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NASA UFO Encounter Confirmed

A short time ago an almost forgotten audio clip surfaced on the web and caught my attention.  It is a recording of a radio transmission from space shuttle Discovery, captured in 1989.  That's right - it's 17 years old!  Recorded by an amateur radio operator, it seems to describe an encounter with an alien spacecraft.  The response from the ground was to tell the astronaut to "switch", i.e. change frequencies, and nothing more was heard.

When the tape was made public NASA claimed ignorance, simply saying that no such incident had occurred.  However, people were listening to it with their own ears, and it sounded very real to them.  NASA then claimed the transmission was real, but it was a joke on the part of the astronaut.  This didn't fly well, either.  When you hear the tape you'll understand why no one felt there was any sense of humour in the astronaut's voice.

The tape appears in the audio clip below, a recording from a UK news broadcast.  It didn't sound to me like the "presenter" described it correctly, so I made a copy and went to work.  No American would use the phrase, "under observance" as the UK presenter suggested.  Did it really contain a report of an alien encounter? What did he really say?

The audio quality is not the best.  I'd love to have something closer to the original.  Perhaps someone can locate a first or second generation copy for us.  For now, we work with what we've got.  In the sound clip below you can listen to the original (as I got it off the web) and then several attempts to make the words more distinct by applying equalization, another word for tonal filtering.  Special attention was then paid to the phrases, "alien spacecraft" and "on VFR", to make absolutely sure of what was really said.  VFR is an aviation term (Visual Flight Rules) which was used to indicate the alien craft was visible to the eye.





DATE:    March 13, 1989

TOPIC:    Report of Alien Spacecraft

Forward speech only - clarification via tonal filtering.

Reported Speech CONFIRMED:

    ON V.F.R.


VFR = Visual Flight Rules, means object is visible by eye

Because of the unusal tonal range in this material, there is significant loss of quality in the conversion from WAV to MP3.

I.  About the Recording

The original recording was made in 1989 by Donald Ratsch, an American amateur radio operator and member of a radio club that monitored and recorded NASA transmissions as a hobby.  Many people heard the recording, either on radio or from copies that made their way around the many groups and clubs interested in space and UFO phenomena.  At the same time, another Ham reported that just prior to the time Ratsch tuned in, the shuttle commander reported, "We have a fire."

Apparently no recording of the fire announcement was made, which is a shame.  There is a suggestion that more than one person heard it, but I have no information about that.  Nonetheless, it is a popular theory that NASA had set this as a code phrase for alerting ground personnel of an alien presence without actually saying so.  In its favor, the phrase would instantly grab attention.  But it would also take a lot of explaining later if the public heard it, so it doesn't seem a very good choice.  The point is that this is the specific mission that these stories relate to.

After determining that I did in fact have a useable and understandable piece of audio from the Discovery transmission, it was only natural that I would make an attempt to verify it's authenticity via reversed speech.

II.  Using Reversed Speech for Validation

Using speech reversals to reveal unconscious thought forms and mental processes has often been called the "truth detector", because it usually provides additional information about events, rather than a simple yes-or-no signal about the truth or falsity of what is being said.  Would I find thoughts that indicated the statements were a lie or a joke?  Perhaps the thoughts typically shown by a person who is simply reading a script and thinking about where emphasis should be placed, or details of the room they are in?  That's quite common in many recordings.

On the other hand, proof of the transmission's validity would come from additional details about the incident itself.  These are things that are considered mentally but are not spoken consciously.  Thoughts that you would expect from a pilot actually engaged in piloting would rule out most possibilities of a hoax.  Unconscious thoughts about the actual situation, the presence of an alien spacecraft, would confirm that this indeed was what was taking place.  In the end, that is exactly what was found.

One caution to the listener: audio from live events does not usually win any points for clarity.  The most fascinating and exciting reversed speech comes from real situations, usually with people under stress of some kind.  Background noise in these cases makes speech reversals difficult to hear without serious concentration.  Why?  While the ear can ignore a surprising amount of normal noise, when background noise is played backward it sounds terribly strange and it takes a strong conscious effort to focus only on the voice buried within it.

In addition to using good speakers or earphones in a quiet room, you will need good listening skills for the following sound clips.  Be prepared to click the "play" button several times.  Use the provided written text to focus your attention on individual words as they pass by.  Can you confirm each consonant? Do you hear the right number of syllables?  I and several others have gone through this over a hundred times with this material, often slowing the words greatly as well, to confirm that they are as described.  Nonetheless, even with my experience, if I listen to them the following day without any reminder of the actual text, then several of them will not be recognizable the first time around.  That's just par for the course when the original audio is poor, and only means you must apply yourself to get it all.

With that in mind, enjoy the sound clips below which provide rock solid proof that the incident actually took place and is completely genuine.





