There are some things that change the world forever.  The printing press, the discovery of radio, the science that led to the launch of Sputnik. The lives and teachings of Buddha, Jesus and Mohammed.  The American Revolution and the resulting creation of Socialism as a weapon to destroy it.  You can certainly think of many more.  Often these are not so much an event but a powerful concept that spreads throughout the world and creates long-lasting change.

But there are also single acts that seem to transform the world in a heartbeat.  Sadly, they are often evil, and in modern times we've had more than our share.  Hitler's Reichstag Fire and Bush's 9-11.  The attack on Pearl Harbor and the first use of an atomic bomb on human beings.  The 1963 coup which seems to define the beginning of America's slow descent into a carefully disguised hell.

Just over 90 days ago we had another one, and indeed the world will never be the same.  For the first time in the history of planet Earth, a nuclear weapons platform, with the warheads pointing down, has been placed in orbit. 

I apologize for the reporting delay but it is a secret program after all, and the first clues were sparse. They were buried in the information gathered about an issue that was much more urgent at the time.  They described something being placed in orbit, but the actual significance was not clear.  Was it a future event or already accomplished?  The information appeared within the context of a plan that led from a nuclear incident on U.S. soil to an attack on Iran that would most likely also be nuclear. Did the use of the word "munition" describe the orbital package, or was it a coincidence that it appeared where it did?

Immediately below you can listen to the reversed speech of William Jefferson Clinton, a man who thinks of himself as a humanist, but who has worked tirelessly to promote a global empire of unsurpassed evil.  Reversed speech routinely reveals unconscious and semi-conscious thoughts, including commentary from relatively deep subconscious processes, all being vocalized through the "reverse-wired" right brain speech center.  It provides outstanding "intelligence" clues in situations that would otherwise be confusing or completely hidden.

The outfit that seems to be coordinating most of the evil in the world today, despite it's apparently altruistic image, is the World Economic Forum. It is an organization made up of the multinational corporations who are leading the charge to return the planet to a new form of Feudalism under a global umbrella of corporate monopolies.  In case you don't recognize it the W.E.F.'s stated purpose, the "partnership of govenment and business", is the very heart and soul of classic Fascism.

The W.E.F. held it's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, at the end of January.  Clinton briefly addressed the attendees via a video link, and the audio was made available to the public via the web.  Here are the brief references to "orbit" which we found within his speech.



Current position: Secret

PLACE:   World Econmic Forum, Davos  (1-28-06)

TOPIC:    Things he's worried about..

This event was featured in our Texas Nuke story, and is the earliest source that linked the U.S.-smuggled nuke to an attack on Iran.  At the time we noted the word "orbit" appeared three times, but could not determine its significance without some form of cross reference.

Speech Reversals found:



Two speech reversals refer to putting something in orbit. The first one includes the word MUNITION, which occurs first in the actual time seqence (remember the sound file is reversed).  If you hear "Now the Nuke," it refers to the one on it's way to Texas.

The references to "orbit" remained in our notes as an unanswered question, and were essentially lost in the intense effort that followed to publicize and de-rail the Easter nuke plot.  This of course was followed by an equally intense focus on learning the fate of the baby nuke that had been hidden south of Houston.  In fact, the White House did not learn that the plot had been exposed until the very week before the device was to be detonated.

Three appearances by Bush during that week were filled with speech reversals illustrating the anger and frustration over the exposure, but also offering clues about future plans.  The nuke was off to Europe and a time frame, July, was mentioned.  At that time it appeared that the Italian government was in trouble and would benefit from a good dose of false terror.  But that government fell quickly as the result of an accelerating corruption scandal.  There appeared to be no longer any good use for the nuke, especially since tens of thousands of people knew about it.

One puzzle left over from that story was the July time frame.  In April it was obvious that the nuke could be employed much sooner than July, if desired.  So, was there something else important about July?  Remember, the whole exercise was designed to support a nuclear attack on Iran, plus the shoring up of the pitiful Bush administration at home.  Now July has arrived, and a very exciting and superbly photogenic event is underway in the Middle East, very reminiscent of our 9-11 in its level of high drama.  Countless faces appear in the media, all pointing the finger of ultimate blame at Iran but never actually offering proof.

