's savior facing increasingly bad odds against saving anything at all.

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