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SHOCK and AWE on Pennsylvania Avenue

Ken-Welch.com went live on March 25, 2006, with the sole purpose of stopping the "Easter Surprise", a plot to detonate a smuggled Russian nuke in or near the port of Texas City, Texas, over the Easter weekend.  This act of false terror was intended to provide the Unites States with a new 9-11 and whip up enough public outrage to support a nuclear attack on the Iranian republic, a key step in a plan to remake the world into a wholly-owned empire based on the power of Money and U.S. sponsored Terror.  Our report documenting the plot remains the most extensive and in-depth use of reversed speech as an investigative tool in history.

While private individuals sent in donations to keep the non-commercial site running and support further research, the team that created the report focused intensely on hunting for indications of what would happen next.  When did the Bush administration learn their plot had been blown, and what was their next move?  Would the nuke be used elsewhere?  Was there a Plan B?

Intense RS scrutiny of public appearances revealed that the White House did not become aware that they had been busted until April 10, and the Easter Surprise had been scrubbed with only a few days to go before the baby nuke was to be triggered.  Once all the information was processed a second report was posted that documented the dispatch of the nuke to the Mediterranean, and the consideration of an alternate plan for the U.S., the shootdown of an airliner.

This didn't happen.  Perhaps it was because of the report, perhaps because new strategies were still in a very early stage of planning and not yet locked in.  One noticeable change was that the intense and illegal internal propaganda campaign urging the destruction of Iran quickly dropped out of sight, only to be resumed recently on CNN and elsewhere as a central theme of the drama in the Middle East.

The report on Plan B focused strictly on it's objective, tracking the nuke and searching for future plans.  A note was included that interesting material dealing with Ken-Welch.com itself had also been found, and might be published later.  This report is the promised follow-up, and illustrates the White House reaction to the material published here and the shock of discovery.

I.  The Week Before Easter

The main effects of the Easter Surprise's exposure appeared in reversed speech over a four day period.  During that week Congress was on break and Executive Branch speakers were scarce, with the exception of Bush himself.  He spoke about the "war on terror" on Monday, April 10th, gave a rousing performance on the economy on Thursday, April 13th, and on the 13th or 14th also recorded a brief radio talk to be aired that Saturday.  Details and links are in the Plan B report.

As shown in that report, there is a definite progression - from the initial discovery on Monday morning that the plot had been compromised, to a much better picture of how it had happened and what to do about it by Thursday.  For the Monday event, the speech reversals that were found were limited but quite specific, beginning with the shocked, "I spilled the Easter shit!"

A second indication that Bush understands he has been ambushed by reversed speech appears when his talk enters a question and answer stage.  He is asked about policy-making and evidently regards this as a sensitive area.  This is where we found "Here's the Next Reverse!", which clearly indicated that he had at least been informed of the basic mechanism of speech reversals.

By Thursday it was evident that a lot of time and effort had gone into handling the disaster, including shipping the nuke elsewhere.  We learned the code name for the project, GAMBIT, and that it was understood that GAMBIT had been busted via the Internet.  You can hear these reversals in the Plan B report.

Also clearly audible on Thursday were more unmistakable references to the role reversed speech played in destroying the plot, and the struggle to adapt to a dangerous new environment.  Bush mulls over how to proceed.  This is a process rarely observed in RS on Junior, who over the years has appeared to get his orders from elsewhere, with no time spent on any decision making process.

RS STUDENTS will be tickled to see the appearance of everyone's favorite RS Metaphor, THE WOLF.  The Wolf is thought to be an ancient unconscious label for that part of the ego or spirit that is aggressive, possessive, and ambitious.

Metaphors appear from time to time in RS, and are a way of representing many ideas with a single word-picture.  We have not previously noticed any from Mr. Bush.  The most likely possibility is that he or a staff member have visited every RS web site they could find over the past 48 hours, and the term "wolf" was sufficiently appealing to stick in his mind.





13 APRIL 2006

U.S. Small Business Conference

Economy / Small Business











Reversed speech routinely reveals unconscious and semi-conscious thoughts, including commentary from relatively deep subconscious processes, all being vocalized through the "reverse-wired" right brain speech center.  Once a practitioner's skill level allows most of these to be pinpointed, it is easy to see that more than one "conversation" is usually going on.  In the examples above and below, all the found reversals that appear related to the topic of RS and Ken-Welch.com have been grouped together.  This makes it much easier to follow the "train of thought" and assess the issues, related facts if any, and possible intentions of the subject.