This prompted Strider, one of the RS researchers who contributed to our initial reports, to review our previous notes for further clues.  Nothing really stood out, but a word counting program revealed that the word orbit, already linked to a mystery, had appeared one more time than the number he remembered. It had been in the April material and gone unnoticed.  The President's Saturday Radio Address for April 15, the weekend previously pinpointed for the Easter Surprise, contained a reversal that clearly indicated an important space launch of some kind had just taken place.

Turn up your volume and use the Flash player below to listen to this important clue.



President of the United States maybe

PLACE:   Saturday Radio Address  (6/15/2006)

TOPIC:    "Tax Day", strong economy

This speech was featured in the hunt for "Plan B", and contained clues about the White House reaction to learning their baby nuke had been exposed.

Speech Reversal found:


This Sound Forge window was scaled down, so the labels for smaller marked regions are compressing.  The four in the middle are Parkin' It, This Jerko, My Fear, Burned - all relating to the exposure of the Easter Nuke plot.

The phrase "this is it" was noted four times in this short radio address before the RS researcher stopped marking it.  The clear implication that something very important had happened, perhaps long awaited, was inescapable.  Nonetheless, we were all focusing on earthbound matters at the time and missed the actual connection that was made with this one occurrence.

Happily enough, the reversal is clear enough that we can recognize the abbreviation, A.M.P. and link the M with Clinton's use of the word Munition.  That word is normally plural, but it is not uncommon for the last letter in a reversal to drop out, due to the mechanics of how reversals are produced.  A little work with search engines will show there are three candidates for the M.P. combination:  Munitions Program, Munitions Package, and Munitions Platform

You would not put a "program" in orbit, and a munitions "package" is the standard weapons load for a fighting vehicle, such as a fighter plane.  You might put the vehicle in orbit, but not the package all by itself.  That leaves the one that pretty much stood out from the beginning, Munitions Platform.  It is a favorite phrase of today's military-industrial crowd, as any search engine will demonstrate.

But what sort of munitions?  Anti-Satellite, a common term in discussing space warfare doesn't fit.  There's nothing special about anti-satellite weapons and it is a mission easily accomplished from the ground.  Advanced is a good possibility, but doesn't fit the military preference for abbreviations that actually mean something once you know the words.  Given the White House's apparent lust to use nukes during the research period, I feel that the only reasonable choice is Atomic.  So there we are... Atomic Munitions Platform.

When the U.N. Outer Space Treaty was signed in 1967 the general belief was that there was not much value in placing nukes in space.  De-orbiting a nuke could take more time than launching one from the ground, and a known weapons platform would be an easy mark for ground-based missiles.  If advances in materials and technology have changed this picture then warheads in space create a frightening image.  It may very well be possible to have nukes fall from the sky like rocks, virtually untraceable, and with no warning whatsoever.

Is there other support for the idea that this is a nuclear bomb thrower?  A researcher using reversed speech in an intelligence gathering mode treads a fine line between reality and fiction.  By this I mean the difference between actual real world things or events, and ideas that are simply being proposed or mulled over within an unconscious process.  Consequently, the best rule to follow is to require multiple confirmations from varied sources.  This rule was followed in spades in the original Texas Nuke report, and will remain the rule on this site indefinitely.  Stories that don't follow the rule will be billed as "fun" or "food for thought", etc.

Other factors that confirm the orbiting of an atomic weapons platform are circumstantial, but when taken all together are quite compelling.  Federal Prosecutors routinely send folks to prison with less to work on.  One of these is the code name for the attack on Iran.  Gifted with great power but lacking the brains to go along with it, the gang that has controlled the White House through three administrations has apparently selected their own code names that carry not-so-hidden meaning so the mentally challenged, like Junior, cannot forget what they are.

For example, the code name for the CHEMTRAIL program, a long term softening-up operation that will soon culminate with the release of 1918 influenza under the guize of "bird flu" is STARWARS.  Not to be confused with the press-created nickname for the S.D.I. program, the name actually comes from the original movie, and denotes a weapon that targets an entire planet.  STARWARS activity in the United States, which has cost billions, is the province of the Director of Central Intelligence.

The code name for the creation and management of imaginary terrorists, either fleshed out by American or allied agents when needed, or simply invented from thin air when a bogeyman must be given a name, is SCOPE DANCER.  This term reflects the sprite-like nature of imaginary characters that seem to appear and disappear at will.  Al Quaida in its entirety is a SCOPE DANCER operation, as was al-Zarqawi in Iraq and his current "successors" and associates.

