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In Iran they are already burning Barrack Obama in effigy, recognizing that he is simply the new Bush singing a different song.  Commentators here in the U.S. have been gently approaching the same topic as they take note of cabinet assignments, and policy statements that don't match what we all heard on the campaign trail.  Responding to a situation that can't be hidden much longer, CNN flashed a story title yesterday acknowledging the shift: Obama Two Point Oh!

In our original report on Armageddon II, we noted George Bush had been told that the nuclear-tipped missile intended to trigger the invasion of Iran was "ready to launch." We also noted that the only dates that had surfaced in reversed speech seemed to point to that very weekend.  Like everyone else, we waited to see what would happen, but news from Gaza (if you could find any) actually seemed less warlike than the previous week.  Then, from reversed speech, we learned that the Armageddon Missile had been "released" to the team that would actually fire it.  From the news we learned that Israel announced they would again ramp up their operations in Gaza.  So if the dates meant anything at all, they may have referred to this false-flag operation moving to its final phase.  One thing remains certain: the deadly climax at the end of this new phase is still to come.

Over the weekend there was considerable discussion here at The Project asking if we were approaching this operation in the right way, and what we might conclude about the fictional scenario various governments and their captive news networks will wrap around the surprise nuclear blast over Israeli territory once it takes place.  Eventually we realized that we simply cannot assume that previous false-flag attempts define how this one will unfold.

The Gaza situation is simply not following the same script we saw in Lebanon, or in later operations either.  Even more puzzling has been the enormous manipulation of broadcast news, which also is not following the game-plan we expected to see.  After all, what's the point of spending money and lives to create a dramatic Gaza backdrop for The Show if you don't let anyone see it?

Will the Armageddon plot continue to its horrifying conclusion?  As we've learned in the past, many things can go wrong  You can be sure that whatever happens, there will be a follow-up report with whatever Reversed Speech clues we can find!

If you are not sure about what Reversed Speech is, our how we obtain it, check out the link at the top of this page.  Because good RS is time consuming, our postings will naturally be appearing a few days after actual events.  You will see, however, that we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect, and the work itself will provide a good history after the fact.

I.  Rethinking the Probable Scenario

Let's take a look now at how this plan is likely to unfold.  I thought I had a pretty good idea, but over the weekend it became obvious I was relying too much on previous operations we'd uncovered, and not really noticing how different this operation is from those in the past.  There was also a healthy dose of not being able to see the forest because of all the trees in the way!   Here are the key items that had to be looked at with a fresh approach.

1.  The Missile

Three years ago, when we first found that Junior and his bosses in Houston were attempting to counterfeit a nuclear terrorist incident, the weapon they had to work with was a small nuclear device which we reported as a "baby nuke." These have to be hidden in the target area and detonated by remote control.  Even now they have several of these (converted from Russian atomic canon shells, circa 1950) and unless they've given up on them I expect to see two of them used in Iraq to regain control of the situation there.  They will simply say they arrived by missile from Iran, badly aimed at American bases, and no one will disagree.

We learned they were interested in missiles when a Navy intelligence team attempted (twice) to steal an armed B-52 from Minot Air Force Base, but there wasn't really any clue then about why missiles would be more desirable than bombs.  (Had to steal it so there would be no records.) Nonetheless, when SEAL teams obtained four nuclear shells from a Russian decommissioning facility, the first item of business was to convert one of them to ride in the nose cone of a refurbished Scud missile the Brits had found in Iraq and kept secret.

Under the command of General Betray-us the Scud missile, complete with launch vehicle, was twice smuggled into Iran to play its role in a faked Iranian missile launch.  The second time it had to be blown up in the desert while Bush watched from NSA headquarters, and we will probably never know why.  Now, of course, we have yet another missile in play, but it's not being smuggled into Iran.  Instead, it's been sent on a slow journey by ship.  According to recent RS, the ship arrived at its destination last week and is now tied up at a dock.

My question was, how did they plan to "prove" the missile was fired from Iran?  Answer: That was last time.  In the new plan this won't be necessary.  All they have to do is announce very firmly that whoever fired the missile must have obtained the warhead from an imaginary Iranian stockpile, and every captive news outlet in the world will back them up.  Remember, too, the official U.S. war plan states that if a weapon of mass destruction is triggered here, or anyplace in the Middle East that's supposed to be friendly, then the U.S. will nuke the country of Iran regardless of what actually happened.