The references to the WOLF are classic RS, as noted in the info box above. The appearance of Metaphors in RS is a topic all its own, and excellent work has been done in this area.  Our experience is that they show up most often from "deep thinkers", and particularly those with a classical education.  The author does not believe Bush fits this category, and that it is much more likely that the WOLF references, referring to RS's ability to expose the ego, indicate that Bush has been visiting RS web sites and become captivated by the term.

Nonetheless, it is obvious that Bush has come to the conclusion that RS is very real.  The reversal, "We'll count on it", clearly indicates that the administration must acknowledge and adapt to the ability of reversed speech to reveal their plans.  The first solution to appear is to cut off the source, i.e. "Lose the Internet".  It is startling that Junior thinks this is a viable option.  Clearly, his view of the U.S. as a captive nation is vastly different from our own.

In a world controlled from the top down by what are essentially well financed criminal gangs, murder is commonplace.  Arsenic and lethal Toxins are apparently an early solution that comes to mind for dealing with the RS researchers at Ken-Welch.com.  Arsenic may be a favorite of the Bush family, since it is phrased in the form of an "in-joke".  (We think the real Bin Laden may have been dispatched this way.)   With the corruption of coroners becoming somewhat legendary these days, who knows how many deaths by poisoning have been officially ruled to be something else?

In the segment below, which is a continuation of the same speech, you can listen to another alternative that came to mind.  Contemplation of an emergency raid by a police goon squad reveals the hilarious but accurate realization that these plans can also be revealed by reversed speech!








13 APRIL 2006

U.S. Small Business Conference

Economy / Small Business      (CONTINUED)










Although server logs at Ken-Welch.com showed heavy early interest in the smuggled nuke story from the Washington D.C. and northern Virginia area, the White House was among the very last to know that the Easter Surprise had been blown.  They are probably thanking their German gods that they found out in time to stop the detonation.  Considering the large number of international visitors, it is not surprising that Junior is also fuming over the fact that allies in the Gulf (Saudi?) are laughing at his predicament.  Giving away your own secrets when you open your mouth must seem amazingly funny to those who've had to work with Junior all too long.

Send the storm troopers?  The dilemma of how to do evil when you are likely to blurt out your plans ahead of time is the globalists' new predicament in a nutshell.  This is the reason that we insist that RS is the only hope mankind has of preventing the new millenium from turning out worse than the old one.  And we do not feel that its discovery, coming at the same time as the global attempt to destroy human Liberty forever, is a coincidence.

The fact that audio is now easily stored, and readily available for review long after events have taken place, adds a second dimension to the power of reversed speech that has not yet come into play.  If RS watchdogs are on vacation, or focused elsewhere, the urge to commit crimes is now simply an invitation to hang yourself.  This is aided by the fact that afterwards, RS operators know what they are looking for.  That really makes the process much easier.

While the sequence dealing with sending "police" was well received by the RS team as comic relief, other ideas in this segment were not.  Clearly, the White House is very interested in identifying the RS team members.  "IS HE IDENTIFIED", "YOU LOOK", and "THIS GUY IN AUSTIN" suggest cause for alarm.  The idea that Junior knows of some thug in Austin who could be asked to poke around and perhaps cause harm was taken very seriously.

Completing this segment, the irony of the last reversal is fascinating.  There is often a tie, albeit unconscious, between what is being said in normal speech and the phrase found buried in it.  The reversal, "YOU'VE GOT TO LAY LOW", coincides with the speechwriter's phrase, "worthy of this country's best traditions."

II.  No Rest For The Wicked

During this four day period, Monday through Thursday, we can see the discovery that the fake terror centerpiece for Junior's second term had been blown, the decision to send the nuke elsewhere (in the Plan B report), and the consternation that developed over the intelligence source that had interrupted the plan.  If these people weren't dinosaurs from a past age they would have been aware of RS all along.

At some time following the speech at the Small Business Conference, we find Junior still struggling, as he records a brief speech to be broadcast on Saturday, the day before Easter.  Typical of virtually all pronouncements from Washington during the last twenty years, it will be a tissue of lies.  Much of it is a pep talk about how the administration has helped the national economy.  Reversed speech is often called the Truth Detector, because a natural tendency of the unconscious is to tell the truth.  Typical of this function, when Bush confidently declares that the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.7 percent, an unconscious voice not only declares it a lie, but provides the true figure.  Junior knows full well that the true unemployment rate has now reached nine percent, and says so.