DATE:    March 13, 1989

TOPIC:    Report of Alien Spacecraft

Speech Reversals Found:

This is Discovery

We still have the alien spacecraft...

Uh.. On V.F.R.
    (a doubled reversal)

III.  Alien Encounter Confirmed

This is a classic, "textbook" case of RS truth-detection, in which the unconscious speech clearly describes the same thing that the normal speech is reporting, but with added detail.  You see the importance of the moment, THIS IS IT, and the essential nature of the event, THEY LOOK AT YOU while HANGIN' OFF.  You can easily picture the situation.  An alien craft hanging silently in space, simply watching everything you are doing.

Also we find the very natural desire to get a better look at the craft and, just like UFO encounters on the ground, to keep the visitor in sight for as long as possible.  TURN TO YOUR LEFT, I'M LOOKIN, HEY I SEE IT all speak to us of this magic and exciting moment.  And, of course, it is history in the making.  Or at least it should be!

The reversal NOW FAMOUS clearly acknowledges the importance of the moment, and you can also see that this is not exactly what this person feels is desirable in his career.  Life is going to become complicated!  Technically, the word AFRAID is a reversal buried within a reversal.  It is inside, or underneath the word FAMOUS, comes at a faster speed and is not easy to hear.  The word NOW is included to illustrate the positioning.  This is almost certainly an example of one word triggering another by association.  As a practical matter, if the astronaut was afraid of the UFO, there would be more references to fear in the set of reversals.  In this case the fear, of which the speaker is probably not yet consciously aware, is related to the fame, or notoriety, of being the person who is reporting the contact.

There is another set of reversals provided below, and they also provide the same confirmation.  The fact that this is a real event is an absolute certainty.  It is a genuine alien encounter described by a person who is telling the truth about something that is happening at that very moment.

IV.  The Actual Mission

This was shuttle mission STS-29 (March 13-18, 1989).  The primary objective was to orbit a Tracking and Data Relay Satellite, perform science experiments, and take over 3000 photographs of the earth's surface from space.  Photographic equipment included a 70mm IMAX motion picture camera.  The crew included Commander Michael L. Coats and Pilot John E. Blaha, and three mission specialists.

Discovery launched from Kennedy Space Center at 9:57 a.m. on March 13, 1989.  After achieving the required orbit the crew turned their attention to the primary mission right away, and the satellite and its booster were deployed without problem.  This was fired off at 3:12 p.m., after only five hours in space.  The actual time of the March 13th UFO report is not currently known, but it must have been after this, because it seems unlikely that the crew would be so efficient in the midst of a close encounter.

Although it has been said that virtually all manned space missions are observed, it seems equally possible that the launching of the satellite booster actually attracted the attention.  The official record lists only one significant incident, but it also occurred on this day.

"one of three cryogenic hydrogen tanks which supply the fuel cells that produce electricity exhibited erratic pressure fluctuations. It was deactivated while engineers studied the problem, and the crew was told to conserve electrical power. The tank was reactivated on Flight Day 3, March 15, and operated successfully."
It is an intriguing thought that this may have been used to cover up a shortage of radio transmissions on public channels while an encounter of unknown duration was taking place.

Pilot: John E. Blaha

Commander: Michael L. Coats

The person who is speaking is either Coats or Blaha but 17 years later there is no way to tell from the information at hand.  The reversals show the man is controlling the shuttle's orientation at the time of the transmission.  However, both men are qualified to pilot the shuttle.  Coats was the pilot on Discovery's maiden flight in 1984.  Perhaps someone can answer this question from material compiled at the time.

Both men continued with fine careers so the incident, perhaps coupled with their willingness to keep their mouths shut, was apparently beneficial.  Michael Coats commanded another mission in 1991, then left the program to become a vice president at Loral Space Information Systems.  In 1996 he moved to Lockheed Martin, also at the VP level, where he remained for nine years.  Ten months ago (November 2005) he returned to NASA as the Director of the Johnson Space Center just south of Houston.

John Blaha, the pilot, was also the pilot on Discovery's next mission (STS-33) which put secret military hardware in orbit eight months later.  In 1991 he was Commander for Atlantis mission STS-43, and then commanded Columbia's STS-58 mission in 1993.  In September 1996 he rode Atlantis to the Mir space station where he served as crew for four months, returning on Columbia, capping off a truly remarkable career.

Other crew members, who of course would be completely familiar with the encounter and surely had their noses pressed against the windows, would be the mission specialists, James F. Buchli, Robert C. Springer and John P. Bagian.





DATE:    March 13, 1989

TOPIC:    Report of Alien Spacecraft

A Narrowed Tonal Band allows isolation of
a second thought-stream

Speech Reversals Found:

This is Discovery, we still have the alien spacecraft...





Second generation RS recognizes that multiple unconscious thought streams can be running at the same time, dealing with different subjects.  The RS operator separates the thought streams by recognizing the different subjects.  Third generation RS, which is in its infancy, attempts to isolate thought streams by working with different tone bands.

