Use Of HAARP On Lebanese Civilians Confirmed


Use Of HAARP On Lebanese Civilians Confirmed

by  Ken Welch in Houston

Posted Thursday August 24, 2006 recently reported that HAARP was used in southern Lebanon to produce bouts of nausea in the civilian population.  Confirmation of such an effect has now surfaced in a report from the area.

The initial reference to HAARP appeared in reversed speech from George Bush, during the "emergency" Middle East press conference at the Crawford, Texas, ranch.  Reversed speech surveillance of Bush was part of the coverage of the U.S. plan to launch Armageddon on August 3rd, beginning with a false-flag nuclear incident in Israel that would prompt a nuclear attack on Iran and, most likely, the invasion of Syria as well.

As detailed in the report on the Armageddon Plot, this operation was aborted by the presence of a Chinese nuclear armed missile, target unknown but presumed to be Tel-Aviv.  This led to a mass scramble to redefine U.S. intentions regarding Lebanon, and the hastily called press conference.  At this event speech reversals from Bush included the unexpected phrase "And then you HAARP it... see it... you nauseated them."

Ken Welch, who wrote the report, noted that this was the first confirmation of HAARP being used as a weapon against civilian populations, and the fact that it comes from the White House itself establishes it as a "first" in many categories.

Now, confirmation comes from Lebanon itself.  In an article posted on Rense.Com on 8/23, Leuren Moret forwards the official Lebanese reports on infrastructure damage ($2.5 billion!) and the large variety of weapons used by Israel on the civilian population.  In the weapons summary, sudden bouts of unexplained violent nausea that were reported in southern Lebanon during the conflict are blamed on the possible use of a bioweapon, Bacillus globigii.  However, proof of this agent is not actually offered.

Considering the speech reversals obtained by the RS team, it will be interesting to see how the U.S. responds.  An admission of using biological weapons would be devastating, yet the revelation that HAARP is a weapon could be equally damaging.

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