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After several years of no activity I have decided that, and the Reversed Speech truth-revealing project behind it, must be resurrected.  The site is eleven years old this month and I and one volunteer are working hard to update everything after moving it to new servers.  We are converting everything to WordPress.  This will have lots of advantages (I even get this blog!) but the conversion of hand-written HTML pages to the new format is a really nasty task.  In fact, the amount of work involved in modernizing the site was one of the factors that contributed to the long period of dormancy.

Because of the conversion not everything on the site works properly.  Needless to say we are working on that – and hope for your patience.  Neither of us knows anything about blogging or the WordPress platform.  Our focus right now is on converting the many world-class, even legendary, reports to the new format so they can be accessed and enjoyed easily.  I’ll discuss our plans for the site and some of its history in future posts, but for now I should cover the TWO REASONS why the site is being revived.



Because Reversed Speech is the ultimate lie detector, the reports our project generated are the only source of accurate information about key events that rocked the world in the first decade of the 21st century.  After discussions with some long-time allies I’ve been persuaded that this information, which may be the only remaining source of truth on the web, simply cannot be lost.  There MUST be place where people can go to learn the truth.

The Internet today, all major media, and pretty much everyone you might interact with, are totally immersed in a well controlled fantasy. This fantasy portrays a world that simply does not exist.  It includes false versions of our history, current events, the way society and government work, and even who you are and what you can expect in life.  All of it completely and very deliberately false.  If you are a new visitor to, then you are totally immersed in The Matrix.  (See the Film!)  For you, this website is truly a red pill / blue pill opportunity.



During my years of doing Reversed Speech on public figures I often picked up hints of plans and programs that could have a devastating impact on the future.  Usually coming in small snippets of information, there was simply not enough to create a full-scale report.  Sometimes they were picked up years apart.  But once you put it all together you can get a pretty good idea of what’s coming and it is a very ugly picture.

As soon as the site is put together in its new format I will begin reporting on major threats that are quite likely to effect you and your family.  I will also attempt to recruit other Reversed Speech practitioners to join the Project as well.  I am terribly afraid that we are arriving late to the party.  But I can only promise to do my best in the time remaining.

Best wishes to all,

Ken Welch in Houston

You Really CAN Fight Back

I know it seems like there is nothing you can do to fight the overwhelming corruption we see in western governments today.  After all, they don’t call it the New World Order for nothing.  It’s huge, it has unlimited resources, and it rigidly controls the media AND the majority of on-line conversation.  Yet they are still deathly afraid of YOU.

No, you don’t want to attend meetings, go to protests, get your picture taken, or meet any trigger-happy cops.… Read the rest

What are Ken’s Archives? Got a better name?

We really need another name for these! Reports in the Archives are at the first visible stage of being moved from the old website to the new one. The old website now exists on the hard drive of my volunteer webmaster. The reports it contains simply won’t display correctly on our new platform. So, we are simply bringing them along in stages. The name does NOT mean that the report is old and dusty and of little value!… Read the rest


Before we can resume reporting on the shadow world that is revealed by reversed speech, we have to get the website up and running again.

The original was literally hand-coded in HTML, most of which I had to learn on the fly.  We were in an emergency situation, with the documented threat of a nuclear detonation about sixty miles to our south (See the Russian Nuke story), and getting the information out was the only way to save a lot of lives.… Read the rest

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