This second thought-stream is taken from the same audio as before, but the tonal range has been restricted and higher tones are slightly boosted.  The thought-forms seem more related to piloting than to the natural human reactions found in the slightly lower band.  "I'll pop it", is assumed to refer to a small burst with the attitude control jets.

V.  Added Confirmation

In this additional analysis we find more confirmation that the man who is speaking is controlling the shuttle at that moment.

THIS IS IT - TURN TO YOUR LEFT is present across all frequency bands.

Piloting details, TOO MUCH - CORRECT IT - I'LL POP IT were not apparent until the additional frequency work brought them out.

Of course, AWESOME.. A VISUAL describe the moment very well.

Again, there is total certainty that this intercepted transmission is genuine, and that the event described was actually taking place at the time.

VI.  Disinformation

Once it was made public the 1989 Ratsch recording simply would not go away, and it appears that someone decided an additional measure of damage control was required.  There is only one trace of this on the web, as far as I can determine, but it has the typical goofiness of common disinformation pieces:

"A former mission specialist with NASA, Bob Oeschler conducted an intense investigation into these events and concluded that the message had in fact been broadcast from the vicinity of Fort Meade in Maryland, an area where the US National Security Agency had it’s base. The NSA has long been interested in UFOs and Oeschler was of the opinion that the transmission was a deliberately set-up hoax for some intelligence purpose."
How Oeschler determined this is now a mystery.  Remember that NASA had already admitted the transmission was real.  Oeschler later became a "UFO investigator", a field that historically is so littered with agency operatives that it is impossible (without RS) to tell who's real and who isn't.  I did find a reference to his work in this field that described his connection with classified programs prior to working for NASA, and added, "He gets his information from his alleged contacts in the US Intelligence Community..".  This, of course is a registered trademark of disinformation agents even today, when they primarily operate on the web.

VII.  Postscript

It is a major goal of this website to demonstrate that the world as presented by government sources and mass media is primarily a fantasy.  As we continue our work it should become increasingly apparent to everyone that the U.S. government and the great propaganda machine that masquerades as mass media never actually tell the truth about anything that is even remotely important.

Oddly enough, most Americans understand this although the knowledge is buried pretty deep.  For some reason they continue to read their newspapers, watch the nightly news, and tune in CNN when something is happening, as if they still expect to receive something of value.  Not too long ago there was a standard and well used American expression: You don't believe everything you read in the newspaper do you?  The mesmerizing effects of television seem to have overcome this - significantly altering the American character.

However, spotting lies is not a strictly negative mission.

The advantage of being able to learn the truth in a world drowning in lies is that each kernel of truth, if you hold on to it firmly, provides the basis for additional conclusions about a real world that is being so firmly hidden from our view.  In other words, not only can you more easily spot the lies - and the liars - but you can also make useful determinations of what the truth must necessarily be.

Obviously, "alien spacecraft" do exist.  Right now at this moment.  Right here, around planet Earth.

If NASA has had at least one unquestionable alien encounter and lied about it, then it is reasonable to assume that there have been others as well.

If NASA is willing to lie about matters of importance, then it is also reasonable to assume that very little else of what they say about significant issues is likely to be true either.  This would include our entire history in space and the voyages to the Moon, the direction and purpose of our space program, basic information about the Moon and Mars, and so on.  There is simply no reason to believe any of it.  You can wrap the garbage in it and look elsewhere for reality.

Many people have already reached this conclusion simply by skeptical observation over the years, and the huge mass of information out there about similar encounters.  Yet I feel that solid confirmation that you can hear with your own ears can still give a person that extra measure of confidence and certainty that is so helpful when pursuing additional truths.

On a smaller scale, knowing the truth allows you to draw specific conclusions about NASA and this particular shuttle mission that might not be apparent right away.  After the launching of a satellite, the secondary mission of STS-29 was photography.  In fact, the official record says they took over 3000 pictures.  Do you suppose they had plenty of cameras and film on board?  Do you think anyone took pictures of the alien spacecraft?  Just a few or a whole bunch?

Researchers have occasionally been invited to review the "meticulous" records created at the Johnson Space Center that catalog each and every piece of film sent up and returned on manned space missions.  Some have commented that these records are so good that they've had to give up their interest in unusual and unpublished photographs because they obviously don't exist.

Logically, we can now conclude that NASA records of photographs taken, and their suggestion of a foolproof bookkeeping system, are a total fiction.  And of course those photos from STS-29 are still around somewhere.  What a pity that the people who paid for them are not allowed to see them.  But consider this as well: Discovery carried a 70 millimeter IMAX motion picture camera.

Somewhere in the NASA vaults is an IMAX movie that the whole world is waiting to see.

Best wishes to all,

Ken Welch

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