The code name for the nuclear attack on Iran is HIGH STRIKE.  You can hear an example in the audio clip below.  Originally, the attack on Iran was scheduled for June 5th.  The details of the attack as gleaned from reversed speech involved a squadron of ships "hidden in the big ocean" and yet the name, HIGH STRIKE, seemed to imply that there was more to the story than just ships.  Nuclear warheads falling from orbit would be a perfect candidate for the missing piece.




President of the United States maybe

PLACE:   National Governors' Conference  (2/27/2006)

TOPICS:    "Setting the stage for Peace", Governors as Collaborators

This event, in which Junior showed up STONED was featured in Bush On Drugs Again.  In addition to the major blunder of referring to U.S. governors as collaborators (reminding us of the Bush family's Nazi ties), the Iran war plans were exposed - demonstrating the old maxim that "Loose Lips Sink Ships".

Speech Reversals found:




Perspective: this event took place a month after the arrival of the Russian nuke in Galveston Bay, and about six weeks before it was to be triggered.  Contrary to stories then circulating that a nuclear incident would trigger immediate nuclear strikes on Iran, the Iran attack was scheduled to occur another six weeks further on - perhaps enough time to show "remarkable restraint".

Found early on in our attempt to document the baby nuke, we did not publish the material out of concern for revealing too much too soon.  However, after the nuke was exposed, Iran hysteria dropped from the media almost overnight, suggesting that the attack on Iran had been canceled or rescheduled.

All this leads to an obvious question.  Is there anything going on in space right now that can be confirmed by other sources?  The answer is YES and the situation is generating great concern, even low grade panic, in international circles.  Whether foreign intelligence services have actually gotten wind of the launch, or other governments are simply putting two and two together, there is a rising international concern over U.S. intentions regarding space-based weapons.

We quickly found a July 5th article by William Marshall in the Boston Globe that begins:

"TENSIONS IN the United Nations over space-based weapons ran to new heights recently when the United States delivered a hard-line statement on its right to develop such weapons.

Responding to repeated and increased international pressure in recent weeks, John Mohanco, US deputy director of the Office of Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs, said "our government will continue to consider the possible role that space-related weapons may play in protecting our [space] assets."

Russia, which is pushing for a new treaty on such weapons, wanted countries to "refrain from any practical activities aimed to place weapon systems in outer space while the international agreement on non-weaponization of outer space is being elaborated." Apparently the US reaction was only to harden its stance.

This adds to the alarming change of course last year when the United States became the first country to oppose the annual non binding resolution on Preventing an Arms Race in Outer Space..."

Are we all on the same channel here?  You bet! 

One interesting note, most commentators who later quote the statement by John Mohanco, apparently the liar du jour for this issue, add the word space in brackets, as you see in the second paragraph above.  No one wants to voice the unthinkable; that the U.S. is preparing for nuclear war on the ground.  But the word was not there and the official statementGone from the Web! linked space weapons to "our assets" anywhere on the planet. 

In fact, virtually all those commenting on the U.S. move describe the issue in terms of protecting satellites and other space objects, while many then turn around as Marshall does later in his article, and point out that if that really is the U.S. objective it doesn't make sense.

Oddly enough, the U.S. statements are almost a perfect echo of recent "hard line" Iranian statements with only a minor difference in subject matter.  Here is an example of the original press coverage, with the local paper in Qatar calling a spade a spade with their choice of headline:

Defiant US to develop arms for outer space
Web posted at: 6/14/2006 3:12:37
Source ::: REUTERS

GENEVA • The United States yesterday reasserted its right to develop weapons for use in outer space to protect its military and commercial satellites and ruled out any global negotiations on a new treaty to limit them.

In a speech to the Conference on Disarmament, a senior US State Department arms control official insisted that such weapons systems would be purely defensive.  Washington sees no need for negotiations to prevent an arms race in space as a 40-year-old international treaty banning weapons of mass destruction in space remains adequate, he said.

John Mohanco, deputy director of the office of multilateral, nuclear and security affairs, said the United States faced a threat of attacks from the earth or from other countries’ spacecraft.  He did not name any potential attackers.

