What are Ken’s Archives? Got a better name?

We really need another name for these! Reports in the Archives are at the first visible stage of being moved from the old website to the new one. The old website now exists on the hard drive of my volunteer webmaster. The reports it contains simply won’t display correctly on our new platform. So, we are simply bringing them along in stages. The name does NOT mean that the report is old and dusty and of little value!

Migration In Stages

A report from the old site requires work before it can be used on the new site. The minimum is to get it looking like a single document, re-link the photos, and then redefine the pathways needed to play sound. We try to repair broken links, but website statistics say we only get some of them on the first go-round. This is pretty much the minimum needed to make the report useful. That’s when it goes in the archives.

Once we’ve got most of the old reports in there, we’ll go back and clean them up further. At that point, they should appear, and function, just as they did on the old site. Probably better. Then we will remove them from “archives” and the page header will show “reversed speech” again. If you have a name for this intermediate stop-over, I’d sure like to see it. Use the contact form, and if I like it I will make the change on the spot!

Significant Revision Later On

Once all the reports are in and organized properly (a huge job in itself), I intend to rewrite them. Didn’t originally want to since I think they have a certain historical value just as they are. But they are largely written in narrative form. They show all my thoughts, day to day, as we pieced together new information and I tacked it onto existing paragraphs. Now, years later, the extra information is not all that interesting – or significant. So I’ll be stripping them down, which will make for a much better “read” and, I think, a more useful resource for people who want to know the real history of 21st Century America.

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