Of course, one question you won't see asked any time soon is why Iran would supply anyone with a nuclear weapon when its use would guarantee their own destruction.

2.  The Atrocities In Gaza

I wrote in the previous report that the Gaza campaign seemed to be a copy of Israel's vicious attack on Lebanon, an operation that we knew at the time was merely the staged backdrop for a false-flag nuclear detonation that eventually failed at the last minute.  At that time, and only at that time, U.S. media dropped their Israel-can-do-no-wrong stance, and depicted the death and destruction in Lebanon day after day.  This was probably the first and only time the American public has ever seen Middle East reality on a television screen.

The objective was to paint a picture in which Western people could see how a nuclear event might happen.  They would understand how some Islamic state or organization had become so insanely enraged that they would risk the destruction of Iran just for the chance of striking a real blow at the Israeli monsters.  After all, a lot of people were beginning to feel the same way.

The Lebanon campaign also allowed the Israeli army to reach full mobilization in preparation for a dash into Syria (along with U.S. combat brigades waiting on ships off Lebanese beaches) once the real war began.

The Gaza story seemed pretty much the same as Lebanon, and there is no shortage of outrageous atrocities.  Supposedly there are over a thousand dead, and many thousands more among the burned, wounded and maimed.  Property destruction is said to be unbelievable.  Yet much of the current information seems to be coming from people standing on the Israeli side of the fence.  The actual truth could be much worse.

Father carries dead child
Gaza now differs from the Lebanon disaster in a major way.  When the media controllers realized that talk each day of how many children had been killed by Israeli soldiers was beginning to create the wrong impression they elected to censor the story almost completely.  In both the U.S. and the U.K. it has nearly dropped out of sight for ten days or more.Clues are given that the affair could be over relatively soon.  Of course, coverage may ramp up again as D-Day approaches.

We pretty much confirmed via reversed speech that for the Israeli government the Gaza incursion is a sham, and many others have noted there is no real objective or prize to win.  For myself, I was depending on Gaza getting worse and worse as a major clue that the main event was near.  Why is this not happening?  Conclusion: setting the psychological background for the missile launch is not the purpose of the Gaza attack - at least not for Western audiences.  However, remember the motto of Mossad: "By way of deception, thou shalt do War."

The Gaza incursion allows Israel to call up her reserves in stages, virtually unnoticed.  In this way the Israeli Defense Force will be almost fully mobilized, gassed up and ready to go when the balloon goes up.

Seems pretty clever until you remember how many human beings had to be killed or maimed to make it happen.

3.  A Very Different Environment At Home

Two years ago Americans were fully programmed to accept that the Persian Gulf oil grab was actually all about religious hatred by fundamentalist Muslims against Christians.  Washington, London, and major Western media were pushing fear at the slightest opportunity.  In that environment, any sort of violent, insane act seemed quite possible.

Today, people are already breathing a great sigh of relief that George Bush and his gang of thugs and killers will soon be gone for good.  All things seem possible.  Surely we can at least extract ourselves from the tar pit in Iraq.  After all, we got rid of Saddam, although we don't quite remember why, and who cares what kind of government they have in some Middle Eastern hell hole?  I certainly don't!

In fact, few Americans can think of a good reason to still be in Afghanistan, either.  Let the Afghans kill each other off and be done with it!  Of course, Obama's insistence that tens of thousands of soldiers must be sent there tomorrow is finally raising some alarms.

None the less, Obama will surely save us.  Let's all say that together.

On Monday I watched an hour of CNN (actually more than I can stand) and witnessed the most bizarre example of naked propaganda I've seen to date.  Thirty years ago it would have sparked congressional hearings.  The so-lovely news babes and their handsome associates were in top form.  Sweet, lovable Bush, who's only fault is that he can't speak English very well, had staged his farewell press conference, and don't you know, we're all going to miss him.  Meanwhile, his young, handsome, dynamic replacement with godlike voice and full grasp of every known issue, was busy saving us even before taking office.