“As long as the potential for such attacks remains, our government will continue to consider the possible role that space-related weapons may play in protecting our assets,” he told the United Nations-backed forum.

“For our part, the United States does not have any weapons in space, nor do we have plans to build such weapons,” he said.

The White House is due to announce a new space policy this month, the first overhaul in a decade. Some US experts have said it will underscore the Pentagon’s determination to protect its existing space assets and maintain dominance of outer space.

- - - - - -

A 1967 UN treaty bans weapons of mass destruction from space, but some experts believe the United States would not shy away from withdrawing from the pact.

In 2002, it pulled out of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty to begin deploying a missile defence shield. Mohanco vowed all US activities in the exploration and use of outer space would comply with international law.

But a new pact to ban anti-satellite weapons or other space-related weapon systems would be impossible, given the problems of defining what it covered, because any space object had an inherent “dual-use potential”, meaning it could be used for civilian or military purposes, he said.      source

The last paragraph above refers to the new U.S. position on limiting anti-satellite weapons in space. Its bizarre Orwellian nature is a red flag to anyone suspecting treachery. The gist of it is that since most modern satellites have the ability to "move" or adjust their orbits, they could conceivably be used to ram another satellite. Consequently any anti-weapon measure would have to ban all modern satellites as well. This Mohanco clown certainly deserves a big hand for trying to sell this with a straight face while essentially telling the U.N. delegates that the State Department believes they are all morons.

There must be a lot of behind-the-scenes winking and snickering around Washington these days.  Other nations demanding limitations on satelite defense systems while the Big Dog they really fear is already up there...

It wasn't difficult to locate the official statement Gone from the Web! , and you can check it out for yourself.  In addition to the remarks shown above, I found the following sentences worth preserving; particularly the declaration that even weapons in space for "other goals" besides security must be considered "peaceful":
  • Threats to the peaceful use of space, like threats to the peaceful use of the oceans or of the atmosphere, come not from the existence of military hardware, but from those who would disturb the peace, no matter the environment.

  • Many proponents of a ban on space weaponry argue that, unless such weapons are banned soon, some government -- usually identified, scurrilously, as the United States -- somehow will begin an arms race in outer space. History demonstrates, however, that this is hardly a reasonable speculation.

  • For our part, the United States does not have any weapons in space, nor do we have plans to build such weapons.

  • The United States remains committed to the peaceful exploration and use of space by all nations for peaceful purposes. “Peaceful purposes” includes appropriate defense activities in pursuit of national security and other goals.
  • We take seriously our commitment to carry on all U.S. activities in the exploration and use of outer space in accordance with international law, including the Outer Space Treaty.
  • The Cold War is over, and there is no arms race in outer space. Thus, there is no -- repeat, no -- problem in outer space for arms control to solve.

The U.N. sponsored Outer Space TreatyGone from the Web! is best known for it's specific prohibition against placing nuclear weapons in space.  Withdrawing from the treaty would be an instant news flash to the world that the U.S. intended to do exactly that.  In some capitols it would be a clear war warning.  Obviously, the Bush administration will maintain the fiction that they still adhere to the treaty as long as they can.  On the other hand, if the new A.M.P. is actually so formidable that building and launching it was worthwhile, it doesn't matter.  It would place the U.S. in a new position of superiority not seen since 1950, i.e. being the only guy at the gunfight with a useable gun.  Under those circumstances, it's a done deal. The folks who are actually responsible for this disaster, the American people themselves, can't do a thing about it... their ability to take care of business was sucked away decades ago through the modern miracles of television and politically controlled schools.

But doesn't this leave everyone outside the Beltway in a tough spot?  Look at it this way.  One morning you awake to find that your neighbor across the street has placed a cocked and loaded cannon in his front yard.  It moves, and every 90 minutes it is pointing directly through your front window.  Day after day you look outside and there it is.  Sometimes you find yourself looking straight down the barrel.  One of these days you may end up on this nut's shit-list for reasons that only he will know.  There's nobody to complain to, no place you can go, and you have a family to protect. So, tell me, what's your plan?

Sooner or later, clear-thinking people around the globe will realize that the United States is the one single nation that must be destroyed at all costs, to protect all living things.  Now that every man woman and child on the planet has a real-life sword of Damocles hanging over their head, it can truly be said that the world has been changed forever.

