Before we can resume reporting on the shadow world that is revealed by reversed speech, we have to get the website up and running again.

The original was literally hand-coded in HTML, most of which I had to learn on the fly.  We were in an emergency situation, with the documented threat of a nuclear detonation about sixty miles to our south (See the Russian Nuke story), and getting the information out was the only way to save a lot of lives. We were all scared, and I was the only volunteer. I bought an illustrated guide to website creation at Office Depot, and went to work. Thankfully, it did the job.

Over time, we added more and more reports with reversed speech from public figures exposing amazing secrets from a world that, until then, no one knew existed.  But the site was unorganized and, as I examine the files, I’m finding plenty of reports that I had forgotten about entirely. Just organizing the material into a coherent framework is a daunting task. Thank heaven most of them at least have a publication date in the header.

Nonetheless, the first priority is to get a significant number of our older reports reformatted and into an organized setting. This will allow readers to understand that we have an extensive background in finding the startling truth behind the public illusion. Reversed Speech is pretty convincing when you know how it works, but a good track record helps all the more.

The second priority is to set up the site so it can at least pay it’s own hosting fees. Usually this is done by sticking some ads here and there. It doesn’t pay much, but the revenue can go to an account that the web host can draw from automatically. That way, if something happens to me, the site can continue in operation as a repository for all the amazing information it contains.  This is the reason for all the space on the right side of the page.

The third task is to get the BLOG up and running for commentary on current events. Originally we had an insider’s newsletter for this, but today people use blogs. That’s fine, but we are still puzzling out how it works. By that, I mean how to make it look right, which is still a mystery. I’m told a “housewife” can set up a blog on WordPress in thirty minutes. I don’t believe it.

Fourth is the job of rebuilding our mailing list. I still have the old one and will contact all those folks as soon as the site is ready for them to visit.  If you are a new visitor you’ll want to get on the list yourself, because for a while it will be the only way to know when we’ve published new material.  Watch for a sign-up form.  It’s purely a notification list, and it is never shared for any reason.

The last item on the list is “social networking.” I am not a fan. I don’t tweet, or pin, or squawk, and wouldn’t know a facebook if I saw one. Still, I understand that if you set it up right, you can get a message out to an awful lot of people, really fast. My crystal ball tells me that in the next few months this ability could be critical because the warning signs are all there. So I’ll be trying to figure out how to set these up. I tried facebook once, but they had dumbed-down the instructions so badly that they were reduced to meaningless jargon.  Apparently, people CAN figure it out, but only if they have someone else to show them what to do. Now that they are owned by another “faceless corporation” I’d rather not have anything to do with them. But, since that’s where the people are, that’s where I’ve got to go.

So if, sooner or later, you see little bird symbols and other strange icons, please do whatever it is you are supposed to do with them and hopefully it will work out to your benefit in the long run. When we find something really hot, you are going to want to know about it right away, AND share it.

Best wishes,

Ken Welch in Houston

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