And he is still struggling with what to do about reversed speech.  From the discussion so far you can see he has a million reasons to be worried.  But at this point Junior is only focused on the loss of his nuke, and has yielded to pure anger.








15 APRIL 2006       (PRE-RECORDED)

The Saturday Radio Address

Taxes & The Economy

Fwd: Unemployment is 4.7%











It would be hard to find another mass murderer more deserving of the turmoil this guy is going through!  However, "HE'LL BE SHOT" certainly caused this writer to take notice.  Interestingly enough, Junior's drug damaged intellect is holding true to form.  He still has not grasped the fact that the reversed speech which thwarted his plan was a group effort, which the author simply put in final form.

The Ben who junior thinks could be called upon for a covert favor may be Ben Bernanke, the Fed Chairman who is/was in charge of controlling the economic collapse that is part of the near-term plan for the U.S.  RS indicated that his first move upon learning that the nuke had arrived in the U.S. was to call the Knesset and inform them.  We thought it odd that the Knesset itself was named, rather than some person, or just "the Israelis", and await more info on this relationship.  If the connection is in some way official, then Bernanke could easily task Mossad to do a favor.  However, in fairness it must be pointed out that there is absolutely nothing in this set of Bush reversals to indicate which Ben he is actually thinking about.

III.  A Delicate Dance

In response to the suggested threats found in the reversals, the original RS Nuke Team spent several weeks in May revamping security procedures.  This mostly involved changing the way we communicate.  The changes add delays, but in most cases we have the time.  We also shared out the keys to the server, so that any of the group could post information in an emergency.  A file was created for ready-made information that might be posted under such circumstances and, in fact, the report you are now reading was held in that file for quite some time.

For this writer personally, it must be assumed that the threat of revenge will remain as long as the Bush family, their sponsors and their many toadies are still running around loose.  However, as previously mentioned in regard to drawing the short straw, this was all written on the ticket when I bought it.  Naturally, I'm being very cautious. I'm in good health and firmly believe that suicide would seriously interfere with my plans. But the danger is minimized as long as Ken-Welch.com remains in the public eye.  Should it fade from public view, that situation will change.

Of course the web site won't be around forever.  My retirement plans center around a beautiful boat that costs as much as fancy house, a cool quarter mil.  When I've saved up the remaining 249 thousand, I'll be off like a shot.  But if I post a retirement notice not all will be lost.  The fact is that there are now thousands of people in the U.S. who have RS skills, and more coming on board all the time.  And just in the nick of time, I might add. One must assume that within their number are plenty who could pick up the ball, in whole or in part.  This underscores the basic predicament of those who would be our permanent masters.

Obviously, any attack on the web site or its contributors would simply offer proof to everyone that the published material was true, that the Bush administration was perfectly willing to vaporize citizens of Texas to further its agenda.  On the other hand, there is an even bigger poison pill waiting in the wings, and that is the fact of reversed speech itself.  No government has ever directly acknowledged its existence. In fact, they cannot possibly do anything that would call attention to it in any way.  Why not?  Because it is self-validating.  Anyone who spends the time to look into it quickly discovers that not only is it real, but they can do it themselves.

The only "positive" measure that can be taken against reversed speech is to reinforce the campaign to limit discussion of RS on the web.  You'll see that this has been done if you should introduce the topic into any of the more popular public forums.  Your thread will be immediately attacked by the agents who've been assigned to patrol the venue.  Smart forum participants ignore this, but it is disconcerting nonetheless.

It takes little thought to realize that planet Earth literally runs on secrets and lies; governments most of all.  It has been this way for uncounted centuries.  Reversed speech is so dangerous, both to the existing world order and the new Fascist empire they are working so hard to produce, that no one on the payroll will ever be allowed to even whisper its name.  This put the White House in a serious dilemma as cooler heads tried to find some kind of damage control following the Easter Surprise expose'.

Damage control for the public?  No, not at all.  The Bush team has never been overly concerned about the public, which they believe to be powerless.  But with half of Washington knowing that the Easter Surprise existed and had been blown, the situation had a nasty twist.  Most of those people are on the payroll!  Thousands are involved, many for decades, in one aspect or another of the creation of the new Reich.  Some never knew about the nuke, others were actively involved in the propaganda effort preparing the public ahead of time for the Surprise.  Most are involved in perpetuating the myth of terrorism that is the driving force behind the overall scheme.

All of these folks had their confidence shaken by the success of Ken-Welch.com's nuke warning.  Something had to be done to shore up morale, to put a brave face on events, to stiffen loyalties that might be slipping.  The foot soldiers must be told that their place in the new government remains secure.  Most of all, they have to be told that no real harm had been done and that everything is proceeding according to plan.