It was an hour-long orgy of Führer Worship in the best German tradition.  I'm pretty sure that one of the actresses (you don't think those are actual newspeople do you?) was pretty close to an orgasm.  Made you want to look away so she could enjoy her glowing moment in privacy!

This is a totally different environment in which to attempt an invasion of Iran and hope to make it all seem plausible. Obama is cool with it, because if it happens quickly enough he won't have to bear the responsibility.  On the other hand, Obama has a job to do.  Essentially it's Bush's job three years behind schedule.  He has to continue the expansion of our new Eastern Empire, pretend to be helpless when the Bird Flu Pandemic is finally released, preside over the forced conversion to North American Union in the midst of near total collapse, and pretend to believe in Global Warming no matter how absurd it becomes. Otherwise he just has to read the statements they write for him, and smile a lot.

In other words, and with the exception of the CO2 tax scam, Obama must be morphed into Bush as quickly as possible.  Yes, he feels your pain, but he stands ready to make those really tough decisions!  Americans must be given a believable rationale for the nasty change that will overcome their new president.

If you feel I'm being too harsh on Obama, check out the opinion that another puppet leader, ex-PM Tony Blair, voiced after election day.  (See first page of this report)  The speech reversal was exceptionally clear.  When "the new president" was reversed it became "LOSE THEIR FREEDOM." (Don't forget you can reverse segments of speech yourself!)



Considering the situation, I would say that although the false flag nuke is headed for Israel (because it was a lot closer to the action and they won't lose much), and the real objective is Iran, the attack itself must be portrayed in every way as a personal attack upon Barrack Obama.  It will be a grim Obama who must then deal with those Islamic sub-humans, and of course the terrible threats to our security, over the next four years.  Mark my words; that hollywood grin will soon be history.

II.  You've Already Been Warned

Remember, the U.S. internal propaganda machine has already told you that the attack is going to happen.  The public is already psychologically prepared, although most don't realize it.

Do you remember that Barrack Obama WILL BE TESTED during his first days in office?  We have Joe Biden to thank for that one, and many others who chimed in on cue.

You've also received multiple warnings from the Secretary of Defense and Admiral Mullen that the U.S. (which now includes the new Eastern empire, of course) is historically the target of terrorist operations during changes in administration.  Although no one bothered to ask them to cite even one real-world example, the message remains embedded in the collective unconscious.

Hey, even the bad guys are warning you.  The Florida Psy-Ops studio that creates all the Al Qaeda and Taliban audio and video tapes has now released two audio-only video tapes, reportedly from Osama bin Laden and his delightful “number two” Zawahiri.  We are told that Bin Laden has again called for holy war against Israel.  I’ve got the audio from that one.  I’m hoping to get the Zawahiri audio to see if it’s the same clown we caught before.  Not having much luck, so far, but these days, many news stories reference something that doesn’t exist at all.

Anyway, I’m off topic.  The Psy-Ops outfit is so reliable with these tapes, that we usually look for one to confirm that a false flag incident is at least underway for the moment.  Of course, when something goes wrong and the attack fails, old Osama and Zawahiri look bad, but few people know the real story.  Besides, they aren’t real people in the first place.  (Both were murdered before the dust cleared on 9-11, in my opinion.  Otherwise they never would have allowed their names to be used without huge protest.) (Did you think that was the real Osama?)

At the White House this week they've conducted an unusual drill in which Bush and Obama staffers practice side-by-side using all the equipment and communications links to respond to a major terrorist attack centered on Inauguration Day.

As I write this, Tony Blair is being shown on CNN and the legend beneath the picture quotes him as saying "Ghastly Events Await Obama."  In addition to the pre-conditioning effect, we've noticed that in the final stages of operations like this, there is a terrible temptation for those who actually know what's happening to make statements that will later make them seem very wise."  Keep your eyes open for more of this.

One clue from all this is especially important.

The Defense Department propaganda carried an extra piece of information to be used later if there was some explaining to do.  Starting a few days before the Inauguration, and continuing for some time after it, the U.S. military will be on FULL ALERT.  That's world-wide, including the Persian Gulf.  Remember, Israel is quietly moving toward full mobilization as well.

When the time comes to nuke Iran there will be very little delay.  U.S. units will already be in position and standing at full alert.  Any last minute movements that would otherwise cause comment before the main event will be dismissed as part of the precautionary strategy.