This will be true whether or not it remains in the hands of the semi-adolescent who has been rightly hailed as the King Of Terror.  Some will say we can simply elect the other guys, and the A.M.P. will be in good hands.  But the time for that fantasy has come to an end. Today the version of law and order that Washington is promoting in the Middle East says that if someone steals your car it's perfectly OK to start blowing up your neighbors' homes.  And if those neighbors are the newly designated sub-humans, then the more the merrier.  And everybody who's anybody in Washington is going along with it.  So no, I don't think it's in good hands, or ever will be.  Who in the upper echelons of American society is not already corrupted beyond repair?  Certainly no one in Washington, with the possible exception of Ron Paul, who's congressional district was the target of the Easter Nuke.

The A.M.P. will not be hard to find.  Many organizations identify and track orbital objects all the time.  The A.M.P. can be pinpointed by its launch date.  The radio address was aired on 4/15/2006, but was probably recorded the day before.  The launch was hot news, so the announcement of success was fresh - perhaps only hours old.

This puts the mostly likely launch window at 4/13-4/14.  Trackers need only examine their records from 4/15 and work backwards to find the first new object larger than a VW and they've got it.  Ken-Welch.com would love to hear of your findings, or any other interesting info about the launch.  Please use the anonymous input form from a public access point if you feel the need to protect your identity.

Is there any conceivable reason that the U.S. might actually need weapons of mass destruction in orbit? Some cliff-hanging threat that requires an emergency build-up of our Mutually Assured Destruction defensive nuke program?  Well... Actually, no.  The Denver Post reported yesterdayGone from the Web! that the Pentagon is shutting down Cheyenne Mountain, the nuke-proof command center from which our nuclear retaliation was to be launched.  Why?  No.  Conceivable.  Threat.  And probably none for the next ten to fifteen years at least.

Football fans will be able to grasp this quickly.  If the nuclear warheads in space are not for Defense, then they must be for...?

Of course.  Offense.

Offensive nukes in space also are not subject to the concerns that made them seem impractical in a 1960's defense-centered strategy.  It doesn't matter if they take a whole day to de-orbit.  The two relatively defenseless countries that Junior has already destroyed, one for their pipeline routes and heroin supply, the other for their oil, are perfect examples.  They're not looking up anyway and couldn't do anything about if they were.

A review of current events may provide a clue about the first potential victims of the newly orbited weapons.  The year began with the massive U.S. propaganda machine calling for the destruction of Iran (in violation of U.N. Resolution 110, which was created in 1947 while memories of the Third Reich were still strong).  Many military experts, though, were pointing out that the U.S. simply didn't have the manpower to invade.  But several pointed out that it could still be accomplished - if nukes were used.  However, attacking Iran turned out to be a hard sell, since there was no evidence of a credible threat.  In the current Middle East crisis, talking heads and guest commentators have been telling the world every ten or twelve minutes that it is all the fault of Iran, so obviously the war drums are beating again.

The situation is ripe for a classic contrived provocation, similar to the hoaxed attack that preceded Germany's invasion of Poland.  Several weeks of CNN coverage have carried an unusual emphasis on Israeli slaughter of civilians. This is certainly setting the stage for something.  Some form of false terror event, with clues suggesting Iran as the perpetrator, would appear very reasonable to many TV viewers who have been watching the destruction in Lebanon with increasing horror.  On the other hand, much of the world has grown accustomed to thinking of the U.S. President as a madman, so in the end no provocation may be necessary. Either way, I wouldn't wait for it.  If I had any friends in Iran, I would be calling them to suggest that they get out as quickly as possible.

What a sad ending to the story of America.

Ken Welch


A few months after this report was posted we began to hear that China was illuminating our orbital objects with "high-powered" ground-based lasers.  This method can be used to "dazzle" satellites that are taking pictures, and theoretically you could put enough power into a laser to burn off radio antennas or perhaps damage solar panels.  However, the scientific community had a different interpretation.

Laser ranging is often used to determine the actual orbits of objects in space, right down to the inch.

Then in the first week of January, 2007, we discovered that a crash program in China had reached a successful conclusion as they destroyed one of their own satellites in orbit -- with an anti-satellite missile system.  What are the odds that these stories are unrelated?  Here's the story as it appeared in the London Telegraph:

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