IV.  The White House Response to Ken-Welch.com

In the end, the White House settled on a public response to reversed speech that was so bizarre that commentators puzzled over it for weeks.  History books may define it as a hallmark moment for the basic weirdness of the Bush administration.  Junior's inspiring message to the troops?  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but reversed speech will never hurt me!  For those who knew what it was about, the effort was sad and pitiful; rather like a hand-puppet morality play for six year olds.  For everyone else it was totally baffling.

The primary muscle behind any Fascist movement is its propaganda arm.  Consequently, the majority of wanta-be Nazis who needed their confidence restored are connected in some way with mass media.  There was no better place to communicate with them directly than the annual White House Correspondents Dinner, scheduled only two weeks after the aborted Easter Surprise.  Normally a gala event, this one would go down in history associated with glassy-eyed stares and deep silences as audience members held their breath in palpable fear or shocked disbelief.  It was very much a disaster.

Like many similar events, the annual dinner is normally a stage for humor in the style of a "roast", an opportunity to offer criticism in the guise of comic satire.  The White House has an opportunity to offer its own comments as well, either in the vein of poking fun at itself, or at the press.  The headliner for the event will be the popular satirist Stephen Colbert.  The White House will offer Bush himself, who will present his message to the troops in the form of a comedy skit.  For lack of a better description the press will refer to the presentation as "Bush and Clone".

Photo: Bush and Clone skit disaster.
Bush presents reversed speech parody

In the photo above, the man on the right is billed as a "Bush impersonator" although the reason for this is not clear.  With mask like make-up that makes him look like a freshly exhumed cartoon zombie, he will respond to Bush's remarks by speaking the President's "hidden thoughts" - a painfully obvious attempt to mimic reversed speech.  Only vaguely funny, the skit will leave audience members who are unaware of the RS connection bewildered by the grotesque Alice-In-Wonderland surrealism.  For those who understood the focus, it seems unlikely that the lame presentation was very convincing.

To add insult to injury the featured speaker, Stephen Colbert, was in top form.  There are incidents of great courage from the Nazi era in Berlin that have been immortalized in books and films.  Similarly, Colbert's performance will become legend.  With the courage to tread forbidden ground, Colbert showed no hesitation in calling Nazi's by their name, describing the Bush administration as "rearranging the deck chairs on the Hindenberg", the Nazi propaganda flagship that exploded and burned while docking at Lakehurst, New Jersey.  Wide-eyed silence from the audience was so thick that one must wonder if the onlookers were asking themselves if he would be gunned down on stage or simply executed in the alley behind the theater.  Colbert did not spare the Press Corpse, either, castagating them for being a mindless channel for propaganda.      see Video (Broadband needed)

All in all the event would leave many attendees stunned and disoriented.  With Colbert speaking what must not be spoken, and the Bush skit appearing stupid and inane to those who did not understand it's purpose and pathetic to those who did, it will be a memorable event in any future history of this decade's incredible drama.

V.  Summary

So far, for the four of us who created the original Nuke report, nothing at all has happened.  No one is reporting any interference in their affairs, or indications of snooping.  Of course, information readily available in Washington would pretty much reveal everything one might want to know about that which is already visible, i.e. the web site and those with any connection to it.  Yet the report did terrific damage to long-standing plans of the globalist cartel, and we remain alert for possible reprisals.

However, we also found that Junior has used the phrase, "he will be shot", before.  Most recently while discussing government employees who break the rules.  In other words, it appears to be an habitual wish, and not a prediction or a commitment.  This seems to be a good place to repeat a caution to RS users that has been mentioned elsewhere.  This form of RS, which works with thought streams not always related to forward speech, is terrific for intelligence gathering, and gives a great picture of fundamental character.  However you cannot hold a person accountable for a specific unconscious thought.  Why?  Because unconscious processes are not under conscious control.

In a situation in which you might interact with the subject, such as therapy or a relationship, the subject may have no awareness of the thought, and it can even reflect a part of their nature that they have worked hard to repress or control.  Consequently, you are asking for trouble if you accuse them of it.  In the case of Bush, there is enough material to establish lethal character and all of these reversals must be taken seriously, even though a desire is not necessarily translated into action any time soon.

Hopefully this report, which details something of what Ken-Welch.com had to deal with behind the scenes, will also demonstrate that the RS work presented on the site is very real, as is the threat that faces the whole world at this critical time.

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