I have accumulated hundreds of small speech reversals that alone don't tell us much by themselves.  But when you add them all together a pretty good picture is emerging.  I may add more material here as more information comes in, but we already have enough to easily identify the false-flag nature of the event when it occurs.

Key players who routinely mention Gambit, the nuclear false-flag plan, usually also mention The Show.  We've come to recognize that this refers to all the follow-on events that are planned, including the Iran invasion, and almost certainly some fabulous television coverage that will have everyone glued to their television sets for days.  The intention seems to be to make events seem even more real to the public than the original 9-11 show.  Although Gambit is the evil heart of what's about to happen, it's all really about The Show.

photo: Obama Invitation

The inauguration of Barrack Obama will provide a world-wide viewing audience already in place, and is probably the optimum day for the missile launch.  However, there are always "political" considerations that influence decisions like this, so I have no problem with the launch coming a day or two before, or after, the inauguration itself.  There should be speech reversals at the last minute indicating the actual date and time, but unless we are lucky they probably won't be available for posting in advance of the event.  If Inauguration Day is chosen, you can imagine that all those thousands of people converging on Washington are going to have the most surreal experience of their lives!

Current indications are that the missile is on board a cargo ship that arrived in port last week.  Unless the Israelis have refused to be portrayed as seriously lax, it's probably an Israeli port.  However, we don't know the actual range of the missile, and it could be further away.  If Iran is to be identified as the shooter, then the public will be reminded later that Iranian missiles don't have the range to reach Israel, so the simplest solution was to move the missile closer to the target.

The missile is already mounted on a launcher of some sort in the ship's cargo space.  When the time comes, the firing team will simply hoist away the hatch cover and trigger the launch.  There will be nothing secret about this.

The Armageddon Missile will leap into the sky with a bone rattling roar and thousands of people will turn to watch it climb upward on a very photogenic pillar of smoke and flame.  Be assured, cameras will be rolling.

What will follow depends on just how much drama the planners want to create.  For instance, they could claim that Israeli intelligence had learned of the plot (but not the details) and put the whole country on lockdown for several hours in advance while television viewers wait to see what happens.  Alternatively, the launch could be a complete surprise but Israeli and U.S. radar nets pick it up immediately.  Either way, we will probably be told that the target is Tel-Aviv.

Camera crews accidentally in the right spot may treat us to the WHAM! of a Patriot anti-missile launch or two.  (Those things are gone before you even see them move!) It's all part of The Show.

In spite of everyone's worst fears, the actual target of the missile is a piece of Israeli beach front property on the Med.  Perhaps we will be told that a Patriot missile knocked it off course.  It may be simpler, though, to stick with the story you see in Gaza and say that "terrorists" just aren't very good at building or aiming missiles.

The warhead is set to detonate in the air and not on the ground.  An air burst has certain advantages.  In this case, the main advantage is that the intense flash will be visible all over Israel, and every video camera that is running at the time will probably record it.

Reading the tea leaves of isolated speech reversals, I'd say the Israeli's are going to lose a large hotel or resort facility.  It might even be something that is in urgent need of being torn down and replaced, ala the Twin Towers.  It will be interesting to see if this actually materializes.

Because everyone will know the location of the launch, authorities will converge upon the launch ship immediately.  Although there's a chance it may be on fire at that point, I think it more likely that prepared evidence will be found, perhaps even some bodies.  Someone may even leave their laptop again!  The U.S. will want the shooters to be identified as members of the imaginary Al Qaeda, but there may be other considerations as well, so we'll just have to wait and see.  Remember how quickly we had the names and photos of those "hijackers" after 9-11.

As a reader of Ken-Welch.com you will have the opportunity to watch all this without having to worry about Tel-Aviv.  Unfortunately, there will be no way to take away the horror of what will follow if the Armageddon plan actually works.  Nuclear strikes on Iran will pave the way for the seizure of Iranian oil reserves, and George Bush will finally be able to say, "Mission Accomplished."

Once again we wait to see if those who insist they are our masters will succeed or fail at another attempt at mass murder for corporate profit.  While we wait, please send your warmest and most supportive thoughts and prayers to the several million wonderful human beings in the Middle East who are now in harm's way.

Ken Welch

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